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Paul Rudd

This is 40 Doesn’t Look Completely Awful

When I heard that it was the “sequel” to Knocked Up, I was like, “Ugh, that movie sucked shit through a straw, and they’re touting this as its ‘sequel’ like that’s supposed to turn people the f-ck on?” but then I stepped away and—objectively!—watched the trailer, and guys, it doesn’t look awful. It’s got Paul Rudd (who I love) and Jason Segel (who I also love, when he’s not looking like this), and the idea is cute and fun and I laughed out loud when I saw Paul Rudd examining his anus, because come on. Who hasn’t done that at some point in their lives? Please.

Watch This: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Milk a Goat

Photo: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux milk a goat in 'Wanderlust'

If I’m not mistaken—AND I SELDOM AM—Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux first met on the set of Wanderlust. And when I see them together with the, uh, the goat (pictured), I can finally understand how those sparks first flew.

I am pretty excited about Wanderlust. Maybe the trailer itself is a little lackluster, but the movie is directed by David Wain, through whose veins run pure absurdist gold. (Sorry, I can damn near recite Wet Hot American Summer from heart.) Plus, it stars Paul Rudd! Hmmmm. Now that I think of it, Jen and Paul also costarred in The Object of My Affection—not that anybody remembers the mid-90s anymore. Ah, well.

Anyway, check out the trailer. I spy Ken Marino and Kerri Kenney (both “The State” alumni), and shapeshifting Justin Theroux is nigh unrecognizable as a member of a commune:

(Image via CNN.)

Can We Talk About How I’d Not Hesitate to Bang Paul Rudd if I Had the Chance?

photo of hot paul rudd through the years pictures photos pics

Because seriously, SERIOUSLY: I would. Ever since Clueless (which debuted in 1995Courtney Stodden was a year old), Paul Rudd has been one of the hottest things going for me. Remember him in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers? What’s that? You stopped watching the Halloween movies back in ’78? Well that’s just too bad for you. You’re missing out, you silly ass. He was so hot in that movie, too.

Anyway, Paul’s in a new movie called Our Idiot Brother, and did an interview with Redbook where he discussed being considered “hot,” his wife, and how overall-amazing he actually is.

He’s just the regular every man:

“Oh you just added another hour to this interview! When we were filming Knocked Up, we kept a running list of annoying things about me. We used some of it in the movie and it was great. It’s almost like therapy, because I’d hear my wife yell from the other room, “Here’s one you can tell Judd [Apatow]: Pick up your f—ing coffee cup!” The list kept going after the movie came out, by the way. But my next project is a spin-off of Knocked up, Focusing mostly on my character so hat material has really come in handy.

He’s a good, good husband:

“When I take the time to acknowledge who my wife is and what she does. Whether it’s saying, ‘Wow, you look really pretty” when she isn’t expecting it, or just, “My God, its so amazing what you do for our children.” I think she appreciates that stuff even more than the bigger gestures, like picking a really thought-out birthday gift or arranging a great party for her on the sly.

On being grouped with “hot” peers:

“The first thing it makes me think is that James Franco, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Jon Hamm weren’t available. And then once that goes away, what’s left is nothing but sheer appreciation.”

See? This is one of those times that, really, only a song will do my feelings any justice, so here goes:

Happy Birthday, Paul Rudd!

A photo of Paul Rudd

Ugh. Paul Rudd, right?  He was hot when he was creeping on his stepsister back in ’95, and he’s hot today.  In addition to his outlandishly good looks, he’s also a pretty spectacular dude.  He’s been in some of my favorite movies, he’s rocked some of my favorite hobo beards, and he deserves some recognition for all of it on this, his 42nd birthday.

Check out the gallery for pictures of Paul from a couple of weeks ago to 1993 and tell me that this man’s beauty is not a force to be reckoned with.  If that challenge isn’t enough, see if you can spot three of my favorite celebrity dudes, Judd Apatow, Jason Segel, and Christopher Meloni.  I apologize in advance for the certain overload of awesome that you’ll experience with this gallery, but also, you’re welcome.

In 1992, You Could Have Had Paul Rudd DJ Your Bat Mitzvah

It’s always hilarious to see old footage of celebrities doing shitty gigs to pay their bills before they made it big. This Jell-O commercial with Lindsay Lohan may ring a bell. Or maybe this clip of Helen Hunt as a cracked out teen jumping through a window. Well, this morning Vanity Fair struck the “celebrity doing dumb shit to pay the bills” goldmine: It’s a video of Paul Rudd DJing a Bat Mitzvah in 1992.

He has Keanu Reeves hair. He’s wearing a bright yellow jacket. He helps the birthday girl cheat in a limbo contest. And from what you’re able to make out, he was always, always, always a smokin’ hot babe.

Enjoy. And please share any stories you have of pre-American Idol Carrie Underwood waiting on your table at Denny’s or Kevin Spacey fixing your toilet in 1981 in the comments.

Paul Rudd: Bat Mitzvah DJ from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.

They Can’t Dress Up as Themselves

Gwen Stefani, Zuma Rossdale, Gavin Rossdale, Kingston Rossdale - Halloween 2009

Considering that a lot of non-famous people probably dressed up like them last night, it’s interesting to see what celebs chose to be for Halloween. I love that Gwen Stefani wasn’t afraid to don a head to toe Jessie (from Toy Story 2) costume to take her kids out trick-or-treating. Gavin gets negative points for taking himself too seriously and not wearing a costume.

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis and his son both dressed as Eddie Munster while Christina Aguilera and son Max went out as a pair of skeletons. James Gandolfini and designer Christian Siriano both looked unintentionally creepy– one because he was wearing a Homer Simpson mask with the eyes cut out, the other because… well… you’ll see.

Monsters vs. Aliens Premiere

Seth Rogen and Reese Witherspoon at the Monsters vs. Aliens Premiere

Sunday’s Monsters vs Aliens premiere was a veritable who’s who of people you’re not supposed to be attracted to, but probably are.
There were a few who walked the red (or rather, blue) carpet that would be considered mainstream-acceptably hot (Kiefer Sutherland, Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon). But there were just as many celebrities about whom many of you have probably had the occasional raunchy dream, but were too embarrassed to tell anyone. I can tell you from my own dreams that Seth Rogen is very gentle and Hugh Laurie’s beard tickles. Rainn Wilson and Jack Black are on a few of your lists, I’m sure. Hell, maybe some of you are even attracted to that big, blue, animated blob.

Personally,  I love Reese’s dress. But I can also see how some people would think it looks like scraps of Christmas wrapping paper sewn together.