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Piccadilly Circus

He Still Hasn’t Put a Ring On It, So the Beyonce Dance Continues

In London’s Piccaddilly Circus this week, 100 woman flash-mobbed the square to “celebrate” (read: “promote”) London’s free Beyonce concert in November, sponsored by Trident. Yeah, that’s right, the gum. The packets of gum all have barcodes on them, and a limited number of the barcodes grant you access to the Beyonce show. So it’s kind of like Willy Wonka except with considerably fewer Oompa Loompas but probably a lot more aerial work. (I’m gonna go ahead and call the chocolate ratio a tie.)

I feel like I’ve watched people do this dance on YouTube clips with such regularity that I might just spring up out of bed one night and start doing it, nailing all the moves perfectly. I’ve never studied dance, but I’m pretty sure I could at least test into some masters-level courses in tap and ballet with the sheer amount of exposure I’ve had to the Single Ladies dance. You think I’m kidding? Once when I was 13, Juilliard offered me a full scholarship to their dance program when they saw me do the Achy Breaky Heart dance at a Bat Mitzvah. (I politely declined; I knew another young woman was waiting in the wings to build an ill-deserved career on Billy Ray Cyrus’s name. You’re welcome, Miley.)

Thanks Anthony!