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Video: We’ve got new ‘Divergent’ clips!


At this point, we’re going to have seen the entire film of Divergent before it even makes it to theatres with the number of “clips” they’ve been releasing prior to its release. It looks great, I have to admit – and it certainly helps that Ellie Goulding is featured strongly through an otherwise still pretty great soundtrack (music sets the mood, okay?!), too.

In the first clip, we get to see a bit of Kate Winslet as Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews, and it’s kinda bugging me out. It’s so odd to see her play a role like this, but somehow it works. I’m also coming around to Shailene Woodley in general, which is helpful considering she’s the star of this franchise, I suppose…

The second clip shows us some interaction with Tris and Four, which no doubt will be spun into some incredible love story that overtakes the entire message of the series, which is really more about Tris’ bravery and this fucked up world they live in, but you know how movies go.

I’m looking forward to seeing the full thing, I must admit. It’ll be out on March 21.

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So, ‘Divergent’ Is Gonna Be Really Good, Right?


I really wasn’t sure for a while how I was going to feel about the upcoming Divergent movie, but I’m coming around to it – and its star Shailene Woodley – more and more as the days go by. This thing is gonna be good, and if this clip is anything to go by, it’ll be way steamier in the romance department than its counterpart dystopian movies.

What do those of you who know about the Divergent series think of the clip? Who’s going to see the movie when it comes out?

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The ‘Divergent’ Trailer Is Here!


Are you excited about the film adaptation of Divergent? I wasn’t so sure at first, but then I thought, who am I kidding? OBVIOUSLY I will see this, and though I doubt it’ll be as good as the book(s), it’ll still be its own thing and totally watchable.

While we’ve been teased with several “featurettes” to tide us over, it seems we’ve now finally got our first real trailer for the movie, and it’s looking good! I used to think Shailene Woodley was totally wrong for the part of Tris, but I’m coming around to the idea. And hello, obviously I will go see anything Kate Winslet is in.

What do you think? Will you be seeing Divergent? It hits US theatres in March 2014.

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Shailene Woodley, Hollywood Starlet, Lives An “Alternative” Lifestyle

shailene woodley 2

You just know Jennifer Lawrence is sprawled on her couch with half a Domino’s pizza, a packet of M&Ms and a bottle of beer, shaking her head in disgust at Shailene Woodley. You see, Shailene did a new interview with Flaunt in which she revealed that she collects her own water from mountains and makes her own toothpaste. You know, your general rich hippie faff about. Here it is in her own words:

“I think everything about my lifestyle is fairly alternative. I gather my own spring water from mountains every month.

“I go to a farm to get my food. I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils. I could go on for hours. I make my own medicines; I don’t get those from doctors.

“I make my own cheese and forage wild foods and identify wild plants. It’s an entire lifestyle. It’s appealing to my soul.”

Part of me was really sorta into this… until she got to the part about not using modern medicine. Girl, no. Of course there are homeopathic ways of dealing with certain conditions, and I think we could all learn more about balancing our body systems and the reasons we get ill rather than treating the symptoms, but modern medicine does exist for a reason. Grok back in the stone ages may have made his own medicines as well, but he also died at 38. Doctors – even though they may sometimes be wrong about shit or not “get it” – exist for a reason.

As for the other stuff, I kind of don’t understand how she has time to make her own cheese, forage wild foods, collect water, make body lotions and toothpastes (she’d have been perfect for The Hunger Games, lol)… and still have time to film several movies a year. Something’s a bit suspect there.  Who knows? I guess that’s good for her.

Here’s Some More ‘Divergent’ Goodness!


Everyone is getting pretty excited for the big screen adaptation of Divergent, the awesome YA dystopian novel, and I can’t wait, either. While we’ve seen our first teaser trailer, the film now has its first featurette. Stars Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and the book’s author, Veronica Roth, came together to discuss the adaptation, the premise, etc to continue to build momentum leading up to its release – which isn’t until March 2014, unfortunately.

Have you guys read the book? Will you see the movie? Obviously The Hunger Games started this whole trend, but there have been some other great, unique stories to come out of the genre and I think Divergent is one of them.

Shailene Woodley Wants to Shave Her Head

shailene woodley

Shailene Woodley revealed plans earlier this month to chop all her hair off and donate it to a children’s charity, and indeed she did just that a little over a week ago. She’s still got enough hair on her head – she’s sporting a nice bob that’s almost to her shoulders, so it’s nothing too drastic. Still she’s now said that she’s not putting the scissors down just yet and would love to go even shorter if she could (but considering she has two more Divergent films to shoot, I doubt that’ll happen).

From People:

“It’s really awesome because there’s no upkeep,” Woodley, 21, told PEOPLE about her new do. “It dries in two seconds and it’s nice not to spend a lot of time getting ready.”

Woodley donated about eight inches of her long locks to Children With Hair Loss earlier this month in honor of her upcoming role as cancer patient (and awesome teen) Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in Our Stars.

Did she have any second thoughts about the big change? “Hell no!” she said enthusiastically. “I want to go shorter but I don’t think I’m allowed to.”

Really? So how short are we talking? “I want to go short like Natalie Portman did in V for Vendetta. That would be so cool and liberating.”

Hmm, will believe it when I see it, but the shorter hair does suit her. Go, girl! Get your “liberation” on (I feel like that’s the word everyone uses every time they cut their hair).

Watch Now: The First ‘Divergent’ Teaser Is Here

The big screen adaptation of Divergent isn’t hitting theatres until March 2014, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited about it now. While a full trailer will be premiered during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, a mini teaser trailer hit the Internet yesterday. And when I say “mini”, I do mean mini – it’s all over 13 seconds long, but it’s enough to whet your appetite and get you (or at least me) excited to see what’s coming next.

Here’s the thing: any move with Kate Winslet in it is automatically going to be at the top of my “to see” list. Shailene Woodley has also grown on me recently, and I can sort of see her as Tris – especially after watching this little video. Of course, the movie probably won’t be anything near as good as the book, which I read back when it first came out, but it’ll be its own thing and I’m sure totally watchable.

Will you see Divergent?