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Renee Zellweger

Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger Quit the Charade

photo of renee zellweger and bradley cooper dating pictures

Dude, this is almost like, ceremonial for me. The first weekend that I ever worked at EvilBeet I wrote up a post being like, “Isn’t it weird that Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger are dating because he’s clearly a homosexual?”

It took them like, two years, but the couple, as of Friday, at least, are officially dunzo. To be fair, the two never announced or even confirmed that they were a couple, but they lived together, made a movie together and were often seen out together. It was either a faked relationship to keep their names in the papers, or like, Will & Grace up in there.

What do you say about this sorta thing? I’m sure neither of them are sad that their non-existent relationship is over and that there was some sort of weird blow out between the two when Bradley and his boyfriend walked in on Renée and her boyfriend and they couldn’t remember which one of them agreed to let the other use the bed that night.

Things happen, you know?

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper are Still Apparently Dating

photo of renee zellweger and bradley cooper dating pictures

I like Renee Zellweger a lot. Maybe it has a lot to do with Bridget Jones’ Diary or something, but she just appeals to me. However? Am I the only one who, as of late, gets a distinct Jennifer Aniston vibe from her? And by ‘Jennifer Aniston vibe,’ I mean a kind of clingy, needy, ‘Please-oh-please current boyfriend won’t you marry me’ type of vibe? Because I do. Really. And it hurts me to say that, because I genuinely do like Renee.

Long ago there were Zellweger-Cooper marriage rumors and photos of Renee and Brad’s mom floating around like wildfire. There’s no better way to try and force a man to marry you than to put a bug in his mom’s ear over it, am I right, Jen? But as of yet, it clearly hasn’t happened.


However, Renee hasn’t given up Bradley and Renee are still together, and they’re still appearing in public together once in awhile. So I guess that speaks volumes. And what else speaks volumes? Bradley’s oh-so-obvious negative body language and Renee’s unknowing shit-eating grin. Crash and burn, ladies and gents.

Crash. And burn.

Bridget Jones is Coming Back Fatter Than Ever

Bridget Jones fans may not have to wait long for a third movie. Rumor has it that a script has already been developed and that this time around, it will focus on a pregnant Bridget. Of course the twist is that she has no idea if the father is Daniel or Mr. Darcy. Sounds a little bit more like a Maury episode than a Bridget Jones flick, but whatever.

One person who knows nothing about any of this? Bridget herself, Renee Zellweger. While at the premiere of her film My Own Love Song, Renee got the scoop from reporters and her reaction showed that she was just as surprised by the plot twists as anyone,“Who told you that? How do you know? Oh you know Helen Fielding? You talked to Helen Fielding! I need to talk to Helen Fielding!” Typical Hollywood, right?

Would you go check out a third Bridget Jones movie? What do you think of Bridget getting preggo with Gawd-Knows-Who’s baby?