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Rachel McAdams

4PHOTOS: Still Going Strong!

photo of rachel mcadams and michael sheen pictures dating pic
I know – most of you guys completely disagreed with me when I’d previously said that I couldn’t understand why someone like my lady love, Rachel McAdams, would date Michael Sheen when she could have men of the likes of Ryan Gosling. And I still kind of feel that way, but only half – see, now that Ryan’s dating Eva Mendes, Rachel’s way too good for him. After much heartfelt soul-searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that I hope Ryan and Rachel never get back together. And they probably won’t, because things don’t usually turn out the way I initially want until later in the game when it’s actually the complete opposite of what I wanted, but have grown to realize that I don’t always want the things that are best for me. But I learn, you know? I live, I learn, and I’ve accepted that my one-time favorite couple isn’t going to reconcile, and I’m finally OK with it because I know that there are greener pastures out there for both of them. Well, for at least one of them, anyway. I don’t know for sure that Eva’s pasture is all that lovely and green, but I can imagine that Rachel is probably just as fresh as a daisy and as lovely as the first rose of summer.

But yes, as reported, Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams are still together, and they’re still going places and looking happy and in love, and I know that I should be content with that, but I want more. If Rachel’s going to be with this guy for a little while longer (and based on all of the times that I’ve seen them, that’s probably the case), then I want to know more about him, guys. I want to know what he does (aside from appear in the Twilight movies, because that character he plays is just damn creepy), what he likes, and why oh why he ever decided to hook up with Kate “Bitchface Crazypants” Beckinsale. I just can’t correlate the two ladies. From Beckinsale to McAdams? From bare-faced-ness to bushy-beard-ness?

Honestly, though, I read his Wiki page, and he’s had a lot of pretty impressive accomplishments to stick under his belt, and quotes that I’ve digested word by word are pretty crafty. He seems likable, but I just don’t understand how this coupling came to be. They met on the set of Midnight in Paris back in 2010 (going on two years together, guys – that’s like, forever – and have been inseparable ever since.

I don’t know. I guess I shouldn’t complain. She could be hooking up with Adrien Brody, and I really don’t think I’d be liking that all too much. Thank God for small favors, huh?

What’s your favorite thing about Michael Sheen? Please, enlighten me.

February 6, 2012 at 6:30 am by Sarah

12Heeeeere’s Rachel McAdams!

photo of rachel mcadams february glamour 2012 pictures cover photos pics
God, I’ve been waiting for a valid reason to really write a post about this woman, and it’s all because I love her so much. Seriously. She is my number one female in Hollywood, and unless she goes all Lohan on us, I anticipate loving her for a long, long time.

Girlfriend recently sat down with Glamour for their February 2012 issue and discussed everything except for the troll that she’s been dating for the past year or so, and for that, I’m grateful, aren’t you?

Here’s Rachel on dressing up for her roles:

“… I love those preliminary conversations about who a character is. You try on wigs, shoes and clothes. It’s preferable when it’s not about looking pretty. It can get a little dull to just be cute. We talk about things like, maybe my character can’t afford these Christian Louboutins. [The stylist] will say, ‘No one will notice.” And I’m like, “Everyone knows that red-bottom shoe!’”

On maintaining comedy as a variation in her acting repertoire:

“I think playing silly [is kind of hard]. I’m very silly as a person, but quality silliness on-screen has more of an art to it. Harrison Ford, whom I was in Morning Glory with, has mastered that dry funny better than anyone.”

On jobs prior to making it big:

“[I worked at McDonald's] for a good three years. My sister and brother ….


January 3, 2012 at 5:30 am by Sarah
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3Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams on the Set of Sherlock Holmes

photo of rachel mcadams and robert downey junior on the set of sherlock holmes pictures photos pics

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Rachel McAdams? Because oh -oh- oh I do. She embodies beauty, class, and femininity, but she’s not a shrinking violet, either.

And yet – sigh – and yet, Ryan Gosling is still *allegedly* dating Eva Mendes. EVA MENDES. You all know how I feel about this. I realize that Ryan and Rachel had their go ’round (more than once or twice, I believe) and couldn’t make it work, but I mean, for the sake of their fans, their friends, their families – they couldn’t pair up Michael Sheen and Eva Mendes and stick them in a refrigerator in a dump for the next few years? Just, you know, to see what happens between the two of them once more? Can’t they just try to recapture the magic one more time?

No? Alright then. Let’s just look at these new Sherlock Holmes stills and forget I ever said anything about refrigerators, OK?

September 22, 2011 at 12:30 pm by Sarah

1Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen Are Still Together, Are Also Riding Bikes

photo of rachel mcadams and michael sheen pictures photos

Who would have thought these two would last through the filming of a Woody Allen film? Pssh. Certainly not me. When these two were sucking face (and by “these two” and “sucking face,” I clearly mean “Michael Sheen assaulting ninety percent of the holes on Rachel McAdams’ face”) last year in an airport like the world was going to end the very next day, I also chuffed, saying that the couple wouldn’t last through the month.

Well here they are, together, riding bikes in Canada looking like the loving couple down the block who’s trying to reinvent their lifestyles one healthy habit at a time – Rachel’s shining good health is a perfect complement to her mate’s paunch-bellied, huffing and puffing attempts to keep up.

Nice job keeping it together, guys!

July 14, 2011 at 4:30 pm by Sarah

0Here’s Some Midnight in Paris Photos from Cannes

photo of hot adrien brody pictures midnight in paris cannes 2011

Ah, something I can totally get behind: this movie and the pics from the Cannes photocall. And also, Rachel McAdams‘ backside. I could get behind that, too. I mean, I don’t have the equipment to really do anything back there and I wouldn’t even if I did, ’cause I don’t go that way, but since I just adore her so much I’d probably at least sniff her hair a few times. I know that probably sounds pretty weird, but I’m one of those smell-oriented people who relates pretty much every major event (and even non-major ones) to a certain scent.

Another thing I could get behind? Adrien Brody‘s massive hands. I’ve got this thing about big hands, and getting behind those of Adrien Brody’s? Sweet mother of cornbread. I’d die a fulfilled and whole girl.

May 11, 2011 at 6:30 am by Sarah

1Rachel McAdams is So Lovable That It Breaks My Heart

photo of rachel mcadams on elle june 2011 issue pictures cover photos pics

Remember that movie I was telling you guys about a few weeks ago, Midnight in Paris? The one that stars my absolute two favorite celebrities EVAR, Rachel McAdams and Adrien Brody? Well, it’s still a thing, but that’s not really what I want to talk about today. I’d like to discuss how awesome and amazing Rachel McAdams is, and how long I’d sing her praises (like, all day). Here are some of the highlights from her recent interview with Elle:

On reprising a role with former co-star Owen Wilson for Midnight in Paris:

“It’s definitely a different dynamic from the last time we were together. It wasn’t as fun being mean. I love that Woody likes good guys to be good guys and bad guys to be bad guys. Owen seemed to respond really well when I was a really bad guy.”

On Lindsay Lohan (sort of):

“With Mean Girls, I originally auditioned for the part that Lindsay Lohan played. I wouldn’t have seen myself playing Regina at all. But when I read the script, I thought, Oh, this part is way more fun; I wonder who will play that.…”

On being a romantic:

“I am. When Billie Holiday comes on, I can’t help but be transported—and I’m sure it wasn’t as romantic then at all—but that’s the wonderful part of my job: dressing up and walking down the street in New York or Toronto, pretending I’m in the ’40s.”

On finding inspiration in her parents’ marriage:

“[They are] Still together and still in love. I’m very blessed that way. I had a great example of love in front of me, and that’s probably what makes me such a romantic, because I’ve seen it firsthand.”

On being hesitant to take on certain roles:

“Sometimes I don’t think I’m the best person for the job. That was the case with Morning Glory. Sometimes I think, Really? You see me as this? Just because I don’t see myself that way, does that mean I shouldn’t do it? I tend to go, Is this the right decision? What are the ramifications of doing this part? You can start to overanalyze. But once I make the decision, it’s full steam ahead.”

After reading this interview, I’m still fully convinced that Allie and Noah she and Ryan Gosling are soul mates. And as long as she doesn’t end up dating Adrien Brody after this movie wraps, she’ll remain forever golden in my eyes. And if she does? I’m SO going after Ryan, just out of spite (OK, and because he’s totally hot, too).

All images courtesy of Elle

May 10, 2011 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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