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Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Bravo Doesn’t Realize That If They Fire Kim and NeNe, I Will Murder Them

Nene and Kim

So what’s the law about threats in print that can be written off as jokes? Am I going to go to jail for saying I’d kill Bravo execs if two of my favorite people ever on reality television get the ax from The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Because I absolutely would stab Andy Cohen in cold blood if season three of Real Housewives of Atlanta comes back without Kim and Nene, but not really.

There’s word out now that it might happen, though. Kim and Nene’s egos have blown up as the second season continued to garner high ratings and a cult-like following and now they want more money and are acting like they’re part of Diva’s Live 2010. While a source who spoke to People Magazine didn’t give any specifics about their demands, they do say that NeNe and Kim’s requests have become so outrageous that the network is looking in to other options for season three. While I don’t completely mind change (the addition of Kandi last season was the best thing they’ve ever done), losing Kim and Nene and leaving us with Lisa and Sheree? Doesn’t feel like the show would be anywhere near as interesting. Forget the drama, you can’t find another Kim and another Nene.