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Samaire Armstrong

If You’re Gonna Go to Rehab, You May as Well Get Some Press Out of It

Samaire Armstrong Goes to Rehab


So Samaire Armstrong, some nobody who did a few episodes of The O.C. and is now on the most-hyped show that no one’s watching, Dirty Sexy Money, decided to go to some outpatient center for some of her bullshit and decided to have her rep issue a statement about it.

“Samaire Armstrong decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well. She continues to work on her show and will be completing her treatment in a matter of weeks.”

Apparently she missed a week or so of shooting on DSM while in rehab, so she’ll be out for an episode. “She stumbled a bit, but she’s back on set,” says a source on the show.

So clearly this happened at least a week or two ago. Why issue the statement today?

Here’s the answer.

It’s a slow news day. Perfect opportunity for a nobody to get some publicity for a rehab stint.

There you have it folks: When life hands you lemons, issue a press release.