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Stars Without Makeup

Stars Without Makeup: Ginnifer Goodwin

photo of ginnifer goodwin pictures no makeup pic
So that, that ^^ up there, is a far cry from this, which is probably how we’re envisioning Ginnifer Goodwin as of late:

photo of ginnifer goodwin at the emmys pictures 2012 pic
Which is also a far cry from this, which is an image last used when we last had a Ginnifer Goodwin-dedicated post, back in January of 2011:

photo of ginnifer goodwin pictures long hair pic
And it goes without saying that she looks beautiful in all three of these photos—sans makeup, dressed up to the nines, and with long, flowing hair, but what’s your favorite Ginnifer Goodwin face? Me, I like them all. It’s a fortunate thing for a lady when she can go out without makeup on and look just as lovely as when she’s all done up. What’s your take?

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Stars Without Makeup: Marion Cotillard is Still So, So Hot

photo of marion cotillard pictures no makeup photos
OK, so maybe she has a little of last night’s makeup left over, but we’ll still slap the “Stars Without Makeup” label on there, because there’s just something so cute and natural and appealing about Marion Cotillard. She’s gorgeous, and no amount of makeup (minimal or maximum) can detract from her appearance.

Here’s Marion in the trailer for one of her latest films, Rust and Bone:

Rust and Bone, if you’ll remember, was the film in which we got to see Marion’s fabulous, fabulous tits. Because if you haven’t seen them already, Marion Cotillard’s got some fabulous, fabulous tits. Click here for the NSFW shots of Marion Cotillard’s fabulous, fabulous tits. It’ll make your Thursday a happy one.

Stars Without Makeup: Kelly Osbourne, Again

photo of kelly osbourne pictures no makeup pic
So here’s Kelly Osbourne in an airport earlier this week “without makeup.” Again, of course. And I use the quotation marks because though she doesn’t have any “makeup” on, she definitely has some … I don’t know, some THING on her face that’s making her look kind of orange-y and Ooompa Loompa-ish. Or is it jaundice? I don’t know.

One thing is for sure—whatever she does have on her face, it clashes with her lilac hair *horrendously.

*Incidentally, when I typed ‘horrendously’, it seriously came out ‘horrendouchely’, which, of course, is not a real word, but I think I might start using it, because it’s so, so appropriate.