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Valerie Harper

Meet Your 2013 Cast Of Dancing With The Stars!

season 17 dancing with the stars

BILL NYE. BILL FREAKING NYE. Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is one of twelve contestants competing in season 17 of Dancing with the Stars. Fantastic!! Here are the rest of your dancing heroes.

Snooki. Yes, it’s happened.
Leah Remini rumors were true, though she was not on Good Morning America this morning with the rest of the cast. I hope she’s safe.
Valerie Harper, which was already confirmed.
Glee alum Amber Riley. (She will be paired with Derek Hough. If you watch the show, you know this is a very surprising partner for her to get.)
Elizabeth Berkley.
Jack Osbourne.
– NFL player Keyshawn Johnson (no idea, sports are so painfully not my thing.)
– Corbin Bleu (from High School Musical, isn’t that practically cheating?)
– Brant Daugherty, actor. No effing idea. Apparently he’s known for Pretty Little Liars.
– Bill Engvall, comedian. No idea.
Christina Milian.

Are you going to watch?


Wait, I just realized who Keyshawn Johnson is. He’s the dude who keeps driving Justin Bieber‘s cars and effing them up. Brilliant.

Badass Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini To Do Dancing With The Stars??

leah remini dancing with the stars

Brace yourselves: Dancing with the Stars is coming, and with it, casting rumors! I LOVE DWTS CASTING RUMORS. First, here are the confirmed dancers:

Valerie Harper, of Rhoda fame (confirmed by TMZ). Valerie Harper is also badass in her own right. She’s got a form of terminal brain cancer but she wants to do DWTS to bring as much attention to cancer research as possible. I’m guessing she’s donating her fee to that, too. It’s great that she’s feeling well enough to do this show. People make fun of it, but DWTS can be very grueling, physically and mentally.

Now for the “pretty much confirmed”:

– Amber Riley, former Glee cast member (Wetpaint).

Rumored cast:


Elizabeth Berkley (of Showgirls and Jessie “I’m so excited I’m so excited I’m so…SCARED!” Spano of Saved By The Bell).

Christina Milian, who just left The Voice.

Leah Remini, ex-Scientologist, badass, and former King of Queens star.

Paula Deen will not be joining. There was a rumor going around that Seth MacFarlane would be joining the cast and I cannot picture that happening, at all, ever.

Channeling Your Mom For A Sec: OMG MARY TYLER MOORE REUNION!

valerie harper mary tyler moore rhoda

Valerie Harper is looking terminal cancer in the face and saying, “Eff off, I have shit to do, I’m going to do a Mary Tyler Moore reunion show.” (Note: that is not an actual quote.) Doctors have given her three months left to live, but she’s said, “I don’t think of dying. I think of being here now.” (Note: that IS an actual quote.)

Part of the being here now is doing a (sort of) Mary Tyler Moore reunion show. Ms. Harper will join former MTM co-stars Mary Tyler Moore, Cloris Leachman, and Betty White for an episode of White’s show Hot In Cleveland, according to New York Newsday.

I’m glad that she’s feeling well enough to do this, both physically and mentally. Cannot even imagine what she’s thinking about at this time, but if it’s any indication of her attitude, it’s that she’s thinking in the best possible way.


Sad As Hell: Valerie Harper (Rhoda) Has Terminal Cancer

valerie harper rhoda

Valerie Harper, 73, best known for portraying the kick-ass Rhoda Morgenstern from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and her own spinoff Rhoda, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

From People,

A battery of tests revealed she has leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. Her doctors say she has as little as three months left to live.

THREE MONTHS. Three freaking months. People have beaten those odds before, but it looks grim and devastating. So bad in fact that, “She says her husband briefly withheld the diagnosis from her because it was so dire.” However, Harper has a different view:

I don’t think of dying. I think of being here now.

She also battled lung cancer in 2009.

According to The Huffington Post, Ms. Harper discussed her cancer on the daytime television show The Doctors that will air Monday, March 11. Her former TV costars Ed Asner and Cloris Leachman surprised her on set.

Growing up, I watched Mary and Rhoda being awesome and wearing sick outfits on Nick At Nite, back when Nick At Nite showed actual old shows and not The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I have nothing against The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I’m just saying. Anyway, if you’ve never seen TMTMS or Rhoda, check it out.