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Tobey Maguire

Stills from The Great Gatsby!

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I don’t know about you guys, but when I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was slated to play Jay Gatsby in Great Gatsby 2012, I was pretty stoked. I’m not a huge fan of Leonardo, but if I really thought hard about it, there probably wasn’t another snotty, pretentious actor who could really pull Gatsby off. Tobey Maguire cast as Nick Carraway, now, eh. I think they’d have been better advised to cast someone like – ahem – Ryan Gosling in the role of Nick Carraway, but hey. Life isn’t always fair and sometimes you end up with two main actors who think their shit doesn’t stink in a movie based on one of your favorite books.

Ruby Maguire Strikes Gold at the Pumpkin Patch

The Maguire Family Goes To The Pumpkin Patch

Tobey Maguire, his wife Jennifer and their kids went to Mr. Bone’s Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles today (and thankfully this fucking Halloween bullshit will be over before we know it because I’ve about had it up to here with looking at pictures of famous people and their dumb babies picking out pumpkins.) They looked like a normal family (except of course for the fact that they were being photographed the whole time), down to dad awkwardly pushing a huge stoller and their little girl picking her nose and pouting. Really, what’s more American than that?

All in the Family


Tobey Maguire’s mother and brother are set to star in a reality show of their own.  Growing Up Maguire will focus on his mom Wendy as she shields her 15-year-old — Tobey’s brother Weston is into motocross and snowboarding — from the evil glare of Hollywood.  Does a reality show about protecting your kid from fame seem a little counter-intuitive?

And in news that blew my crown chakra to the ceiling, Amy Winehouse’s father is releasing an album of Sinatra covers.  Yep, taxi driver Mitch Winehouse — that portly babe is pictured above — has decided to try and get into the music biz after seeing how well it has treated his daughter.  He’s been working on this record for a while now, no word on a release date.

Do people care about the irrelevant relatives of famous people?  I don’t think we have to look any further than the nine episodes of Living Lohan to answer that question.