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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks Is Down with the Kids

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I love Stevie Nicks – she’s a legend, a genius and a total weirdo. She also seems to be in a phase of her life where she’s trying to stay hip with the kids. She’s officiating pop weddings, speaking out on celebrity death and now she’s even dedicating songs to our favourite lovebirds, John Mayer and Katy Perry.

John and Katy went to a Fleetwood Mac concert on Sunday night in Las Vegas, where they got a special surprise: Stevie dedicated the band’s performance of ‘Landslide’ to them. Aw, isn’t that sweet? Katy has said before that she and Stevie are “buds”, and I guess that’s really the case. Still, she was so overcome with feeling that John had to hit up her Twitter account so share the news:

I do think it’s a big weird that Stevie Nicks dedicated ‘Landslide’ to them – or any song, for that matter – but maybe there’s some secret significance or some big story with them and that song that Stevie knows about and we don’t. I’m just waiting out this whole John/Katy thing. When will it be over?

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Stevie Nicks “Married” Vanessa Carlton


Stevie Nicks married singer Vanessa Carlton over the weekend. By which I mean, she officiated Vanessa Carlton’s wedding to musician John McCauley of the band Deer Tick. Ms. Carlton tweeted,

Thanks Stevie for marrying us!

along with the above photo. And here’s a photo of the happy couple via Twitter:


Ms. Carlton’s been lying low lately. In 2010 she came out as bisexual. More recently, she had to cancel a tour because of extreme pain from emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy, according to People. That sounds utterly horrible, and I’m glad she’s found happiness.

So, congrats, Vanessa! And way cool of Stevie to marry you guys.

I would have chosen David Bowie, but whatevs. Or rather, I would have chosen to marry David Bowie. Same difference.

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Stevie Nicks Has Feelings About Cory Monteith’s Death

cory monteith

Cory Monteith died earlier this summer from a fatal mix of alcohol and heroin, which is incredibly sad, especially given his young age and his talent (yes, he had talent, even if he wasn’t your cup of tea). Well, if there’s one fellow celebrity that knows all about the dangers of drugs, it’s Stevie Nicks, and she’s thought a lot about Cory’s passing – enough to have something to say about it in a new interview with The Herald in Scotland:

“I can’t remember who it was but somebody said, ‘This is what will happen if you do heroin: you get really, really sick, you’ll throw up for hours, then you’ll have about an hour of a high. And then, after that high,you’ll start scraping the ground looking for more.

“Then for the rest of your life – probably – that’s what you will do: search the world for that high. And you’ll never find it.’”

“With this Cory thing, I’ve thought a lot about it. Mostly you realized that all that recreational/non-addictive [idea] was bulls**t when it started to become more important than music. And it did. And heroin’s a lot quicker road to that!

“It’s gonna become more important than your music, or your acting, or your amazing career that you have ahead of you. You’re just throwing it away. And you have somebody like Cory who had the world at his feet, and his fingertips.”

Well, yeah, of course it sucks when it gets to that point, but that’s how addiction works, Stevie. You of all people should know. It’s not as simple as saying, “Well, drugs are getting more of my time than my art, so I guess I’ll stop now.” If that was the case, we wouldn’t have addicts in the world. It’s actually surprising to me to hear her say that when she too struggled with addiction but was lucky enough to get the help she needed before it killed her. Yes, I think drug addiction is stupid and it destroys lives, but I also would imagine someone who’s been there would be more sympathetic to how – once you’re actually in its thralls – hard it is to get out.

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