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Tyler Posey

Of Course They’re Remaking Teen Wolf

So, alright. Teen Wolf. I remember Teen Wolf when it was this cute, campy 80′s flick that continued to convince America that Michael J. Fox was this talented, charming, and zany dynamo of an actor and everyone thought sprouting fangs and hair would be weird. This, however? Is more like a Teen Wolf-Twilight hybrid, and I think the werewolf craze has only just begun.

Now, I STILL haven’t seen the Twilight movies, because they’re just not my thing, and though this trailer for MTV’s new series, the aforementioned Teen Wolf comes across as Twilight-esque as they come, guys? I think it still maybe looks alright. The kid who plays the wolf, Tyler Posey, sort of makes me uncomfortable with those dark eyes and chiseled jaw, so naturally, I had go to and Google this kid’s age in order to make myself feel better and not-at-all pedophile-like. (It’s cool – he’s going to be 20 this year.)

Excuse me while I go, um, rewatch this trailer.