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Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson Makes Out With ‘Star Struck’ College Boys!

Real Housewife Vicki Gunvalson, who I’m pretty sure is batshit crazy, is shutting down Star Magazine’s report that she was seen “making out” with two college boys while on a recent trip to Mexico. Sure, she partied with them and she did give one a birthday smooch, but no one got inappropriate, she claims. Vicki sat down with People to tell her side of the story:

“He … told me it was his birthday and wanted a birthday kiss. He seemed nice, but very star struck!”

“I never ‘made out’ with him, as he stated. I never let him touch me inappropriately — ever.”

“Honestly we all hung out for a couple hours that night, her friends and mine. We drank together, danced a bit, took lots of photos, and we kissed! The pics are real, but it wasn’t as bad as Star made it out be, wasn’t really cheating.”

Whatever, crazy. I’m sure Vicki wasn’t sucking face, but let’s not act like anything we’ve ever seen this woman do is appropriate. Vicki’s a needy mess, if you think she didn’t kiss the hell out of whoever was asking, we haven’t been watching the same show.