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Kim Kardashian gets paid to escort old men now [The Superficial]

Pharrell is pretty sure he’s hot shit now [Lainey Gossip]

Miranda Kerr looked sexy in silver on Oscars night [Moe Jackson]

Anna Kendrick deserves a little more credit [Celebitchy]

Jessica Alba’s ‘Sin City’ stripper character is something else [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Is Cara Delevingne ‘The One’? [ICYDK]

Rihanna is always, always topless [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Here’s a complete list of Oscar winners if you missed it [I'm Not Obsessed]

Do not attempt to grab Justin Timberlake’s ass [IDLYITW]

Bar Refaeli wants you to remember she’s hot [Celebslam]

Let’s all look at celebrity wedding photos [theBERRY]

What would you call this muff Rihanna’s wearing [The Frisky]

Jared Leto honours AIDS victims in his Oscars speech [Starpulse]

RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season two is happening! [PopBytes]

A$AP Rocky has some new music on the go [OMG Blog]

Jessica Biel is busting out the glitz and glamour [Popoholic]

Jennifer Lawrence looks killer in Dior [Bohomoth]

Brooklyn Decker and Marisa Miller just had a cleavage-off [G Celeb]

Here’s Hayden Panettiere in ‘BRIDES’ magazine [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are back together [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Cory Monteith didn’t get remembered at the Oscars [Fishwrapper]

Reese Witherspoon is looking pretty spiffy these days [Lainey Gossip]

Scarlett Johansson looks hot as usual [Celebitchy]

Alicia Rountree is in a see-through wet t-shirt [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Olivia Wilde is doing pregnant Pilates [ICYDK]

Aaron Paul is in serious talks to be in a ‘Breaking Bad’ [The Frisky]


true detective

Here are some ‘True Detective’ theories if that’s your thing [The Superficial]

John Travolta had the worst Oscar hair AND butchered Idina Menzel’s name [Lainey Gossip]

Irina Shayk did Oscars night the sexy way [Moe Jackson]

Nina Agdal for ‘Cosmo’ is pretty sexy [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Is Keanu Reeves still hot? [Celebitchy]

Jennifer Nicole Lee is showing off her underwear [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

The Muppets wrote a song about sequels [PopBytes]

Ryan W is the epitome of gay elegance [OMG Blog]

Kristen Bell is busting out her curves all over the place [Popoholic]

Justin Bieber celebrated his birthday with his family [Starpulse]

Katherine Heigl has been going to the gym in Los Angeles [G Celeb]

Sarah Jessica Parker is leaving her house [ICYDK]

Robin Thicke can eat his heart out [Fishwrapper]

Zooey Deschanel killed Oscar fashion in a good way [I'm Not Obsessed]

Here’s the trailer for the ‘Yeezus’ movie [IDLYITW]

This was almost an awesome pic of Elizabeth Hurley [Celebslam]

Let’s all reinact the Oprah pinkie, shall we? [theBERRY]

Alessandra Ambrosio is a biker chick [The Frisky]

Selena Gomez and Drake are hooking up now? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Justin Bieber’s dad’s relationship is falling apart [The Superficial]

Here’s Kate Moss naked for Terry Richardson [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

We need to talk about Kerry Washington [Lainey Gossip]

Donatella Versace’s face is melting :( [Moe Jackson]

Ariana Grande butt shots for everyone [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Kaley Cuoco is hanging out at QVC parties now [Celebitchy]

Ah, I just love knocking on nostalgia’s door [theBERRY]


jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel breaks down helping a kid with cancer [The Superficial]

Are Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy near the end of their relationship? [Lainey Gossip]

Angelina Jolie can finally cook for her kids! [ICYDK]

Let’s take a look at pre-surgery Kim Kardashian [Celebslam]

Justin Bieber has a much bigger problem than we all thought [I'm Not Obsessed]

Seth Rogen calls out senators on Alzheimers funding [Celebitchy]

Quentin Tarantino is having a threesome at this point in time [Moe Jackson]

Here’s Malin Akerman and her cleavage say hello [Popoholic]

Barry Manilow has hit a new, er, low… [Bohomoth]

Well, John Mayer looks happy… [Socialite Life]

Adam Driver is your new Darth Vader person [The Superficial]

Chris Brown got himself involved in the Rihanna/Drake situation [Lainey Gossip]

The Game says he’s not with Khloe, but he did have sex with Kim [ICYDK]

Taylor Momsen is still naked in all her promo shots [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Prince Harry is getting ready to get married [I'm Not Obsessed]

We get to see up Abbey Clancy’s skirt again [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Paula Deen is comparing herself to black gay football players now [Celebitchy]

Here are the top supermodel Instagrams [Moe Jackson]

Kim Kardashian was insulted by blackface [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Debby Ryan, that’s not really a good look [G Celeb]

Margot Robbie and her boyfriend like close-up selfies [Starpulse]

Dolly Parton has booked a MAJOR new gig [OMG Blog]

Lauren Cohan and Steve Yeun have gone retro [The Blemish]

Kylie Jenner really wants you to know how edgy she is [Fishwrapper]

Snoop Dogg has the best french tips in the game [The Frisky]

Rumer Willis has her boobs out for all to see [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Ashley Benson is still walking around being hot [Popoholic]

Hey, everybody look at Beyoncé’s ass [IDLYITW]

Nina Agdal did a sexy Carl’s Jr commercial [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Tom Daley has his boyfriend as his cell phone cover [Socialite Life]

Rolling Stone knows why Justin Bieber “just won’t behave” [The Frisky]

Sometimes celebrities are their own paparazzi [theBERRY]


alec baldwin

Remember when Alec Baldwin said he quit public life? [The Superficial]

Let’s check in with a pre-Oscar Matthew McConaughey [Lainey Gossip]

Shia LaBeouf’s uncle owes him $800,000 [ICYDK]

Emmy Rossum has no problem getting naked [Celebslam]

Nikki Reed has been training with Tracy Anderson [I'm Not Obsessed]

Kim Kardashian is going to be a movie star now [Celebitchy]

Here’s a naked Kate Moss posing for Terry Richardson [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

So basically Rihanna ONLY wore a jacket to Balmain [Moe Jackson]

Why do stage moms always want to exploit their kids? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

This is Jessica Alba being sexy in ‘Sin City’ [Popoholic]

Should we be giving Chelsea Handler a bit more credit? [theBERRY]

James Franco is getting his own film festival [The Frisky]

This is what Melanie Griffith looks like these days [Bohomoth]

Kendall Jenner is acting like a tourist in Paris [Socialite Life]

Paul Rudd totally killed Jimmy Fallon in a lip sync battle [The Blemish]

Female celebs are still into showing a bit of the ole mons pubis [The Superficial]

But wait… where’s Jonah Hill? [Lainey Gossip]

Here are 10 hidden gems you can dig up on Netflix [Starpulse]

Katy B’s ‘Crying For No Reason’ is kind of the best [PopBytes]

Well, Jamie Chung and Victoria Justice look very nice [G Celeb]

Obama has released the homo demons? [OMG Blog]

Here’s Jeff Gordon’s amazing revenge video [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Here’s one redeeming thing about Miley Cyrus’ trash tour [Fishwrapper]

Want a sneak peak at the new episode of ‘Scandal’? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Sure, Ashley Greene is pretty, but that’s about all [Celebslam]

If you had a mustache to Rihanna, she’s Prince [IDLYITW]

Let’s all look at Stacey Keibler’s side boob [Moe Jackson]

Time for a wet t-shirt contest? [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Here’s what John Mayer and Katy Perry were like before they broke up [theBERRY]

What the hell is wrong with Jeremy Renner’s hair? [Socialite Life]


charlie sheen brett rossi

Charlie Sheen wants you to stop referring to his porn star fiancée as a porn star [The Superficial]

Julia Roberts is apparently a blonde now [ICYDK]

Angelina Jolie continues to be amazing, of course [Lainey Gossip]

Alessandra Ambrosio is really attractive [I'm Not Obsessed]

Belle Knox is that Duke University porn star you’ve been hearing about [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Kim Kardashian wants three kids ‘tops’ [Celebitchy]

Nice boobs, Bo Osinski! [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Simon Cowell lives in a $400 million bubble [Moe Jackson]

Caroline Winberg is the new model you’ll want to know [Celebslam]

The Today Show “no makeup day” was interesting [The Blemish]

Why are so many women willing to show their vaginas on the red carpet? [The Frisky]

Let’s take a moment to appreciate ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ [theBERRY]

Paris Hilton hosted a selfie parade at LAX [Socialite Life]

These are the most disgusting sunglasses ever [OMG Blog]

People really, really love Ru Paul’s Drag Race [PopBytes]

Let’s look at some more Scarlett Johansson photos from Captain America [Popoholic]

Josephine Skriver in Allure Russia is kinda scary [G Celeb]

Why does Kim Kardashian keep getting Botox? [Starpulse]

Has Kylie Jenner been out drinking at only 16? [Fishwrapper]

Ellen DeGeneres really, really loves wife Portia de Rossi [Splash News Online]

Who’s Juan Pablo going to pick on the ‘Bachelor’ finale? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Irina Shayk’s new catalogue campaign is sexy [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Lili Simmons is the naked chick from ‘True Detective’ you’ve been looking for [The Superficial]

Selma Hayak’s brother was involved in a fatal car crash [ICYDK]

People magazine finally grew some balls when it comes to paparazzi pics of kids [Lainey Gossip]

Kaley Cuoco let Ryan Sweeting move in with her the day after their first date [Celebitchy]

Leighton Meester is a serious feminist, thank you [The Frisky]



What’s Christian Slater been up to lately? [The Superficial]

Dean McDermott might be back in the Tori Spelling family home [ICYDK]

Yay, Michelle Williams is back! [Lainey Gossip]

What do we think of the new ‘Godzilla’ movie? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Jessica Pare got sexy for ‘GQ’ [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Ugh, Lena Dunham is headed to ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Celebitchy]

The ‘Entourage’ movie has a release date [Moe Jackson]

Let’s look at Maria Menounos in a pair of leather pants [Celebslam]

Lea Michele is doing the whole “see-through bra” thing now [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Nice shirt, Ellie Goulding… Sexy! [The Blemish]

I want to dress like Keri Russell, please [The Frisky]

Celebrity couples that dress alike are gross [theBERRY]

Why is Reese Witherspoon weirded out by her own mother? [Socialite Life]

Kate Bosworth at GUESS Fashion Week was something to behold [G Celeb]

PETA isn’t too happy about Usher’s new fur hat [Starpulse]

Kat Dennings has some pretty great cleavage [Popoholic]

What are the reasons behind celebrity tattoos? [Bossip]

Jennifer Lawrence might be taking a break from acting [PopBytes]

Tom Daley got caught in the shower [OMG Blog]

Jai Courtney landed a role in the new ‘Terminator’ movie [Splash News Online]

Is Andi Dorfman going to be the next Bachelorette? [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Beyoncé is trying to steal the raunch crown with the ‘Partition’ video [Fishwrapper]

Britney Spears will not be shackled by your bras! [The Superficial]

Tommy Lee might get lucky on the fourth time [ICYDK]

Rita Ora performed in a bra because of course she did [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Paula Patton is not going back to Robin Thicke [Lainey Gossip]

Rita Ora decided to go commando… [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Sam Worthington isn’t such a bad guy after all [Celebitchy]

Sigh, Michelle Dockery is so beautiful [Celebslam]



Thankfully, Amanda Bynes won’t be going to jail anytime soon [ICYDK]

Why is Lauren Silverman kissing Simon Cowell’s chest? [The Superficial]

Austin Powers XXX is a thing that happened [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Hurrah, it’s Tom Hardy in his underwear! [Lainey Gossip]

Let’s check out supermodels OUT of their swimsuits [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Well, Sofia Vergara in a bikini in Sydney is a thing to behold [Moe Jackson]

Kim Basinger thinks she’s a “bare-footed Rastafarian’ [Celebitchy]

Kerry Washington has a lot to celebrate these days [I'm Not Obsessed]

In beautiful people news, here’s Olivia Munn… [Celebslam]

Kylie Jenner in a bikini is not something I need to see [IDLYITW]

Feminists at Boston University want Robin Thicke’s concert canceled [The Frisky]

Blac Chyna and Tyga have responded to those assault allegations [Bossip]

Britney Spears is doing well but is still under a conservatorship [Bohomoth]

Matthew McConaughey showed his ass on ‘True Detective’ [OMG Blog]

Brenda Song is very attractive, in case you forgot [Popoholic]

April from ‘Parks & Recreation’ is kinda the best, right? [theBERRY]

Olivia Wilde is doing feminism a great big favor [Fishwrapper]

Well, Jeremy Renner, that smile doesn’t seem very sincere! [Socialite Life]

Is this Lupita Nyong’o’s first fashion misstep this season? [Lainey Gossip]

Kali Thorne wants you to look at her body – okay! [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Damn, Nicole Murphy has a killer body! [Moe Jackson]

Bella Thorne has really nice legs, everyone [G Celeb]

Bethenny Frankel’s pretending she’s “relieved” her show was canceled [Celebitchy]

Emily Ratajkowski is doing sexy things again [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Christ, Nicole Richie wants to get even skinnier :( [Celebslam]

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman took their 10-day old to the beach [Starpulse]

Usher is trying to steal Pharrell’s hat vibe [The Frisky]