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Rihanna Found Love With an Abusive Chris Brown Look-Alike

For her video that is, her new video for just-released single ‘We Found Love,’ which seems to be an almost-spin-off of her former relationship with Chris Brown. The dude in the video even has the same hairstyle and color as Chris had at one point. The only thing that appears to be different is that I don’t think Rihanna puked ribbons, and I don’t think Chris Brown was as soulful as this guy is (he doesn’t have a soul, remember?).

The video itself is pretty neat and there are a lot of cool visuals. However, it hits just a little bit too close to home to be comfortable with, and I don’t think the Chris Brown comparisons are going to stop here.

Quotables: Rihanna Doesn’t Want to Be A Role Model

A photo of Rihanna

“That’s not me. That’s a part I play. You know, like it’s a piece of art … I just want to make music. See, people – especially white people – they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and being a role model became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That’s it.”

- Rihanna opens up about not being such a saucy minx in real life. I think.

Does this quote confuse the hell out of anyone else? Because I think what Rihanna is saying is that she’s not really as trashy as she makes herself out to be sometimes and that white people … I don’t know. I really don’t. Is she saying that she says some inspirational things in her songs and that people want her to exemplify those things? Because I thought she just sang about whips and chains and more different rough sex.

Can someone please offer up some clarification here?

Madam Tussaud’s Got Lazy With Rihanna’s New Wax Figure

photo of rihanna pictures madam tussauds wax figures photos pics

Something look familiar to you in this picture? Like maybe it was the exact same figure that was “unveiled” back in August, just with different clothes, hair, and makeup? Because it is. See?:

photo of rihanna wax figure madam tussauds august 2011 pics

I mean, I’m not saying that they should re-sculpt or re-manufacture another entirely new wax figure for every celebrity on the regular (especially someone like Rihanna, or worse, Fergie), but let’s at least try to space the new model release out from the prior, you know?

Rihanna’s New Single: Do You Love It or Do You Love It?!

Or do you hate it? Hating it is also a really valid option.

Either way, “We Found Love” is Rihanna‘s first single off her new album, and, well, it’s a doozy. It’s doing really well on iTunes so far though, even though it sounds nothing like her old stuff and exactly like something you’d hear while being forced to listen to your friend’s extensive collection of shitty techno*.


*Other people have That Friend, right? The one who links you to a zillion different YouTube videos and makes you go through her entire music collection while being like “listen to this one, isn’t that a great beat? How great is this one?  Oh, it’s this one!” while you’re like “how did I just listen to the exact same song for three hours?” Anybody?

Come On, Rihanna, Enough of This, OK?

photo of rihanna pictures rio de janiero pic ass bum pictures

Here’s some photos of Rihanna showing off her ample bum on a hotel balcony in Rio de Janiero. She hasn’t been doing much lately other than hanging out in destination vacation hotspots, and we’ve, of course, all seen her naked and nude and all sorts of Photoshopped with pretend shorts on, so there’s really no reason to continue the constant barrage of half-nude photos. Or, I don’t know, is there? Do we still love Rihanna enough to want to see the parade of “look-at-my-body” pictures?

Whatever. At least the hair’s better.

Love It or Leave It: Rihanna Looks Almost Normal

photo of rihanna pictures photos pics real hair photo

Wait a second, is that Rihanna with mostly normal hair? Like, real hair and not nylon fibers attached to a cheap rubber-backed suction strip? Why yes, it certainly appears to be! It also appears that she might have gotten permission from Dr. Huxtable to raid his wife’s closet while she was out on some lawyery business trip, too, because that outfit? Woo. It is straight outta the Cosbys.

Love it? Leave it?

Armani Chose Rihanna to Model Their Underwear

photo of rihanna pictures armani photos panties pics

Rihanna? Why Rihanna? And why would they allow Rihanna to pose in their panties wearing that hair? SHE LOOKS LIKE A PUMPKIN, FFS. I have positively no doubts that Armani could have afforded some kind of natural-looking weave or even a damned wig from the stock room of Spencer’s Gifts (is that frigging place even open anymore?) and it would have looked oodles better than this … catastrophe. I can’t even appreciate the fine body that Rihanna obviously has because I’m too damned busy gawking at the hair that my brother rocked when he was five.

Good Lord, y’all.

Images courtesy of TooFab