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Rocco Ritchie

Don’t You Kind Of Wish Madonna and Guy Ritchie Would Get Back Together?

Guy Ritchie with David Banda and Rocco John

With mom directing her first feature and big sis off blogging her fashions somewhere, little brothers David Banda and Rocco Ritchie were left to spend the day with their dad, director Guy Ritchie. The scene was pretty cute even though one of Madonna’s body guards tagged along for their pasta dinner.

Kind of makes me miss the days when Madge and Guy were an item. Too bad he thinks she’s retarded.

Caption This!

David Ritchie yells at paparazzi

Brothers Rocco and David Ritchie arrived in London, England this morning to spend the holidays with their father, director Guy Ritchie. David seemed to have something to say to the photographers who were snapping his picture as the family made their way to the car. Perhaps he thought spending sometime with his dad, who is decidedly more low-key than his mother, would be a chance to get away from all the cameras?

Rocco Ritchie Sure Seems To Be Having a Blast At The Kaballah Center

Rocco Ritchie Hangs Out at The Kaballah Center

The adorable Rocco Ritchie was seen hanging out the Kaballah Center in NYC yesterday. We all know how much kids love kickin’ it at places of worship and Rocco looks like he might as well be waiting for his mother to finish trying on clothes in the dressing room at T.J. Maxx. Why, in New York City, on what is likely a glorious fall day, Rocco has to sit inside the Kaballah Center as opposed to running around in Central Park or buying rich kid things at the Apple Store or whatever the hell kids like doing this day, is as big of a mystery as what his mother’s been doing to keep her skin so tight.

Getting the Hang of This


David Banda’s already figured out what he thinks of the paparazzi who stalk his mother. Madonna took him and Rocco to the Kabbalah Center in NYC today, and he gave them a piece of his mind. In the other pics, you can barely make out Rocco. He’s all dressed in white with a cap pulled down over his head. It’s kind of sad that these kids have already spent the entirety of their lives trying to hide from the paps.