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PETA Gets It Wrong Again

I love animals. Like, I really, really love animals. But I absolutely hate PETA, and it’s because of shit like this. Of course, there are other reasons why I hate PETA, like, for...


Do You Think PETA is Sexist?

Marina & The Diamonds called out the new PETA ad that makes light of the whole TSA body scan debacle and she made an interesting point: Why are these ads always filled with naked...


Kelis Tells PETA to Eff Off

Kelis loves fur and she’s not trying to hide it, either, by saying that it’s fake or leftovers of a Britney weave haircut or something. While plenty of other celebrities are...



“I’m briefly saddened by negative comments, but I have to remember those people are scared, incapable or just plain idiots. We are the f—ing rock stars baby. No cocaine...