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Rachel Zoe

Being Rachel Zoe

My trainer the other day was all like, “Hey, are you watching that new Rachel Zoe show? I LOVE her! She cracks me up,” and I was like, “Yes, she’s amusing, but also:...


Your Daily Lohan

Here’s Lindsay leaving a hair salon in LA today. You know who she looks like in this picture? Her former stylist, Rachel Zoe. And you know what Rachel Zoe looks like? A 75-year-old...


Nicole Richie is Awesome

I love it when celebrities totally turn the tables and use the media for their own advantage. MySpace has allowed them to issue weird publicity statements without the need of publicists...


Gobble Up These Links (ha ha HA!)

Today in tasteful: unearthed 1986 footage of Michael Richards in blackface. [The Bosh] When Prison Break first aired, I gave it three hours of my life that I will never get back, then gave...


Picking up the Pieces

For the record, Abbie Cornish claims she and Ryan Phillippe are “friends and that’s it.” [Just Jared] In a last-ditch effort to make something good come of Elizabethtown...