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The Morning Links

hilary duff

So… Hilary Duff is a Scientologist now? [ICYDK]

Well, you look nice today, Maria Menounos! [Celebslam]

Jennifer Aniston might be pregnant… again [I'm Not Obsessed]

Why won’t Miranda Kerr stop talking? [Socialite Life]

Casey Batchelor had a serious cameltoe problem [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Donald Sterling will need to stay away from the NBA [Celebitchy]

Izabel Goulart did a sexy new bikini shoot in Miami [Moe Jackson]

What do we think of Emma Stone‘s fashion sense? [The Frisky]

Jessica Biel kind of has the perfect body [Popoholic]

So… I guess Kris Jenner does her own shopping? [Celebuzz]

Elsa Pataky showed off a snapshot of her new baby [Too Fab]

Kathy Griffin is kind of cute – don’t be mad! [Fishwrapper]

Seth Gabel has a really nice butt, guys [OMG Blog]

Justin Bieber has been comparing love to sizzurp [PopBytes]

D.L. Hughley is sorry for not keeping his mouth shut [Bossip]

So… Tim McGraw wants you to remember how sexy he is [theBERRY]

Come close to hear the tale of Zac Efron‘s sobriety [Bohomoth]

Shaquille O’Neill is sorry for mocking a disabled man [The Blemish]

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have re-launched Project Greenlight! [ICYDK]

Hannah Davis is just fine with being hot [Celebslam]

Time for Prince Harry to get back to work [I'm Not Obsessed]

Wedding watch: Kim Kardashian is on her way to Paris [Celebitchy]

There’s never really a bad time to see Rihanna naked again [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Elizabeth Banks doesn’t mind rubbing on some hot man body [Socialite Life]

Here’s a bit of Selena Gomez walking across a parking lot in short shorts [Moe Jackson]

Columbus Short got fired, violated his restraining order [The Frisky]

Sorry guys, but Taylor Swift is adorable [Popoholic]

Here’s the married man Lindsay Lohan is apparently dating [Celebuzz]

Is Loni Anderson still hot? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Diane Keaton beat Jimmy Fallon at beer pong [Too Fab]

Courtney Stodden won’t stop getting plastic surgery [Fishwrapper]

The ‘Jurassic Park’ soundtrack is coming out on vinyl! [OMG Blog]

Some celebrities actually refuse to work together [theBERRY]

The Afternoon Links

kim kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having three weddings? [ICYDK]

Here are the actresses for the new JEM movie [Lainey Gossip]

Keira Knightley in Chanel couture: Yay or nay? [Celebitchy]

Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner seem like a good pair [The Superficial]

What’s happening, Jennette McCurdy? [Celebslam]

Ashley Benson still wants you to think she’s sexy [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Rihanna went braless to a basketball game [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Ian Somerhalder looks absolutely terrified [Socialite Life]

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it friendly with the paparazzi [I'm Not Obsessed]

A shirtless James Franco has been waiting for you in bed [Celebuzz]

Taylor Swift looks adorable, as usual [Bohomoth]

Jamie Chung really knows how to dress herself [The Frisky]

This is how Lea Michele does glamour [Moe Jackson]

Kevin Federline is sharing pics of his new kid [Too Fab]

Hope you had a good 420 week! [OMG Blog]

Apparently Justin Bieber wanted to propose in Central Park [Starpulse]

Oops, we saw Katie McGlynn‘s underwear [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Let’s agree to never forget about Jerry Seinfeld [theBERRY]

Prince George is ready to go home now, thank you [Lainey Gossip]

Ali Michael is looking good in this artsy shoot [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Leslie Mann wants to have sex like a man, apparently [Celebitchy]

Why won’t the paparazzi leave Lindsay Lohan alone? [ICYDK]

Lauren Stoner is looking good on the beach [Celebslam]

Let’s celebrate Channing Tatum‘s birthday, shall we? [Socialite Life]

I sorta forgot Kellan Lutz was even a thing [I'm Not Obsessed]

The Morning Links

ben affleck

Ben Affleck seems to be having a back problem [Lainey Gossip]

It looks like Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom might be up to something [Celebitchy]

Matthew McConaughey rescued a baby seal! [ICYDK]

Something is happening with Kim Kardashian‘s skirt [The Superficial]

Eva Longoria looks really good from this angle [Celebslam]

Irina Shayk looks great in a bathing suit [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Why isn’t Michael Buble an actual model already? [Socialite Life]

Blondes with big boobs – you’re welcome [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Khloe Kardashian took Kim to the mud run [I'm Not Obsessed]

Can Chrissy Teigen‘s sexy selfies save her from the haters? [Celebuzz]

When black girls get pregnant, it’s Beyoncé‘s fault [Bossip]

I’m not sure what Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing or why [Bohomoth]

Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss went on a coffee date [The Frisky]

Apparently Alexander Skarsgard is “just like us” [theBERRY]

Gigi Hadid brought sex to the Disney awards [Moe Jackson]

Who killed who on Game of Thrones? [Too Fab]

Brooke Candy dropped a new video and it’s amazing [OMG Blog]

Why is Drew Barrymore “shocked” by her father? [Starpulse]

Olivia Munn had a nipple slip [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Cameron Diaz pretty much looks the same without makeup [theBERRY]

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield finish their tour of terror [Lainey Gossip]

Somehow, Gwen Stefani always manages to be fabulous [Celebitchy]

Camille Rowe got stripped down for a new shoot [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Malin Akerman has a new boyfriend, everyone! [ICYDK]

Nicole Williams is a very good bikini model [Celebslam]

Why is Sofia Coppola selling Girl Scout cookies? [I'm Not Obsessed]

The Olsen twins are all grown up and it’s scary [The Frisky]

Hilary Duff always looks pretty hot [Moe Jackson]

The Afternoon Links

alicia silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is an absolute idiot, it seems [ICYDK]

Sam Claflin on the beach: would you hit it? [Celebitchy]

Is there any defending Avril Lavigne‘s Hello Kitty video? [PopBytes]

Jason Sudeikis has that fatherly glow about him [Socialite Life]

Olivia Munn had a wardrobe malfunction… [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Kendall Jenner is a big fan of Kanye West [Celebuzz]

Why is Cara Delevingne licking Suki Waterhouse’s armpit? [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Chris Brown won’t be leaving jail until June! [I'm Not Obsessed]

Jessica Alba looks hot even when flying [Popoholic]

Cameron Diaz is loving her 40s [Starpulse]

Well, Charlie Sheen is really, really drunk [Celebslam]

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott probably faked their affair [The Superficial]

Tom Hardy is a dangerous guy [Lainey Gossip]

Would you take advice from Rick Ross? [OMG Blog]

James Franco is having a selfie competition with a Backstreet Boy [The Frisky]

George Clooney is defending Obama’s honour [The Frisky]

Demi Lovato is her own paparazzi [theBERRY]

Jodi Foster secretly married her girlfriend last weekend [Bohomoth]

Beyoncé’s dad is having some child support trouble [Bossip]

Lake Bell is pregnant! [Too Fab]

This is how Rumer Willis does the whole ‘sexy’ thing [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Oh great, Madonna is also an insensitive bigot [Fishwrapper]

I don’t really get the whole Tom Hiddleston thing [Celebitchy]

Kim Kardashian is buying all of her Vogue covers [PopBytes]

Iggy Azalea thinks she’s a model now [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Alexander Skarsgard took his buff arms to the gym [Socialite Life]

Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong’o to star in ‘The Jungle Book’ [ICYDK]

Who’s greener: Gwyneth Paltrow or Jessica Alba? [Celebuzz]

Christy Turlington still looks amazing in 2014 [Lainey Gossip]

Is Taylor Swift the most popular girl in Hollywood? [I'm Not Obsessed]

Maria Menounos is pretty physically perfect [Celebslam]

Looks like Katherine Webb got herself a new gig [The Superficial]

Would you buy a motorcycle from Lindsay Arnold? [Moe Jackson]

Britney Spears sure gets a lot of impersonators [theBERRY]

The Morning Links


Can Jessica Chastain successfully play Marilyn Monroe? [Celebitchy]

Yep, Justin Bieber did something stupid in Japan [PopBytes]

What does Joe Jonas even do anymore? [Socialite Life]

Beyoncé is the world’s most influential woman [ICYDK]

Of course David Beckham takes spin classes! [Celebuzz]

Jhene Aiko wore some interesting pasties on stage [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Miley Cyrus is finally out of the hospital! [I'm Not Obsessed]

Who knew Emma Stone could get so hot? [Popoholic]

Cassandra Dawn is looking good [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Madonna is still taking underwear selfies for Instagram [Starpulse]

No one wants Lindsay Lohan in their club [Celebslam]

Jennette McCurdy seems sad these days… [The Superficial]

Taylor Kitsch is a big hockey fan [Lainey Gossip]

Laura Stoner‘s bikini body is worth showing off [Moe Jackson]

Now there’s a table made just for cats! [OMG Blog]

Kate Middleton will never be a DJ [The Frisky]

TLC was a pretty amazing group in the ’90s [theBERRY]

Jennifer Aniston is really getting into this acting thing [Bohomoth]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z bought a $9 million house overseas [Bossip]

Shailene Woodley loves dressing up and dancing with hairy armpits [Too Fab]

Roseanne is and always will be hot [Fishwrapper]

Kim Kardashian thinks this is fashionable [Celebitchy]

Not sure who Stoya is, but this is a great shoot [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

No one can pronounce Lupita Nyong’o‘s name [Socialite Life]

Chris Brown‘s Rihanna knock-off girlfriend will stand by him [ICYDK]

Will James Franco go after Emma Roberts next? [Celebuzz]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want a royal wedding [I'm Not Obsessed]

Clara Alonso does lingerie really well [Popoholic]

Miranda Kerr is very good looking – and very see-through [Celebslam]

Stone Cold Steve Austin has thoughts on gay marriage [The Superficial]

Gwyneth Paltrow is still promoting GOOP in Hong Kong [Lainey Gossip]

Adriana Ugarte is too pretty to be selling ice cream [Moe Jackson]

The Afternoon Links

paul walker

Paul Walker‘s girlfriend is in grief counseling [ICYDK]

How is Hilary Duff looking so good lately? [Celebslam]

Tom Hardy is having trouble singing like Elton John [Socialite Life]

Good to see Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are still going strong [Lainey Gossip]

Even Mel B. gets wedgies sometimes, apparently [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Emma Stone isn’t having Andrew Garfield‘s sexist bullshit [Celebitchy]

Here’s Karlie Kloss hailing a cab in NYC [Moe Jackson]

Hannah Davis stripped down to her skivvies [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Selena Gomez is trying to lock down security on her new home [I'm Not Obsessed]

Are James Franco and Seth Rogen performing at Kimye‘s wedding? [Celebuzz]

Laura Prepon wants to address those Scientology/Tom Cruise rumours [Too Fab]

Rumer Willis is trying just a bit too hard [Fishwrapper]

Let’s look at Kourtney Kardashian‘s butt in a bikini [The Superficial]

Selena Gomez is all about the moody selfies [theBERRY]

Jennifer Lawrence has the spring look down perfectly [Bohomoth]

Lindsay Lohan swears she didn’t drink through that interview [PopBytes]

The Loch Ness Monster is real and it’s coming for you! [OMG Blog]

Cara Delevingne wore a see-through skirt, of course [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Justin Bieber really wants to delay his DUI trial [Starpulse]

Nice legs, Emmy Rossum! [Popoholic]

Courteney Cox says no to a ‘Friends’ reunion [ICYDK]

Apparently Lea Michele is almost “too hot” [Celebslam]

What’s up with Andrew Garfield‘s new haircut? [Socialite Life]

Cameron Diaz has thoughts on aging, Botox and children [Lainey Gossip]

Louis CK deserves all the love we can give him [Celebitchy]

Jon Hamm called Justin Bieber a shithead [The Superficial]

It’s time for a hot new photoshoot with Marissa Miller [Popoholic]

The Morning Links


Miranda Kerr or Gisele Bundchen: who sings better? [Celebitchy]

Josh Hartnett has some serious advice for aspiring actors [ICYDK]

Nothing like a little Selena Gomez sideboob [Celebslam]

Blake Lively got injured on the set of her new film [Socialite Life]

Let’s celebrate spring with Taylor Swift [Lainey Gossip]

Scarlett Johansson got really naked in ‘Under the Skin’ [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Nina Agdal cleans up really nicely [Moe Jackson]

Avril Lavigne is going Kawaii now [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Oh no! Lorde‘s been forced to cancel her Australian tour [I'm Not Obsessed]

Beyoncé just released another song we’re going to be obsessed with [Celebuzz]

Katy Perry has a sense of humour about the John Mayer split [Too Fab]

People are always trying to touch Iggy Azalea‘s vagina? [Fishwrapper]

Lindsay Lohan‘s friends don’t even believe her miscarriage story [The Superficial]

Wait, Katie Holmes was engaged to WHO? [theBERRY]

Jay-Z bought Beyoncé a rabbit (and not the kind with batteries) [Bohomoth]

The Obamas remember Frankie Knuckles [OMG Blog]

Was Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez with Kylie Jenner? [Starpulse]

Sofia Vergara busted out the cleavage in TriBeCa [Popoholic]

Dean McDermott is tired of Tori Spelling “playing the victim” [ICYDK]

Looks like Bella Thorne got high at Coachella [Celebslam]

We all still really love ‘Mean Girls’, 10 years later [Socialite Life]

Well hello there, Michael Fassbender – how are you? [Lainey Gossip]

Lea Michele‘s wardrobe malfunction was totally planned, right? [Taxi Driver Movie - NSFW]

Nicki Minaj is done with wigs, apparently [Celebitchy]

Would you call Rita Ora‘s look “sexy”? [Moe Jackson]

Bar Refaeli is still posting hot selfies to Instagram [Drunken Stepfather - NSFW]

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hilarious forever [I'm Not Obsessed]

Sara Malakul Lane is really hot, guys [Popoholic]