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Phil Collins

Phil Collins Doesn’t Care Anymore

photo of phil collins genesis singer drummer nerve damage pictures

So Phill Collins, the epic musician who followed me around one summer (long story), has apparently got some skeletons in his closet, much like everyone else.

Collins, who has kind of remained out of the spotlight for awhile, has come forward to discuss something important to him, and something that he’s battled with off and on for the past few years: depression. The Genesis singer/drummer sat down recently with Rolling Stone magazine and claimed that suicide was not out of the question during his darkest days, and who knows, it still might not be.

On the topic of suicide and how it applies to his everyday life:

“I wouldn’t blow my head off. I’d overdose or do something that didn’t hurt. But I wouldn’t do that to the children. A comedian who committed suicide in the Sixties left a note saying, ‘Too many things went wrong too often.’ I often think about that.”

On a series of photos depicting ‘orbs’ which were taken at the Alamo, and becoming spiritual and supernatural these days:

“It’s paranormal energy,” he explains, nothing that a psychic recently told him he fought at the fort in a previous lifetime. “I don’t want to sound like a weirdo. I’m not Shirley MacLaine, but I’m prepared to believe. You’ve seen the pictures. You can’t deny them, so therefore it’s possible that I was there in another life.”

On the injury that left him unable to drum, or even sometimes use his hands for basic things (like wiping his backside in the bathroom, as the original Rolling Stone article quips):

“I was going to stop drumming anyway,” he says. “I had stopped. I don’t miss it.”

Collins, who left the spotlight over ten years ago when his last album dropped, lives in Switzerland with his two sons. Scary. I’m kind of worried about this guy. He sounds sort of out there, and desperate to retain some kind of happiness, as we all are … but old Phil just isn’t sounding that great.