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Love It or Leave It: This is How Taylor Swift Wooed Tim Tebow

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Come on, don’t act as if you didn’t know. Tim Tebow is totally using Taylor Swift for her body, duh. Jake Gyllenhaal? Took the risk of being the brunt of Taylor Swift‘s passive-aggressive songs just for the pleasure of being able to run his hand down her … spine.

Now don’t get me wrong: I didn’t say that they were, like, going to do it or anything (the outrage! the scandal!). It’s just that Tim’s got someone to focus his fantasies on – even if he’s not going to act them out – and Taylor? Well. She’s just the perfect little subject, now, isn’t she? And eyewitnesses say that Tim and Taylor’s date (bad, bad Home Improvement flashback right there, guys) went really, really well:

Oh, wait, sorry, not that. This:

A source told Us Weekly: ”There were no public displays of affection between Taylor and Tim, but she surely looked happy to be there.” Another insider added: ”Yes, she has a crush on him. She is a massive fan, but I don’t think he sees her that way.”

During the two-hour meal, the ‘Mean’ hitmaker was spotted sipping on a cafe latte, while the Denver Broncos quarterback enjoyed chicken paillard, fettuccine bolognese and cappellini.

However, the blonde beauty is said to have embarked on a ”friendship” with the 24-year-old hunk, rather than a romance. The source added: ”They actually have been speaking a lot about the Bible and Christianity. Right now it’s on the friendship tip – even though that frustrates her.”

So, Taylor sat around drinking coffee while Tim ate, what, for both of them? Sigh! I remember those days – back in high school. It was so uncool to have a guy you were dating see you eat. I mean, what was less hot back then – letting the object of your adolescent affections see you shove something in a hole in the middle of your face while chewing and gnawing, gnashing your teeth and having it ultimately be something that sounds like ‘masturbating’ (masticating)? Oh Taylor. How you make me smile with your young-at-heart … heart.

More importantly, how do y’all like Swifty in her bikini, frolicking down under like it ain’t no thing? Check out the gallery for more photos of Taylor from all angles on the beach.

Guess Who Taylor Swift is Dating?

photo of tim tebow pictures photos dating taylor swift pics
If you guys don’t know who this dude is, you apparently don’t watch a whole lot of football. This would be Tim Tebow, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, and he’s rumored to be dating Taylor Swift.

Our friends at Celebuzz initially reported that the pair were seen getting cozy at a pre-Oscar party, as you can see here:

Taylor Swift was spotted chatting up one of football’s most eligible bachelor. Who was it?

Tim Tebow, of course! Our insider told us that Taylor, who was spotted rocking a black dress, spent most of her evening talking to the hunky quarterback. “They were together for almost an hour,” adds the insider. “She approached Tim and he looked more than happy to be talking with her.”

And now, Clevver News is reporting that the two were seen out to dinner earlier this week, looking quite the couple:

Sweet, right? I don’t quite know. Tim is America’s football’s savior, and Taylor is America’s wannabe sweetheart (who sings country, nonetheless), so it’d just make so much sense for the two of them to get together, right? Look at Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Or Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. Bliss, right? Plus, Tim claims that he’s a virgin, and you know that Taylor has just got to be – otherwise, she’d be married by now, but … I don’t know. I’m just not as tickled by this as I thought I’d be.

Also, let’s not pretend that one of your first thoughts wasn’t “Aww, how sweet – Taylor Tebow. She’s probably writing it all over her notebooks and guitars and, you know, skin.”

Jimmy Fallon Presents: David Bowie + Tim Tebow = TEBOWIE

OMG, I just about peed when I saw this video earlier today. Granted, it’s not hard to make me have to pee these days – a good laugh or cough will bring it on – so I’m sure y’all understand.

This is Jimmy Fallon ripping off David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity,” (one of my favorite Bowie songs of ALL time, and if you guys have spent any amount of time here on Evil Beet, you’ll know that we’re big Bowie fans around these here parts) and if you don’t know who Tim Tebow is for whatever reason, he’s the uber-Christian quarterback for the Denver Broncos who’s been linked to Katy Perry (as if) and who’s playing against the New England Patriots in this weekend’s playoff matchup. Here’s the relatively hilarious lyrics to go along with the song, if you can’t view the video:

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Can’t win by myself but with your help I might

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
Commencing 4th down “Hut, hut, hike”
Snap the football and may God’s love be with me

This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow
Please leave me alone
Don’t you know my day of rest is Sunday?
And I’m sick of watching all these Broncos games

I hear that you play New England next week
Dude, you’re on your own
Brady is too good and I got better things to do

So I passed 316 yards
There’s still two games to go
If I want to make it to the Super Bowl
And show everyone on Earth how to Tebow

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ
The Broncos won we’re still alive
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow
Come on everyone Tebow

I know we don’t do a whole lot of football-talking around here, but I like it, it’s something that I’m into, and I’m actually pretty pumped about this upcoming weekend. Do you want to hear my picks? No? Too bad. You’re going to, and you’re going to like it. Or at least be OK with it and forgive me for the non-celebrity-ish-related post that I craftily snuck in under the guise of the delightful Jimmy Fallon and the legendary David Bowie and the really hot Tim Tebow.

I say Saints over 49ers, Broncos over Patriots, Ravens over Texans, and Green Bay over Giants. And THEN? Next week? I say it’s going to be Saints over Green Bay for a spot in the Super Bowl, and the Broncos over the Ravens for a spot in the Super Bowl.

So. I’m sorry. Really, I am. Were you able to get through that without gagging? Or, maybe, I don’t know, you liked it. Was that the case? Because if it was, I’ll give you a chance to voice your picks. Check it out if, you know, that’s your thing, too.

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Broncos and Patriots?

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Green Bay and Giants?

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Last question! Now how do you feel?

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