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Orange Is The New Black

Justin Bieber & Ruby Rose Are Friends, Of Course

justin bieber ruby rose

If you spend any time on the Internet, you’ll obviously know who Ruby Rose is. The Australian model/DJ/actress was a new addition to the Orange is the New Black cast for Season 3, and people have gone nuts for her. I haven’t actually watched the third season yet, so I can’t say anything either way about Ruby’s acting, but I can say that I’m already biased against her since everyone has been so obnoxious with the whole “I’d SO go gay for Ruby Rose!!!” and “Ruby Rose is the best new girl crush”-type posts/comments online. (I won’t get into the fact that you can’t “go gay” for someone… if you can see yourself having sex with someone of the same gender, you’re a little bit gay. If you’re just recognizing attractiveness, you’re a human being with eyes.) ANYWAY, that’s neither here nor there. Ruby is friends with Justin Bieber, apparently, and they look like twins!

It all started out like this:

Then, all of a sudden, they were hanging out in Vegas!


A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

At first, I couldn’t even tell which one was Justin :( :( :(

This is all very strange, but that’s Hollywood for ya, I guess.

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‘Orange is the New Black’ season 3 is upon us!


Admittedly, the second season of Orange is the New Black sorta lost me a bit. It wasn’t as good as the first season, and OITNB without Laura Prepon is not as good (and certainly not as sexy), so I sorta fell off the wagon. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited to hear that the third season is debuting on Netflix in June!

The first trailer hit the internet on Thursday, and I have to say, it looks pretty good. Of course, Prepon is back, meaning Alex and Piper are going to be reunited, and it seems like all hell’s going to break loose (as per usual).

Do any of you watch the show? What are you hoping happens in season 3?

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Orange Is The New Black Star Is Engaged


One of the many cast members of Orange Is the New Black is getting married. Wanna guess which one? I’ll give you a hint: screwdriver. Did you get it? Yup, it’s Big Boo, played by Lea DeLaria. She is engaged to fashion editor Chelsea Fairless. Ms. DeLaria announced the engagement on her Facebook page:

Despite their concerns about the patriarchal confines of marriage, actor / singer Lea DeLaria & editrix [sic] Chelsea Fairless of Brooklyn, New York are pleased to announce their engagement. No date has been set for the impending nuptials but it’s safe to say that it will be the event of the season, or a total shit show.

And they included this lovely photoshopped pic:


DeLaria also made headlines recently when she got in a public argument with a hateful preacher on the NYC subway.

PEOPLE reports that DeLaria popped the question right after the SAG Awards in January.

I find DeLaria’s humor to be hit-or-miss, but she’s pretty great on the show and I wish her the best! Congrats!

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Teresa Giudice Is Going To The “Orange Is The New Black” Prison


Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, and she’s not psyched. And now, even less so, because she’ll be spending it at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT, AKA the Orange Is the New Black prison. From TMZ:

After her request to spend 12 of her 15 months at a halfway house was denied … Teresa got the news Wednesday that she’ll be headed to the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, CT.

Strangely enough, on “OITNB” … lead character Piper Chapman is similarly sentenced to 15 months at Danbury … for money laundering.

Teresa’s been begging the judge for weeks not to send her to Danbury … which the show depicts as being one of the worst prisons in the U.S.

I honestly don’t really know who Teresa Giudice is, as I never got into that Real Housewives bullshit, and I haven’t been following this story very closely. But thanks to her and her husband’s colossal f-ckup, she’s the only housewife that I now know by name.

Danbury made a cameo in another TV show — WeedsMary Louise-Parker‘s character served time there.

Fun place!

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The Second Season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Is Filming!

orange is the new black

Okay, so, have you all watched Orange is the New Black? I know, I know, no one will shut up about it and it’s everywhere – so much so that you’ve probably been put off watching it before you’ve even started. That’s how I felt 48 hours ago… until I finally caved and agreed to watch ONE episode. Let it be known that I’m now finished the entire first season. Yes, already – it’s that good!

I don’t know what it is about the show that’s so addicting. Even the unlikeable characters have their human sides and minor roles still get their chance to shine, pulling you in and making you feel like you’re sorta hanging out with people you know. It’s hard to explain, but chances are if you’ve watched and love the show, you know what I mean.

I won’t spoil anyone who hasn’t got there yet, but the end of the first season was a serious “HOLY SHIT, WTF?” moment that’s left open-ended until Netflix begins airing the second season in 2014. That’s so far away! :( At least we’re starting to get there, though – production on the next set of episodes began yesterday. Hurrah!

From an Entertainment Weekly interview with Matt McGorry (CO Bennett):

So when do you get started on season 2?
I assume I’m allowed to say this — we start Monday. [Note: that’s today!]

That’s great, because knowing season 2 is coming is the only thing that’s getting me through right now.
That’s what I’m hearing! The delirium tremens of Orange is the New Black. I should be getting a script any day, which as a fan, I’m very excited about. What Netflix has done and the risks they’ve taken are just kind of incredible, and I think not having to worry about ratings has allowed us to create a product that’s probably taken more risks than many others.

NICE. So who else has watched the show here? Who are your favourite characters? There are SO many good ones, but I think Sophia is at the top of mine, and Red (Captain Janeway for life!)… but really everyone is amazing. If you are one of the few who hasn’t watched this show, here’s the trailer for the first season below: