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Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco create hilarious stock photos

unfinished business

Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco are about to release a new movie called Unfinished Business, and to promote the film, they joined up with some of the rest of the cast (and Getty Images) to create a hilarious set of stock photos that we’re all free to use however we’d like!

I’m not sure what’s most hilarious about this. Vince Vaughn’s hairpiece, the fact that he seems superimposed into all the images like he wasn’t really there to begin with, or the whole idea for this thing. I guess it’s all pretty great. Getty is licensing these for editorial use over the next three weeks, so let your heart run free!

unfinished business

More images below, but here’s a synopsis of the movie, if that’s your thing:

“What began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable—and unimaginable—way, including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit.”

Huh. It’s got potential but it could go either way, really.

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney plunged into freezing water for charity

taylor kinney lady gaga

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney recently announced (confirmed) their engagement, but instead of sitting at home planning their wedding, they’ve been hitting the streets (or Lake Michigan) in the name of charity. That’s right, the happy couple took part in the Chicago Polar Plunge on Sunday to benefit the local chapter of the Special Olympics.

A few other celebs were on hand for the special occasion, including Taylor’s Chicago Fire co-stars David Eigenberg, Randy Flagler, Jon Seda and Brian Geraghty and Vince Vaughn, who was the guest of honour because a bunch of people on Twitter got the hashtag #VinnyDippin trending? Whatever, it was for a good cause.

lady gaga taylor kinney

vince vaughn

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Vince Vaughn Has a Son, And He Has a Cute Name

vince vaughn kyla webber

Vince Vaughn revealed in April that he and wife Kyla Weber were expecting their second child, and now that second child is here! Kyla gave birth in Los Angeles on Wednesday to a healthy baby boy called (wait for it) Vernon Lindsay Vaughn. I wasn’t sure if I was totally on board with that name at first, but then I read that the name is in honour of Vince’s father and then I pictured a tiny baby with an old man name and all was well with the world. Baby Vernon! What’s not to love?

Here’s the scoop US Weekly had, which is basically the same as what I just told you, but whatever:

Vince Vaughn is now the father of a daughter AND a son! The 43-year-old Delivery Man star welcomed his second child, a baby boy named Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, with wife Kyla Weber at a hospital outside of L.A. on Wednesday, Aug. 7, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.

Baby Vernon shares the same name as Vaughn’s father. Vaughn and Weber, who wed in January 2010, are already parents to daughter Locklyn Kyla, 2.

Yay, babies! I mean, so long as I can cuddle them until they start crying and then hand them back to the parents, that is. That’s enough for me.

Vince Vaughn and His Wife Are Having Another Baby

Vince Vaughn
got engaged to now-wife Kyla Weber in 2009 after a particularly sad (SAD FOR ME, OKAY?) break-up from Jennifer Aniston, and the pair had their first kid – a daughter named Locklyn Kyla Vaughn – in December 2010. Well, uniquely for Hollywood, the pair are still together and Vince and Kyla are now expecting their second baby – news he announced during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

I don’t really have any feelings about Vince Vaughn one way or another, so this news is shrug territory for me, but congrats to the happy couple, I guess? Also, I suddenly got the urge to watch Old School again.

Check Out What You’re Missing, Jen



DAMN. Check out the bling on Kyla Weber, Vince Vaughn’s fiancee.

The happy couple headed out to a matinee of Coraline in Santa Monica, with Kyla, a Canadian realtor, sporting the ring rumored to be worth $125K. No wedding date has been set, but Kyla recently relocated to Los Angeles. Shit, now this is someone who has figured out how to succeed in a dying economy. Trading real estate for fucking Vince Vaughn. It’s harder work, I’m sure, because you have to rummage through the belly fat and the stench of booze to get to his penis, but it sure as hell pays better.

I Wonder If Jennifer Aniston Will Be Invited to Vince Vaughn’s Wedding


Because he’s engaged, to 29-year-old Calgary realtor Kyla Weber. The pair are rumoured to have met through a movie producer friend of Vince’s.

They got engaged on Valentine’s Day, but there’s no word on when they actually plan to tie the knot.

Hey remember that Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck? Where he’d fuck a girl and then they’d meet their true love? (It was actually a pretty good movie, as much as I hate both Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.) I think Jennifer Aniston is like the male version of Chuck. After she dates someone, they pretty quickly find their true (non-Jen) love.

Realistically, though, who wants to marry Vince Vaughn at this point? He is bloated and gross and always looks like he smells like stale liquor. I think Jen dodged a bullet.

Second in Command

Defamer has an interesting piece today about how Oscar-winner, box-office champ Reese Witherspoon somehow manages to be billed second to B-lister Vince Vaughn in their upcoming flick.

Is it simply that studios are too terrified to give a woman first billing over a male star, lest people then think the film to be a chick flick? After all, Vaughn’s last hit was The Break-Up, the rare romantic comedy with strong male appeal, something that marketing folks might have felt was in jeopardy had costar Jennifer Aniston been first-billed. Four Christmases isn’t a romcom but a flat-out comedy, but would it be perceived as the former if Vaughn was subservient to Witherspoon in the billing block?

Yes, when compared to Witherspoon, the presence of Vaughn in this film makes us more likely to see it (though still? not very likely), simply because the actor has a track record of enlivening even the most formulaic films with his improvised comic riffs. Still, we wonder just how B- and C-list you’d have to go to find a male costar whom the studio would allow Witherspoon to supplant. In an alternate Four Christmases, could the actress vault over Colin Farrell to claim first billing? Or will she have to settle for a part opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. to claim what, by rights, should be hers?

What do you guys think?

Are studios ever going to be able to give a woman top billing in a comedy without it being labeled a chick flick?