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kim kardashian kanye west

Kanye West thinks his love with Kim is like Romeo & Juliet [Amy Grindhouse]

What in God’s name happened to Hayden Panettiere’s breast implants? [The Superficial]

When will Kirsten Dunst and Garett Hedlund take shit to the next level? [Lainey Gossip]

Tori Spelling was hospitalized for days after her fight with Katie Holmes [Celebitchy]

Ken Jeong is a pretty funny guy, no? [theBERRY]

Want to see Russian girls in lingerie choreograph a twerk? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Is Miley Cyrus sideboob even worth mentioning? [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Does Ed Sheeran have sex appeal? [Celebslam]

Christina Aguilera still is a bit tacky, right? [Bohomoth]

Katie Couric is working for Yahoo now [The Frisky]

The world’s first gay video game is here! It’s queer! Get used to it! [OMG Blog]

Yoda was almost a trained monkey in a mask [IDLYITW]

Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears’ debut single if you dare [PopBytes]

These are some really weird Kate Upton shots [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Malin Akerman has split from her husband just months after their baby was born [I'm Not Obsessed]

Will Taylor Swift ever stop winning things? [ICYDK]

Did Sandra Bullock “booty call” George Clooney? [Amy Grindhouse]

Here’s what you may have missed at the American Music Awards [The Superficial]

Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio are actually friends? [Lainey Gossip]

Ugh, One Direction is starting to grow on us… [theBERRY]

Can’t complain about Eva Longoria in a see-through bra [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

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courtney stodden blue pleather dress

So, Courtney Stodden’s new boyfriend is even older than her husband [The Superficial]

Brody Jenner doesn’t know if he’ll be invited to Kim Kardashian’s wedding [Amy Grindhouse]

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are still together! Yay! [Lainey Gossip]

Here’s the new ‘Sherlock’ teaser just for you [Celebitchy]

Well, Justin Timberlake is certainly a bit drunk [theBERRY]

Eva Longoria in a see-through bra. You’re welcome! [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Gwen Stefani’s baby bump is finally showing and she looks amazing [ICYDK]

Denise Richards seems to be free of Charlie Sheen’s kids [I'm Not Obsessed]

Why is Emily Ratajkowski holding a pistol to her head? [Celebslam]

The ‘Nymphomaniac’ trailer has a blow job in it [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Of course Lady GaGa showed up to the AMAs on a horse [Bohomoth]

Alexa Chung wants to design cats for your nipples [The Frisky]

Kendall and Kylie need to stop and go home [Socialite Life]

We need a post about Mila Kunis’ butt, right? [The Superficial]

Brandi Glanville is still dealing with the “damage” done to her by LeAnn and Eddie [Amy Grindhouse]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor through a window. That’s all. [Lainey Gossip]

Angelina Jolie forgot to wear a bra and that’s okay [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Happy 50th anniversary, Doctor Who! [theBERRY]

Candice Swanepoel is naked and hot for ‘I-D’ [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

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kanye west kim kardashian bound 2

Does Kanye West think Kim Kardashian’s family is “trashy”? [Amy Grindhouse]

Brooke Hogan got dumped by her fiancé [The Superficial]

This is how Victoria Beckham helps the Philippines [Lainey Gossip]

Keri Russell hates the word “nanny”, refers to them as babysitters [Celebitchy]

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ is seriously the best [theBERRY]

Here’s some Miley Cyrus side boob for you [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Who does Josh Hutcherson have a man crush on? [ICYDK]

We don’t hear nearly enough about Amy Adams, I think [I'm Not Obsessed]

Chrissy Teigen in a bikini… I’ll pass [Celebslam]

Lindsay Lohan is still trying really hard to be sexy [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

This Katy Perry look is a bit ‘Designing Women’, no? [Bohomoth]

This is what Jessica Simpson’s baby Ace thinks of photographers [The Frisky]

I’m not sure what Taylor Swift is doing here [Socialite Life]

Movies tend to have a lot of car sex scenes [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Jennifer Lawrence is done giving interviews for ‘Catching Fire’ [The Superficial]

Surprise! LeAnn Rimes is a huge fucking bitch! [Amy Grindhouse]

Helena Bonham Carter is a beautiful princess of winter [Lainey Gossip]

Chris Hemsworth’s family makes him feel good about acting [Celebitchy]

Kelly Brook is still wearing lingerie on Instagram [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Never forget Mario Lopez’s ripped crotch [theBERRY]

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Adam Levine’s fiancée thinks this whole “Sexiest Man” thing is hilarious [ICYDK]

Andrew Garfield wants to have a baby with Emma Stone, apparently [Amy Grindhouse]

Oh dear, Sean Penn is going all Alec Baldwin on us [Lainey Gossip]

Even walking to the car is a spectacle for Kim Kardashian [The Superficial]

Joanna Krupa says Brandi Glanville is jealous of her [Celebitchy]

Lizzy Cundy’s underwear are here just for you [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Will there ever be another couple like Brangelina? Probably not [theBERRY]

In case you missed it, here’s Kendall Jenner’s boobs [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Not sure about that dress, Miranda Kerr [Moe Jackson]

Kate Middleton wore the same outfit twice – she’s just like us! [Celebslam]

Oprah Winfrey got a special honour from the president [The Frisky]

So… Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are sleeping together [Fishwrapper]

What do we think of Fergie’s “fashion choices”? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Here’s Sarah Stephens, whoever that is, in some underwear [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Amy Markham is having bikini issues [IDYLITW]

Ian Somerhalder is getting his own comic book made [Socialite Life]

Surprise! Kim and Kanye’s wedding will be televised! [Amy Grindhouse]

I think I’m coming around to Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut [Bohomoth]

Can we seriously not get Britney Spears a better weave? [Lainey Gossip]

In case you missed Brooke Candy’s topless Terry Richardson shoot… [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Channing Tatum tried to do Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split [The Superficial]

Would you watch a Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson buddy comedy? [Celebitchy]

Kim Kardashian in a mess dress is not something I enjoy [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

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charlie hunnam christian grey

Was Charlie Hunnam fired from ’50 Shades’ because of backlash? [Amy Grindhouse]

Kate Gosselin dropped her multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jon [ICYDK]

Emily Blunt is pregnant, still really hot [Lainey Gossip]

Rita Ora is back to her old self again, I see [The Superficial]

So… Gwyneth Paltrow makes her kids speak to her in Spanish? [Celebitchy]

Here’s some more of those Kendall Jenner “modeling” pics [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Shia LaBeouf’s come a long way from his Disney days [theBERRY]

Yes, these are Pixie Geldof’s underwear [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Jennifer Lawrence always manages to look so good! [Celebslam]

Kim and Kanye are dressing the same now [Fishwrapper]

Newsflash: the ladies of The Hunger Games are hot [Moe Jackson]

Lena Dunham is full of lessons to teach the world [The Frisky]

David Beckham is taking his underwear line to China [I'm Not Obsessed]

Charles Manson has a girlfriend who wants to get married [IDLYITW]

So, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter looks just like her son [Socialite Life]

Mark Wahlberg thinks Brad Pitt would be a great Christian Grey [Bohomoth]

God help Rachel Zoe’s children [ICYDK]

Some Rite Aid employee choked a customer [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

James Marsden jokes about being January Jones’ baby’s father [Amy Grindhouse]

Has Sarah Silverman made a really bad career move? [Lainey Gossip]

Here’s Leighton Meester in a bikini if that does anything for you [The Superficial]

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kaley cuoco ryan sweeting

Well, Kaley Cuoco really rushed that wedding along [Amy Grindhouse]

So, Justin Bieber’s hooker thinks she’s a star now [The Superficial]

Winona Ryder is still looking good after all these years [Lainey Gossip]

Not sure what’s happening with Rihanna’s new look, but… [Celebslam]

Brangelina’s wine was apparently the best in the world [Celebitchy]

Yes, we still think ‘Family Guy’ is (sorta) funny [theBERRY]

Kim Kardashian’s boobs are huge – we get it [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

LeAnn Rimes tried and failed to cover Michael Jackson [ICYDK]

Rachel Zoe is trying to keep the school run fashionable [I'm Not Obsessed]

Taylor Swift only writes songs about crazy love [Starpulse]

Alyssa Milano in a bathing suit is a thing to behold [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Tarryn Manning is the best, isn’t she? [The Frisky]

Stevie Nicks on ‘American Horror Story’ is bad ass [OMG Blog]

Demi Lovato co-hosted The View in Disneyland [Socialite Life]

Was Barbara Walters a diva at the ‘Hunger Games’ premiere? [Celebzter]

Turns out, Lady GaGa really IS a mess [Fishwrapper]

Kim Kardashian, the encased sausage look is not for you [The Superficial]

Here’s Robert DeNiro’s failed audition for ‘The Godfather’ [Moe Jackson]

Let’s talk about what’s happening with Daniel Craig [Lainey Gossip]

Joanna Krupa forgot to wear a bra, it seems [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Why were people so mean about Evan Rachel Wood’s romance with Marilyn Manson? [Amy Grindhouse]

Is Kim Kardashian banned by Kanye from any more plastic surgery? [Celebitchy]

How about a shirtless Backstreet Boy? [theBERRY]

Rihanna has very nice… clothes [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

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