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Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Bravo, Please Kick Danielle Staub Off Real Housewives

Danielle Staub Responsible For Dina Manzo's Departure

I already said that Danielle Staub is an unfit mother who should have her children taken away, but now I’m going to go ahead and say that this woman is so horrible that there’s not even room for her on reality television. On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we learned that Dina Manzo elected to leave the show mid-taping because she no longer could stomach the drama perpetuated by Danielle.

We also can’t forget that Dina’s daughter Lexi is no longer on the show and there are lots of rumors out there floating around that Danielle has something to do with it. With no main story line and a husband that refuses to participate in reality television, Dina’s plot line has now been reduced to talking about Danielle. If I thought Miss. D had two braincells in her head to rub together, I would give her credit for finagling that much screen time.

But she’s not smart. Danielle, in all of her desperate attempts to say relevant, is as transparent as any person could be. She is, from everything we know about her, quite possibly a sociopath. If it’s not bad business for Bravo to be doing business with a sociopath, then they should consider that her blatant manipulations (see: her sex tape) is bringing down the integrity of their entire franchise.

I am not interested in sitting through another season of Danielle Drama. I would rather watch the Manzo boys play the ham game for an hour than have the show infused with her deranged self-importance. It’s not even laughable anymore.

It’s Too Real For The Real Housewives

Jaquline Laurita Harrassed At Home

When you’re on a successful reality show and the location of your home is public, you’re bound to get rolled up on just like Leo and Drew do by those Star Map mother fuckers. Jaqueline Laurita from the New Jersey cast posted to her Twitter about fans coming to her house uninvited, and while she seemed to handle it graciously, I don’t know how safe it is for their family to continue to be so accessible.

Meanwhile, Jill Zarin fron New York City is dealing with something similar, except she’s taking it much more seriously. Jill posted to her Facebook page over the weekend about two families that are stalking her and says that she sought the advice of another Jersey cast member, Dina Manzo:

“We are being harassed and threatened by a family from Chicago and Alabama. We have contacted authorities. I will block anyone who is linked to them per postal service law enforcement until they finish investigation. This is a serious crime and all evidence has been handed over. If you are involved in anyway. I suggest you stop. Enough is enough. It is NOT funny or a joke…I will not tolerate haters on my Facebook and Twitter accounts anymore. The show is now OVER. I will be blocking anyone following the serious haters as well. Dina gave me good advice. You know who I mean. Haters come with being a celebrity. We all have them, but I will do my best to block them and their followers. Peace and Love. Not hate.”

It sounds like Jill is being overly dramatic (it’s not like it’s out of character for her to freak out over nothing), but when it comes down to the safety of you and family, you can’t mess around. I hope that Bravo is taking measures to help their stars.

Which Real Housewife is Real Broke?

Real Housewives' Teressa

You’ve probably figured out by now that the only thing I care about on God’s green earth is the Real Housewives, so this news is particularly sad for me.

Teresa and Joe Giudice from the New Jersey series have filed for bankruptcy. The couple spends some serious change, and you know that if you’ve seen the show even once. Teresa is a totally girly girl and all four of her daughters are raised to be the same way. They are always dressed to the nines in clothes that just had the tags popped off and their house… their house is massive.

The news from Radar Online:

Their bankruptcy petition, filed in federal court in Newark, New Jersey, lists $11.8 million in debts. That includes $5.8 million on various business investments made by Joe, $2.6 million in mortgages on three homes, and $12,000 owed to a fertility clinic.

The couple also list $104, 000 in credit card bills, including $20,000 to top-tier department stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and $2,300 to the phone company.

These people have four kids and they spent 12 grand at a fertility clinic? Talking about not knowing when you’ve had enough.

I wonder what kind of role this brokeness will play on the show and if Teresa will even continue to do the show in light of having her finances put on blast. I guess maybe she’ll need to.

The Real Housewives Franchise Keeps Cranking Out Talented Musicians

Danielle Staub is Releasing a Record

Not since American Idol has a reality show brought so many unknown singers to the public’s attention. First there was Kim Zolciak, then there was the already-established Kandi Burruss, then our ears were raped by Countess LuAnn, and now, the ultimate Diva, Danielle Staub has announced she is releasing a track.

Danielle is recording a duet with Lori Michaels, who supposedly some people give a shit about. Danielle talked to People about their collaboration and of course it was about what you’d expect:

On her song “Real Close”: “It’s a song about having commitment issues — one person is leaving, the other person is staying. It’s called ‘Real Close’ because you want to pull the person closer. For the main version, the vibe is very sexy, very raw. There’s going to be a dance mix, but the main version won’t be dance.”

On her singing ability: ““I sang in an R&B band when I was a young teen. It’s been a long time since I exercised [my musical chops] but when I was sitting down going over Lori’s music, this song grabbed me.”

On how, despite being a heterosexual, she is a card-carrying homo: “I’ve been part of the gay community for thirty years. The gay community is the one place, in all honestly, that I’ve ever truly felt safe and loved for just being me. Nobody ever cared where I’ve been, what I’ve done. They just let me be me.”

On the opinions of her Real Housewives co-stars: “I don’t care what they think. I don’t have a relationship with them.”

How amazing that Danielle can carve some time out of her busy baby cancer fundraising schedule to treat us all to some of her vocal stylings. What a freakin’ blessing. Also, have y’all been watching the show? What the hell was up with that ex-con Danny she brought to the cancer fundraiser? Jesus Christ on the Cross, that guy looked like Faces of Meth jumped off of Danielle’s computer and into her life. And I love that Danielle and her friend were dressed to the nines and they show up in a Bentley with an ex-con wearing a Hanes t-shirt and some Wranglers and Danielle is acting like she’s some bunk-ass version of Carmela Soprano. Ugh! The nerve.

Also, how much do you guys miss Dina’s daughter Lexi on the show? Major sadface re: her not appearing on this season.

Danielle Staub is So Crazy and I Love It

Remember Danielle from The Real Housewives of New Jersey? The one who had “the book” written about her and was giving daily blow jobs to Teresa’s husband’s 26-year old friend? That one. She’s so bananas. She just did an interview with People, and in addition to telling the magazine that she is abstaining from sex until she’s married, there were all sorts of awesome soundbites. For example:

“I’m abstinent now. I realized that with abstinence, if you really, really believe in yourself like I do, you discover your own self-worth. Abstinence means you refrain from any sex — thinking about it, doing it — even to yourself! I’m a born-again virgin.”

“I am saving myself for marriage. I didn’t do it the first two times but I learned from my mistakes. So now, it’s okay to wait.”

“Marriage is a goal of mine but not because I need it, but because I want it. It’s a big difference.”

On not looking for her soulmate: “I will never find him, he’ll find me. I think the right one will see me. I want old-fashioned courting.”

On not being worried about finding her soulmate: “It’s going to happen. Have you seen me?”

On her upcoming book: “There are two sides to each story, and this is mine. They’re not part of it. It’s not about them. My life is my own. They’re not part of my life and never have been. They didn’t try to get to know me, so I moved upward and onward.”

This chick is so mental, right? For those of you who may need more context, Danielle is one of the trashiest, craziest gold diggers on reality TV. Not to mention, she’s ruthless. It’s amazing that after watching her behavior and seeing the way she was perceived by viewers and the press alike that she still has the confidence she seems to have. You’d think being called a “prostitution whore” in front of all of America would shame a person, but no. Danielle Staub’s ego will outlive all the cockroaches and Twinkies in the world.

Reality TV’s Most Delicious and Juicy Husband Arrested

I don’t know about you folks, but I am still not over Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am especially fond of Dina and Lexi and Teresa and Joe. I talk about them frequently and think of them when I go shopping. “Oh, Dina would love that!”. It’s a problem. I’m sure you can only imagine how devastated I was to wake up to the news that my Joey Giudice had been arrested on a DWI  after wrecking his car and then slapped with even more charges.

From TMZ:

We’re told Joe was taken to the Morristown Memorial Hospital — and after a blood sample was taken, Joe was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, careless driving, and failure to maintain a traffic lane.

Joe’s problems didn’t stop there. Cops say there were warrants out for his arrest in Clifton, NJ over some city ordinance violations — so the MTPD handed Joe over to the Clifton PD, who locked him up and held him on $2,625 bail. He was released at 6:20 AM.

Damn. You know it’s gotta be an awkward morning at the Giudice home. Teresa and Joe had their fourth baby, Audriana earlier this year and dad coming home at 6:20 AM is probably not something they’re used to. I’m sure Teresa is not thrilled that this incident is making headlines and the Manzo family? We know they don’t like being associated with unsavory characters one bit. On the other hand, it’s practically impossible to hate the guy who says things like “Happy wife, happy life.” Nobody talks like that anymore!