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Weight Loss

Fitty Cent Loses “Fitty” Pounds

photo of 50 cent after massive weight loss for new movie

No, ladies and gentlemen, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is not a photo of Dave Chappelle under age-progression photography. It’s a photo of “serious actor,” 50 Cent, who will probably want to drop that whole numbered-name thing if his acting career does go off and go by his real name: Curtis Jackson. File that away in the old memory banks, because he’s aiming to become a big-time A-list actor.

And you know what? I’ve made fun of him in the past, because I’m just not a big rap fan, for one, and his on-stage persona kind of obnoxious-ed me out (I did see him perform once, accidentally; I was drunk and wandering), but I think that he might have a serious shot at doing this damned thing. For his upcoming role in Things Fall Apart, he plays a cancer-stricken football player and not only is he starring in it and giving the role some pretty serious thought, he wrote the screenplay, too.

So are you going to give 50 Curtis his chance at stardom? Think he can take off the gun-toting, angry visage of gangster-thug rapdom and pull on a sleek, New York-sex-in-the-afternoon role of super movie star-dom only to join the ranks of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks?