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Selena Gomez

Love It or Leave It: Selena Gomez Is Not Always Glamorous

A photo of Selena Gomez

It might be hard to believe that someone like Selena Gomez doesn’t look stylish and put together at all times: after all, she’s got a mighty fine man to keep interested! But this photo is clearly proof that even stars can look a hot mess from time to time. And goodness me, she looks like a burning hot mess.

No bra. A tight, unflattering night dress looking thing. And that hair. I can’t even say anything about that hair. It’s just all too much. But you know what? I kind of love it. I appreciate it so much when celebrities are seen looking like they haven’t showered in two days or done laundry in two weeks. It makes me feel so much better about myself when I do the same thing.

Now, I do need to tell you that this photo was taken while Selena was on a movie set. I’m not sure if this is a costume or if she’s just slumming around until she gets her hair and makeup done though. And I also need to tell you that this photo is sparking up some pregnancy rumors. For real. Do you see that tiny little tummy Selena has because she’s a human being, and a young human being who clearly hasn’t lost all her baby fat yet at that? Yeah, that’s the spawn of Bieber. Lord have mercy on us all.

Selena Gomez is on the Cover of Teen Vogue This Month

photo of selena gomez pictures
And look how just positively Photoshopped she is! Is that even the real GOMEZ? Is that Eva Mendes?

Here’s Selena on … DUN DUN DUN … Disney:

“Being part of the Disney Channel was such a blessing, and I’m super happy with what my show accomplished, but acting is something I would like to take on more seriously. I don’t necessarily feel accomplished. I want to create a whole different persona when it comes to acting.”

LOL! Oh, OK, Selena.

Here’s Selena on her next project—a new music album, WOOT:

“It’s going to be different — a little older but still really fun.”

On wanting to do a musical collab with Justin—and NOT her boyfriend Justin:

“Who I would die to work with, but I don’t think he ever would—I don’t even think he’s doing music anymore—is Justin Timberlake. Just ’cause I love his music sooo much.”

On being frugal with clothing money:

“I’ve never been comfortable with saying, ‘Here’s a top that I’m going to sell for $350, and it’s just a T-shirt.’ I get sent things that are really nice, and I’m like, ‘This is cute,’ and I look at the tag and it’s $200. I’m like, Oh my gosh, people probably think I buy it, and I don’t. It’s really weird.”

On Justin (not Timberlake):

“It’s really fun. I’m lucky. I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will come organically.”

So I guess that means Justin and Selena are on the outs this week, then, huh? I mean, come on. “I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously”? “I have great friends …”? Well where does the enamored Justin Bieber come in? What about the promise ring? The ocean sex? The tru luv 4-ever, y’all?

I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on Selena. She’s cute, she’s down-to-earth, and thus far, she’s been relatively scandal-free. Either some big shit’s going to hit the fan over the next few years, or she’s going to fade into obscurity in five. I’m hoping it’s the former, myself.

Selena Gomez Is “Beyond Lucky” to Be with Justin Bieber

A photo of Justin Bieber

I mean, seriously, ladies, look at that fine specimen right there. Really just get a good long look at that tall glass of water. Couldn’t you just drink that right down? If you got to walk around on his arm, wouldn’t you constantly thank the heavens that you’d been so incredibly blessed?

According to Justin himself, yes, yes you would.

From Star via Celebitchy:

Seriously unbeliebable. Cocky Justin Bieber has been heard telling Selena Gomez that she’s “beyond lucky” to have him as a boyfriend. “She’s so arrogant and immature at times,” a tipster says. “Her friends keep telling her to just dump him for good already.” But whenever he senses that she’s ready to end things, he pulls off some romantic stunt, like renting the Staples Center for a screening of Titanic. “Those kind of gestures go a long way with her,” the source says. “But she probably won’t put up with him much longer.”

Oh god, the Titanic thing again. Is Justin Bieber seriously the guy who does one single romantic thing for you and then holds it over your head for the rest of the relationship? Of course he is. I bet when Justin hit that photographer and Selena got all pissed at him over it, he was like “shut the f-ck up, babe, or you won’t get no more private screenings of Titanic,” and she was like “you just assaulted someone,” and he was like “yeah, just like I assaulted your heart at the Staples Center.” And then he asked for a blow job.

What a character, you guys.

Justin Bieber Is Wasting His Penis on Selena Gomez

A photo of Justin Bieber

Poor, poor Justin Bieber. Sure, he’s a superstar, the new King of Pop, even, but he’s still an 18-year-old boy. We may know him as the best boyfriend ever, but he still has urges, and he still has needs that even his beloved Selena Gomez can’t satisfy.

Yes, we’re about to talk about Justin Bieber’s sex life. Strap yourselves in, friends. It’s about to get ugly.

From Us Weekly via Celebitchy:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are struggling to hold on to each other. Bieber, 18, has spent the last year and a half wooing Gomez – renting LA’s Staples Center for a private screening of Titanic, lavishing her with gifts, treating her to a helicopter tour of Toronto – but sources say the pair have been on the brink of a breakup for months.

“They fight and then make up all the time,” says a friend. At issue? Schedules that mean spending too much time apart – and plenty of girls willing to ease Justin’s loneliness.

“Justin loves Selena, but he’s starting to feel antsy,” reveals a source close to Justin. “He’s in his prime and can get any girl he wants. He has definitely thought about being free.”

At Justin’s March birthday bash, Selena and Justin stayed close and “Selena kept telling everyone she wanted to have Justin’s babies.” But just days later, Gomez left for Florida to shoot Spring Breakers and Justin stayed behind in LA.

“Selena’s schedule is crazy and has become a source of contention. She has broken big plans – like a trip to Mexico – with Justin six times, and he complains.”

By mid-May, Bieber was losing patience.

“He feels he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” says the Bieber source. “It’s hard.”

Justin tried to initiate a split, but Gomez wasn’t having it. “She freaked out,” says the source. “So he apologized and got back together with her.”

Then, at the MuchMusic Awards in June, Justin was acting “weird” says a source, and then he had a mini-breakdown. As his trademark hair was styled, “Justin was not in a good way. He was upset and crying, saying the relationship was over.”

But – surprise! – it wasn’t. Come July, the two were cuddling in LA. The source says, “They are kids! Of course they fight. They can both be dramatic.”

In the end, “Justin is still crazy about her and knows how lucky he is to have her,” says the Bieber insider. “Everything is not always perfect, but for now they are happy.”

I really can’t decide what makes me feel ickier, the idea that Justin Bieber believes that “he should be tapping all the girls who come around,” or the fact that I laughed out loud after reading the bit where he was crying while getting his hair done. Stars, they’re just like us when we’re getting ready for the eighth grade prom!

But really, I hope these two kids work it out. I mean, I don’t really want Selena to get her wish of having Justin’s babies, but I kind of want Selena to get her wish of having Justin’s babies. The gossip, you guys. The gossip it would bring. The pictures, and the statements. The onesies that Justin would start selling that would say things like “swaggy baby” and “swag” and “swagger.” “Made by swagger.” “I’m two months old and I’m a swaggy infant.”. Oh, and the songs that Justin would write about the situation. It would be really glorious until Justin started ruining the baby’s life.

Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up?

A photo of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

From TMZ:

He loves her … he loves her not — TMZ has learned, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up multiple times in the last few months.

Sources in a position to know tell us, Biebs and Selena most recently ended things last week — but have since decided to give their relationship another try … kinda.

We’re told Justin and Selena’s current situation is tenuous … they’re not “solid”  …  they’re just figuring things out.

They’ve been dating for roughly a year and a half.


This is pure speculation and not, you know, based on my long late night talks with Justin Bieber, but do you think this could be because of The Biebz and his anger issues? Because I feel like he has anger issues. There was the time that he assaulted that photographer, and there was the time that he got pissed and hung up his phone during a radio interview. If you go back and watch that hilarious clip from his recent appearance on David Letterman’s show, you can see a hint of rage in his eyes when David Letterman grabs his arm. There are also older stories, like the one where some kid tried to hack Justin’s Twitter account, so Justin tracked the kid down, found his phone number, and then tweeted it to his thousands and thousands of followers. I’m not saying that Justin’s going to turn into a serial killer or anything, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he has at least some trouble controlling his temper right now.

But then again, he’s also an 18-year-old boy, and I’ll be damned if those aren’t some of the most annoying, gross, immature creatures to ever walk the planet. If these two have been dating for a year and a half, then I don’t blame Selena at all for needing a break. I’d need a break too if my boyfriend got in a phase where he felt the need to work the word “swag” into every conversation.

Do you think these two kids can make it though?

Love It or Leave It: Selena Gomez’s Busted-Ass Extensions

photo of selena gomez extensions pictures photos
Look, we’re talking about Selena Gomez for the first time in a month without having to talk about Justin Bieber and his photographer-assaulting ways! Isn’t that super? I just wish I had better news for you guys—Selena Gomez did I-don’t-know-what-the-f-ck to her hair with those cheap-looking ombre extensions. It’s pretty bad, right? Also, I don’t even think she went for length extensions. I think she decided to go for volume extensions (and just on the lower five or six inches of her hair), and why she’d do that is beyond me. Her hair was always so pretty. Don’t you remember this photo?:

photo of selena gomez pictures black hair photos
Because I do. This photo really sticks out in my mind as “Wow. Selena Gomez is turning into quite a beautiful young woman and now when are we going to see LEAKED NUDES.”

But anyway, because it’s almost impossible to talk about Selena Gomez without talking about Justin Bieber (unless, of course, we are talking LEAKED NUDES), Contact Music has information that Selena’s upcoming album might have details about the couple’s relationship, but then again, it might not because Selena just doesn’t get down like that. From Contact:

“It’s not going to be necessarily, ‘Here’s my tell-all.’ It’s going to be more of something that people could say, ‘It could be that or it could be this or it could that.’ At the end of the day I only make my music because I want it be really fun and if I could have people dance to it, relate to it, have a good time, that’s all I want.”

Oh, so she’s a c-cktease? Is that what this means? Because I could definitely get behind thinking that Selena Gomez is a c-cktease.

What do you guys think about these extension things anyway, huh? Because that is, after all, why we’re all gathered here around this Selena Gomez post to talk about, isn’t it?

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Selena Gomez is Really Upset About Justin Bieber’s Fight, Also May Have Gotten Her Lips Done (?)

photo of selena gomez photographer justin bieber fight pictures
These are the photos taken during the aftermath of Justin Bieber‘s photographer freak-out where he sent a photographer to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

In the pictures, you can easily tell that Selena is upset, but what you can also tell is that Selena either got belted in the mouth by accident while Justin’s mini-fists of fury were flying, or she went down the cliche route and got her lips did. Check out this photo:

photo of selena gomez justin bieber fight pictures
Does that—or does that not—kind of look like what Lindsay Lohan looks like after she leaves her injectionist*? Oh, what? You don’t know what that looks like? Here!

photo of lindsay lohan lip injections gif pictures
We’re all fully aware that Selena isn’t a known for her Angelina Jolie-like lips, so that naturally leads me to believe that she may have gotten something done to her pout. It’s not as bad as Kris Jenner‘s, granted, but hey. Little starlets have to start somewhere, right? This is Selena a few months ago, back when her lips weren’t as bee-stung-looking:

Thoughts? Did Selena get her lips injected?

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*OF COURSE I look for any and all excuses to run this picture. Thought you knew.