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Project Runway

Project Runway Contestant Stinks Up The Runway


You might have caught this little number designed by Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman on episode three of the new season of Project Runway, but there’s a story behind the dress that you probably haven’t heard. While dishing to People Magazine about some behind the scenes gossip, Tim Gunn revealed that the dress was actually dyed in a toilet. Yes, a toilet. The thing commonly used to capture human waste. The kind that comes from your private parts. As in, the dirtiest thing in any given household beside your mother’s mouth. Gunn told the mag “What the audience didn’t see is me going into the men’s room, saying to Ra’mon, would you please get that neoprene thing out of the toilet? If you’re going to dye it, dye it in the sink. It’s more hygienic.”

OK, nasty. And you have to feel even worse for the poor model who had to work that thing on the runway like she didn’t know where it had been even though the garment was still wet when she put it on.

Apparently Coleman isn’t just some sort of scat-obsessed freak. He used the toilet because none of the basins provided for the designers were deep enough to work the way he wanted them to. You have to give the designer props for doing whatever it takes to get the job done, but man… that’s some gross stuff.

ProjRun’s Daniel Vosovic Unveils New Collection … for Hotels

Daniel Vosovic

You know what? Props to Daniel for making it work. Daniel worked with loft lifestyle hotel brand NYLO Hotels to create this collection, called NYLO Wear by Daniel Vosovic.

Says Daniel:

It’s for front-line workers, including bartenders, servers, front-desk staffers and concierge. The clothes are meant to be worn outside the hotel too, to work or out with friends. The clean shapes and comfortable fabrics make most of the pieces easily mixable and layer-able within an existing wardrobe. Starting next month, consumers will be able to buy pieces from the collection in the hotel boutique shops and online as well.

We’re doing a look book of mix-and-match guidelines. It will serve as a kind of fashion mentor, telling employees, for example, to pair A with B or C. Bartenders will get several options, as will servers, front-desk workers and others. Although the collection has a universal look, there’s a lot of flexibility. With dozens and dozens of combinations, a guest could stay several days at a NYLO without ever seeing the same outfit twice.

That’s pretty cool. I wish I could wear special designer clothes at work. I wear pajamas.

Some of the items from Daniel’s collection are below. You can read the full interview here.

Daniel Vosovic NYLO Wear Outfit Collection for Women Daniel Vosovic NYLO Wear Outfit Collection for Women Daniel Vosovic NYLO Wear Outfit Collection for Men Daniel Vosovic NYLO Wear Outfit Collection for Men