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The Real Housewives Of Orange County

Friday Fun: Talking on a Thursday About Levi Johnston’s Dick

So, for those of you who didn’t know me before EvilBeet, I’m kinda known to some people as a blogger and some people as a Twitterer and some people as a vlogger. I used to make videos every day but that’s slowed down as I’ve gained a little bit of self control.

Anyway, my best friend Ed and I are always getting together and watching Real Housewives and talking about superficial bullshit we think is funny, so last night we talked about Real Housewives of OC, Levi Johnston (Ed bought a Playgirl subscription just so he could check out the goods) and this horrible man in a Gucci fanny pack that was mean to our friend.

You may think we’re a couple of ridiculous, self-important squares who don’t need to be on camera without make up and talking about this stuff, and you’d be right. But whatever. We do what we want.

And before you start thinking of telling me that my nose looks like a whale’s dick, I’ve already been told that, so go back to the insult well and pull up something slightly more clever.