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Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson (?) Did ‘Funny or Die’, is a Sexy Rapping Doctor I Guess

I’m sorry, but this just might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Aside from streaming episodes of Hart of Dixie, where Rachel Bilson plays a fish-out-of-water doctor from New York City adjusting to small-town life down south, that is. That’s pretty bad, too, but this? This is just The Most Awful Ever. I honestly think I’d be OK with watching ‘I Love My Friends‘ on loop for an hour than have to sit through this again, and that’s kind of awful, too.

The video is horrible, the language is NSFW, just so you’re aware, and Rachel Bilson has probably never been more unlikable in life. Then again, I never really cared much for Rachel Bilson enough to talk about her, let alone actually form an opinion, so this might be a total win for her. Is that what you were going for, Rach? Because if it was – if it was a ploy just to get people to formulate an opinion on you one way or the other, good or bad – then I suppose it was a complete and utter success.

If not, well. I’d be curious to see who gave you the thumbs-up that this’d be a fun, campy thing for you to do because they were wrong.

Thoughts, friends? Is it really all that bad, or am I just being hormonal and quite easily turned off today? Both are really safe options, you know. I’m OK with either.

Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson Team Up For An Ice Cream Commercial

Have you ever seen a person or a brand sell out on so many levels that you’re not sure if it’s for real or a total joke? That’s exactly the feeling I got watching this new commercial for Magnum Ice Cream starring Rachel Bilson and directed by Karl Lagerfeld, designer and creative director for Chanel.

I can’t help but wonder if the ad is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek nod to 90s model worship and the bizarre advertisements of that era, or if it’s just weird and kind of pointless. One would think that shelling out the big bucks to have someone as renowned for his taste as Karl would ensure you’re going to get a classy ad that not only makes sense, but is somewhat ingenious and memorable. However, I’m just a little bit confused and frustrated after watching it. All this money spent on a celebrity endorsement and director and you get this cheap-looking, nonsensical and peculiar spot? Oh, wait. Haven’t we outed Karlie as somewhat of an idiot before?

Is Karl trying to ruin ice cream for us so we’ll be as skinny as his models of choice?

Ready To Meet The Mother? And Thanks For a Great 363 Days


Sunday marks one year since I began work here at Evil Beet as your Weekend Editor.  I thank you for all of your support both then and as I moved to weekdays.  For every reader that has vomited their venomous vitriol in my direction, I’ve encountered a hundred-fold of kind and wonderful people.  I even thank the vomiters for reading and sharing their thoughts.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself over the past year, but no self-revelation has been more jarring than when I realized that I don’t watch enough television.  I had to research the premise of How I Met Your Mother because it’s yet another show that I’ve never seen.  Odd really, since I totally love Neil Patrick Harris.  And odd since I write entertainment and celeb news for a living.  As I start Year Two here at EB, I commit to watching a lot more television.  I’ve spent the past few days teaching my kids how to cook, drive and do their own laundry, so I should be all set to dedicate about 8 hours a day to the tube starting next week.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of HIMYM you already know that the audience doesn’t know who the mother of Ted’s kids is.  In honor of the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, it sounds like there’s a chance that you might finally meet the mom.  And she’s, uh … hot.

Rachel Bilson has signed on for a one-episode appearance that is expected to happen around that 100th episode, which is when the question of “Who?” will finally be answered.

I like Rachel Bilson.  I think she’s cute and had a great clothing collection prior to getting Lindsayed – that’s my new term for mysterious, masked home invasions — but I don’t get the Rachel and Hayden Christensen match up at all.  They are one of those couple that got engaged, yet I can not envision them ever getting married.  Sorry, Rach!