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Celebrities React to Police Raid of Occupy Wall Street

Photo: Joseph Gordon-Levitt liveblogs from the Occupy Wall Street raid

Around 1:00 AM in downtown New York City, police cornered protesters who have been camping in tents in Zuccotti Park (AKA “Liberty Park”) for the last two months as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Police, acting on an order from Mayor Bloomberg—the legality of which was specious—gave protesters only minutes to pack up and move, promising that the demonstrators would be able to return once police had “cleaned up” the area.

Then, for the next several hours, NYPD loaded protesters’ tents, food, equipment, and medical supplies into garbage trucks, confiscating as many as 5000 books that had been donated to the #OWS movement. Maybe more chillingly, all press was penned a safe distance away (and in the meantime, airspace above Zuccotti Park was also closed, so that even CNN’s helicopters couldn’t see in from overhead) in what was seemingly a concerted effort to squelch mainstream news coverage. City councilman Ydanis Rodriguez was supposedly beaten before his arrest, other reporters were arrested (with New York Times contributor Jared Malsin first among them), and still others had their press credentials taken away by police. But without the mainstream press present to either report or confirm, other stories—really damning, real-time reports and photos of police using tear gas and “sound bombing” to control the displaced crowds—had, by morning, become the stuff of speculation.

Meanwhile, celebrities on Twitter joined the outcry:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Photo: ows peaceful gathering downtown. Police blocking our way.

Russell Brand:

#OWS moved out of Liberty Park “because they’re blocking 1st responders”- here’s my 1st response “that’s bullsh—t.”

Eli Roth:

A real life horror movie is unfolding in NYC as police tear apart #OWS camp. Watch here: Stay safe NYC

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Star Trek: TNG Cast to Appear on Family Guy!!!!


Ohhhhhhhh this makes me SO HAPPY. You all know what a (not-so-closeted) Trekkie I am, and no series is closer to my heart than The Next Generation. Remember the time that Wil Wheaton signed my boobs? And then we BOTH Twittered about it? (Pics are here.) That was the happiest day of my life. (Apologies in advance to Wil’s wife.)

So I am of course just delighted to hear that basically the entire cast of TNG will be appearing on this Sunday’s episode of one of my other favorite TV shows, Family Guy.

What Goes Down: “There are two stories going on in the episode,” explains David, who appears as a Star Trek geek, er, fan in the convention scene. “One story involves Meg and Brian. Meg finds God. And she finds religion and is giving Brian a hard time for his atheism.”

The second story involves Stewie and the family going to the Star Trek convention. According to Goodman, when Stewie doesn’t get his question answered, “He buys plans for a transporter and beams the cast into his room.”

Who Drops By and Why: Among those appearing as themselves: Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn and everyone’s favorite former child star/geek blogger Wil Wheaton. “They were all very game. We had fun playing with who they are,” says David, who says it’s easy to mock sci-fi characters because, “It’s easy to mock things that take themselves too seriously. Star Trek is both wonderful and pompous at the same time. I really am a die-hard Trekkie, but there are moments in Star Trek where it takes itself very seriously.”

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. This is going to make my whole weekend, I just know it.

Phoenix Comicon!!


Hi guys, before I peace out for the weekend and hand the reins over to Soleil, I just wanted to put in a quick plug for the Phoenix Comicon, which is going on this weekend at the Mesa Convention Center. The folks in charge caught wind of the fact that I was both in the Phoenix area and also a secret Trekkie, and they extended a special invitation. So I spent the afternoon geeking out at the event with my mom and my old college buddy Marc. I listened to the beautiful and hilarious Marina Sirtis speak, and got Wil Wheaton to sign my breast, just like I said I would! (He even tweeted about it!) I had the biggest crush on Wil when he played Ensign Crusher back in the day, so this was really the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy. See? I always get my man.

There will be more pics of the tit-signing on my personal blog once I get them from Marc’s camera, but, for now, here is Wil’s signature on my breasts:



I have to say that the best part of the whole experience was watching the cosplay teenagers play Red Rover on the grass outside. There was something so innocent and free-spirited about the whole thing:

I had a really great time. If you’re in the Arizona area and you have even a drop of nerd in you, you have to check it out. You know what? Even if you’re not a secret nerd, you should go. It’s just the greatest people-watching ever, and the energy is so positive and fun. It’s going on all weekend. Go.

More information is here.