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Rihanna goes to Brazil for World Cup final, looks flawless

rihanna world cup

Rihanna has been doing a lot of tweeting about the World Cup over the past month, which is semi-surprising as I would never have expected her to be a big football (soccer) fan. However, she apparently is – so much so that she headed down to Brazil for the final game this weekend and took lots of amazing photos while down there.

Does Rihanna ever NOT look fantastic? It’s so unfair.

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Rihanna looks amazing in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

rihanna 2

Rihanna is gorgeous, sexy, looks great in pretty much anything and photographs really well, which explains why magazines love putting her on their covers. The latest is Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, which put together a really stunning spread for its new issue. Seriously, is there any time Rihanna doesn’t look amazing?

She shared the shots herself on Twitter – no Instagram for RiRi still :( – and I dunno what the accompanying interview is like, but I don’t really need to – these pics are amazing.

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Rihanna and TLC are at war, and Rihanna is winning

rihanna TLC

I don’t really understand why on earth women feel the need to throw other women under the bus. The slut-shaming, the hating… it’s just endless. Take TLC, for example – you know, the ’90s hip hop girl group who haven’t had a hit in about 10 years? Well, they have shit to say about Rihanna – mainly, about the fact that she’s sexy and confident in that sexiness and likes to play it up. Classic spiteful women bullshit.

As T.Boz from TLC recently told an Australian radio station:

“Every time I see you, you don’t have to be naked, It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh, TLC must be jealous,’ but it is what it is. I call a spade a spade. We became the biggest selling girl group with our clothes on, and that says a lot. It’s easy to sell sex. We could go around with booby cakes all day long.”

Sorry, but I find it hard to take anyone who says “booby cakes” seriously. Also, I find it hard to take anyone who posed for this picture and then had the nerve to criticise Rihanna seriously:


LOL, yeah, okay.

Anyhow, Rihanna responded in classic Rihanna fashion: by throwing shade on Twitter. God, you’ve gotta love her. This whole thing is stupid and she probably should have just ignored it, but I understand the impulse to respond to such blatant haters.

Rihanna went nearly naked to the CFDA Awards last night


Rihanna doesn’t give a shit about your societal standards of decency. She’ll do what she wants when she wants and if you don’t like it, sucks to be you. Her latest act of rebellion (?) was showing up to the CFDA Awards, which honours the elite in the fashion world, just about naked. Oh, sure, she had a “dress” on, but it was see-through and not much was underneath. I’m actually surprised she wore (flesh-coloured) underwear, to be honest – but in true Rihanna fashion, it was at least a thong.

Personally, I love this – not the dress so much and not really Rihanna’s body. She’s hot, sure, but I’ve seen her nipples so many times, I think I’m desensitized to them. I just love that Rihanna has the balls she has to do the things she does without really caring what anyone else thinks. She’s rocking that Josephine Baker vibe and I’m into it.

Be warned, the full pics below are NSFW (unless you work in porn).

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Charlie Sheen calls Rihanna a “village idiot” for not meeting him

charlie sheen rihanna

Rihanna has plenty of better things to do than meet up with Charlie Sheen, right? Like, smoking weed, partying, shopping, scratching her ass, watching paint dry… literally anything she could do would be better than hanging out with Charlie. So it’s no surprise that she denied his recent request for a meet-and-greet when they were both eating at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Wednesday night, right?

Apparently Charlie realized they were both at the same restaurant and wanted to meet up, but RiRi put him off by saying that there were too many paparazzi outside and it just wasn’t possible at the time. Total bullshit, but I feel her on that. So what did Charlie do? He took to Twitter to call Rihanna out for being a “village idiot” and claiming that he barely even knows who she is, LOL.

Warning, this is a long one…

I took my gal out to dinner
last night with her best
friends for her Bday.
we heard Rihanna was present as well.
I sent a request over to her table to introduce my fiancé
Scotty to her, as she is a
huge fan.

(personally I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up at gunpoint)

well, the word we received back was that there were too
many paps outside and it just wasn’t possible at this time.

At this time? AT THIS TIME??
lemme guess, we’re to reschedule another random
11 million to 1 encounter
with her some other night…?

no biggie for me; it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and
“please kill me now”
that I’d never get back.

My Gal, however,
was NOT OK with it.
Nice impression you
left behind, Bday or not.
Sorry we’re not KOOL enough
to warrant a blessing from
the Princess.
(or in this case
the Village idiot)

you see THIS is the reason
that I ALWAYS take the time.
THIS is why I’m in this thing
31 awesome years.
Good will and
common courtesy, carefully
established over time to exist radically in concert
with a code of gratitude!

I guess “Talk That Talk”
was just a big ol lie from
a big ol liar.

oh and Riahnna,
Halloween isn’t for a while.
but good on you for testing out your costume in public.
it’s close; a more muted pink might be the answer,
as in:

See ya on the way down,
(we always do)
and actually,
it was a pleasure NOT
meeting you.
clearly we have NOTHING
in common when it comes
to respect for those who’ve
gone before you.
I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds
to situate that bad wig
before you left the restaurant.

Here’s a tip from a real vet
of this terrain;
If ya don’t wanna get bothered
and if this “Prison of Fame”
is soooooooo unnerving and
difficult, then QUIT, junior!

Wow, those are some pretty serious feelings there, Charlie. Especially for someone you swear you don’t care much about. What’s wrong with this dude? He swears he has so many lessons to impart upon the world, but he just comes off as insane. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, I suppose.

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Did Rihanna cyber-bully a teenage fan?


Rihanna has worn some ugly shit in her day, but she’s generally pretty fashionable/hot/etc. Of course, people love her and want to look like her, especially her younger teenage fans, so they attempt to recreate some of their idol’s best looks in their own lives… with varying results.

Well, now people are all up in arms because 16-year-old high school student Alexis Carter attempted to remake an Alexandre Vauthier outfit that RiRi wore back in March 2010, only to seemingly be made fun of by the singer herself on Twitter.

Frankly, I think people are a little up in arms here. Rihanna always used to mess with her fans on Instagram (before she shut it down, wahhhh!) and I don’t think she was trying to be mean or anything. People are just too sensitive – including Alexis herself, who told the New York Daily News:

“I was very offended,” Alexis said about the star’s tweets. “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t.”

Carter was so unhappy with Rihanna’s tweets that she said she was no longer a fan, and that for her next prom, she would not dress up as her former idol.

“She doesn’t love her fans like she says she does,” Carter said.

LOL, okay then. Good lord.

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WHY GOD WHY: Rihanna and Drake broke up

rihanna drake

Sometimes life is really unfair, you guys. One day, Rihanna and Drake are happily together, being adorable and loved up and it seems like the sun is shining eternally. The next, they’ve BROKEN UP and the world comes crashing down. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!?!

From US Weekly:

“Rihanna and Drake had another fight,” a source tells Us. “He is too in love with her, which has always been the problem. They have been fighting, but that could all change any day now. It is how it always is with them.”

Well, duh. Sorry, but this was always going to happen. Drake has always been too sprung – first on Nicki Minaj, then on Rihanna – and he was always going to get his heart broken. Rihanna doesn’t want some softy, she wants a dickhead who challenges her/treats her like shit. Why are so many of us (us being women) like that?

I wonder who RiRi’s next boyfriend will be, and how long Drake will be crying. TERRIBLE NEWS, guys.

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