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Robe Lowe

Photo Shoots Are Really Crucial to Suing Rob Lowe

Jessica Gibson People Photo Shoot, Pictures

Here the nanny suing Rob Lowe and his wife for sexual harrassment, Jessica Gibson, in an “exclusive photo shoot” for People magazine.


I mean, really?

Jesus, she’s only suing him for $50,000. And not that that’s not a significant amount of money, but it’s not like this bitch is single-handedly taking on Big Tobacco. I mean, who the hell has ever had a nanny job without the husband trying to get in her pants? This is the reason male nannies were invented. Didn’t anyone else watch Party of Five?

I can’t believe she’s doing exclusive photo shoots. Ridiculous.

Seriously, I used to date the host of a popular Nickelodeon kids show. On and off for years. And I have text messages, photos and emails that would ruin quite a few childhood memories. They were obnoxious. And sometimes I’m like, “You know, I could probably make some money and get a little attention if I sold these.” And then I’m like, “Nah, that’s a totally dumbass thing to do.” Because even when he was doing this obnoxious stuff, I was still dating him. Just like this chick kept showing up at work every day.

Photo shoots. Shit. I hope she winds up owing him money.

Rob Lowe Can Expose Himself to Me Anytime

Lowe’s 24-year-old former nanny, Jessica Gibson, is accusing Rob Lowe of sexually harrassing her in an exciting variety of ways.

She also says Lowe’s wife, Sheryl, would walk around the house naked, make crude comments, and discuss she and Lowe’s sex life with the nanny.

Her attorney is Gloria Allred, of course.

One of Gibson’s claims is that Lowe “placed his hand inside Gibson’s pants” several times.

Okay, if this is what’s involved with being a nanny for Rob Lowe, bring it on. I’m so in.