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Details on Katie Holmes’ Decision to Divorce Tom Cruise

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still totally reeling over this Katie Homes-finally-cut-the-cord thing, how about you?

So! This is what we now know:

Katie filed for divorce in New York City, where the judicial system is more apt to consider emotional abuse in family cases (interesting) and wants to break ties with the Church of Scientology
—Katie’s fighting for sole physical custody of the couple’s daughter, Suri
Tom Cruise claims he’s “deeply saddened” by Katie’s decision to divorce

And now here’s the new stuff, which I’m just floored by. Sources “close” to Katie claim that the main driving forces in her decision to file included her general disposition deterioration (the source says, “After five years of this, Katie really felt like she was going crazy and that she was actually turning into the robot that the press had always made her out to be. Katie has actually got a great personality and she used to be spunky and feisty. She changed so much when she was with Tom, she became downtrodden and insipid. In the end it just got too much, she was sick of it and decided she had to do something. Basically, she grew up and lost the starstruck goggles she had been wearing”).

According to Radar Online, Katie was concerned that Suri’s “coming of age” was going to be corrupted by Tom and his warped view of Scientology. From Radar:

“Katie did not want Tom making all the decisions in Suri’s life, and that’s what was going on. She decided it was high time she started deciding on what was best for her daughter, or at least having an equal say, and she knew that would be impossible if she remained Mrs. Tom Cruise.”

And remember this magazine cover for Tom’s ‘Rock of Ages’?:

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Apparently the shoot put a really, really bad taste in Katie’s mouth. Sources said that Katie was “speechless” with disgust. And man. I could not agree more. It’s high time that Katie got up and out of this sham of a marriage and moved on with her life—as a semi-talented woman with a big heart and a knack for being a present and in-the-moment mother.

Katie Just Couldn’t Swallow Scientology

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Oh man, can you think of how many cases out and out this phrase could apply to John Travolta‘s masseurs?

Anyway, TMZ has exclusive inside information (and I just cannot wait to see what else comes out of this divorce) that one of the biggest catalysts in Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s divorce was—DUN DUN DUN—the Church of Scientology. From TMZ:

Katie Holmes filed for divorce primarily over Tom Cruise’s fierce ties to Scientology, fearing that Tom would drag Suri deep into the church … sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say … Katie has never been fully committed to Scientology, even though she has had ties with the church. We’re told the couple had been arguing over Suri — that she’s now of the age where Scientology becomes a significant part of her life.

Sources familiar with the split tell us Katie is filing for sole legal custody — as we first reported — specifically because she does not want Tom to control decisions relating to religion.

Sources have told us that the divorce is NOT about money — we’re told Katie doesn’t need Tom’s money … because she has plenty of it … and will be well taken care of under the terms of the prenup.

TMZ also posted footage of Tom defending the Church to the death back in 2008. And a lot of general ranting about mind control and ESP and saving people’s lives from accident scenes. It’s pretty wacked, guys. You’ve seriously got to see this:

So yeah. No. I definitely wouldn’t want a child growing up exposed to this, because damn. This shit itself and how enveloped this nut is with it is just f-cking insane. Too bad Tom couldn’t “create new and better realities and improve” his own conditions. Then maybe his wife wouldn’t be running for the hills with their daughter in her arms.


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From TMZ:

Katie Holmes is the one who filed for divorce and Tom Cruise was “blindsided” by Katie’s legal move … TMZ has learned.

We know Katie filed the divorce docs in New York on June 28, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She is asking for sole legal custody and “primary residential custody” of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

We also know Katie is asking for a “suitable amount” of child support.

Katie also asks for a division of property in her divorce docs, although we know there was a significant prenup that is based on California law. Katie makes no mention of the prenup in her filing.

We’re told Tom “did not see this coming.” We’re told there is some “nastiness” here, evidenced by Katie’s move to get sole legal custody.

Katie’s divorce petition was filed anonymously, without names.

Story developing! Holy f-ck! YES! Did I call that blind item OR WHAT?!

Update: Ugh, of course Tom Cruise is already making statements. This is what Tom and his camp had to say:

“Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children. Please allow them their privacy.”

Sad or not sad, this guy’s a total fruitbat. Also, of course the statement reads ‘Kate’ instead of ‘Katie’. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

TEAM KATIE! (God, I never thought I’d be able to say that ever.)

Update: To show how floored Tom probably is, “his” last Tweet came through two hours ago, asking followers how he should spend his 50th birthday, which is next week on July 3rd. Best answer I could come up with? ALONE. Mwahahaha.

Quotables: Malin Akerman Talks “Tonguiest” Tongue Kiss Ever

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“It was actually a kiss that – we know this is true love, we’re going to be together forever kind of moment. So he walks in and in the script it says, “It’s the tonguiest tongue kiss of all time. How do you – what are we going to do? He just goes, “You guys, go at it. Tom, if you’ve got to lick her eyeball, lick her eyeball. ‘I was, like? Oh, my God. It literally is for me a cringing moment. I saw it, I was like, I can’t watch … To be able to do a duet with Tom Cruise and then to undress him and pretend to make love to him on an air hockey table? It was one of the most unbelievable scenes of my life. It was so much fun.”

Malin Akerman on—urk, urk—having to open-mouth kiss and tongue-wrestle Tom Cruise and his gigantic teeth. Or just his gigantic teeth. I’m not sure what she has to visualize in order to not puke in this guy’s mouth, but I’m sure it’s something completely sublime, and nothing at all like gingivitis, what’s *really* under the caps on teeth, or general abundant craziness.

I guess all I really have to say about this stuff would be this:

photo of tom cruise tongue rock of ages pictures

Blind Items Revealed: Let’s Talk Katie Holmes For a Minute

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Remember this?:

This actress – who worked much more several years ago than she does now – has found the perfect way to annoy her controlling husband. He always insisted that she not step foot out of the house unless she was looking her best (full hair, makeup, clothes) because she was a “reflection of his image”.

But now that they have quietly separated, she consistently walks out of the house in casual clothes and messy hair and no makeup (even when her destination isn’t the gym). Of course, the paparazzi are there, just waiting to snap her photo. Her publicist called and said, “Do you realize how much you’re p*ssing him off when you do that?” She replied, “Absolutely!” and giggled. Sounds like it’s just her little way of reclaiming her life.

So! Now it all makes sense, I guess. I said back then it was Katie Holmes, and now, after seeing these pictures of Katie and Suri hanging out in … some … some pond in Connecticut, while still wearing all of their clothes, well. I think that kind of speaks volumes to the recent blind item, now, don’t you? Because if Katie and Tom were still together and these photos emerged, we wouldn’t have even seen them. Tom probably would have been lurking somewhere in the shadows of a sycamore tree, getting ready to pounce the photographer who happened to catch these shots. And then he would have kissed him and then destroyed all evidence. Of both.


Tom Cruise is Going to be in Playboy, You Guys

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… But thankfully, not for the reason you may think. Which would be weird, considering Playboy features nude ladies, and not nude men, but hey. Tom Cruise has never really done things the conventional way, so I suppose it wouldn’t be all that off-the-wall.

Tom discussed topics like how his career almost tanked after all of that couch-jumping back in ’05, all the business behind his Scientology, and how everyone thought he was completely bat-shit crazy. Tom says to Playboy:

“There comes a point when you just have to go, ‘You know what? Here’s how I’ve lived my life: I’ve never been late to set. I make films I believe in. I feel privileged to be able to do what I love.’ You just have to keep going and remember that. The other stuff? I hear it, I read it, I get it. But life is not a matter of trying to prove anything to anybody. …. There’s what people say, and there’s reality, and you can’t worry about stuff like that. Do you wish they wouldn’t say certain things? Yeah, you wish.”

And when the going gets tough, the tough … well, they pursue legal action:

“They know I mean it, that if I have to, I will sue. You start with a letter saying, ‘Okay, you know it’s not true. Apologize.’”

Tom goes on to talk about his favorite subject of all—“Kate” Holmes:

“She’s funny and charming, and when she walks into the room, I just feel better. I’m a romantic. I like doing things like creating romantic dinners, and she enjoys that. I don’t know what to say—I’m just happy, and I have been since the moment I met her. What we have is very special.”

And on his religious beliefs:

“What’s interesting is, if I don’t talk about my religion, if I say I’m not discussing it or different humanitarian things I’m working on, they’re like, ‘He’s avoiding it.’ If I do talk about it, it becomes, ‘Oh, he’s proselytizing.’”

And on that, he definitely makes a good point. Scientology is such an obscure thing to many people, and I agree—when he doesn’t talk about it in interviews, it seems like he’s trying to avoid the elephant in the room. And when he does, everyone kind of backs off and says, “Wait, whoa—creeper alert. Keep it to yourself, dude.” So, in essence, I guess it is a lose-lose situation for Tom when it comes to this topic.

Moving on, Tom says that even though people pretty much shit all over his belief systems, he respects others for their own. And really, isn’t that sweet?:

“I have respect for what other people believe. What I believe in my own life is that it’s a search for how I can do things better, whether it’s being a better man or a better father or finding ways for myself to improve. Individuals have to decide what is true and real for them.”

So, all in all, not a bad interview. Certainly not nearly as bad as what you’d expect from someone playing a character called Stacee Jaxx. I shudder to think.

Tom Cruise Doesn’t Disappoint in Rock of Ages

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… You know, if, of course, you’re like me and have this unexplainable urge to vomit all over Tom Cruise’s face and weird body every time you see him on television or in magazines, because guys? He did not disappoint.

We’ve talked about Tom Cruise and his new, craptastic role as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages, but thus far, you’ve been spared both excessive commentary from him and any abundance of real photos where the obnoxiousness-level is at an all-time high, but I’m here to pop your safe little bubble today, oh yes. That W magazine cover we looked at the other day? Here’s a snippet of the interview, and if that doesn’t put you completely off your breakfast, then the accompanying photos certainly will.

Tom on the most ridiculously redundant question anyone could possibly ask Tom Cruise—whether he sang around the house as a kid:

“You know what? I did the scene from Risky Business around the house. I would sing Bob Seger—my mother worked, my sisters were out, and I’d turn the music up. I learned how to dance watching Soul Train. I noticed that if a guy could dance, he’d get a lot of attention and girls would want to dance with him. I worked very hard at imitating those moves.”

And then Tom on name-dropping his wife just for the express purpose of letting us know that he still calls her ‘Kate‘, because ‘Katie’ is apparently too bourgeoisie:

“Kate [Holmes, Cruise’s wife] loves musicals. She sings and dances, and we kind of went through the history of musicals together. And Suri loved Hairspray. With kids, you watch everything over and over; I watched Hairspray 15 times with Suri. I thought Adam Shankman did a great job directing the movie, so I arranged to meet him and said, “Where’s our musical?” He came back and said, “Rock of Ages.” We went and saw it in L.A., and for me…I didn’t know how to play the character like that. I had to find my own Stacee Jaxx.”

On—gag—being “sexy” in the film:

“I knew we had to push the sexuality because of the nature of the character and the songs. He’s singing, “I Want to Know What Love Is.” Adam has a sweetness with this stuff, so you can push things pretty hard. With Malin, I thought of Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show—incredibly sexy and very sweet.”

Ugh. Are you satisfied yet? Because I just about vomited my water. Forget the breakfast—I was barely able to stay hydrated while reading this drivel.

Be sure to check out the photos in the gallery if you really want to drop some water weight today.