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Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Is Losing It

Stacey Dash, AKA Dionne of Clueless, is maybe losing her mind. No, screw maybe, her endorsement of Mitt Romney proved that she’s well gone. It’s not so much that she endorsed him, it was her bizarre reasoning. Continuing on her merry path of odd adventures, she’s starring in her own web series titled, Stacey Dash Is Normal. I think they’re going for that “Hey, she’s ‘just like us’ she does weird stuff too!” with a touch of irony considering that in this episode, “The Dip”, she is not completely normal. Totally get it. But it is sadly not very funny. She’s a beautiful and talented woman. And this web series isn’t doing her any favors.

Case in point, skip to 1:43 seconds in the video where she masturbates in front of her dog in what is supposed to be a comedic scene but is just awkward and weird. I get that’s supposed to be the point, but there’s Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm awkward and there’s “What the eff am I watching?” awkward. However, most of the YouTube commenters disagree and think the show is “hilarious.”

So tell me: what do you think? Am I wrong here?

15 Years After Clueless is Released, Dionne is Still Looking Fierce

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the release of the best movie ever made, Clueless, so I figured this would be the perfect time to point out what a Betty Stacey Dash is even after all of these years. These photos, shot for some magazine called Karin + Raoul, are the first I’ve seen of Stacey since she appeared on Circus of the Stars a few years ago, and that shit still haunts me in my dreams. Regardless, Stacey looks good, unlike the rest of her co-stars, who are either fat or dead. Sorry. Way harsh.