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Donald Trump Is Not Done Riding That Omarosa Train


Everyone hates her, but I guess she makes good TV. At least she used to. I don’t think anyone finds her relevant anymore, except for maybe Donald Trump, who’s hard-set on reclaiming his television success of days gone by. He’s teaming up with the crazy, divorced bitch for a dating show called Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger. Okay, first off: That’s a porn flick, not a television show. I expect someone will make the corresponding fuck film in the next couple of months, and I expect more people will watch that than this show. Omarosa’s just creepy. It’s fun to watch her be crazy every now and then, but I don’t think anyone wants to watch her try to form a meaningful human-to-human relationship. She gives me the heeby-jeebies. I guess Donald thinks otherwise.

The Apprentice’s infamous one-named villain, Omarosa, is looking for the one — with a little help from The Donald.

The ex-contestant (formerly known as Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth) will reunite with Donald Trump for a dating reality series called Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger, in which she will try to find a man out of 12 business-minded suitors, Variety reports.

“Omarosa was a great personality on The Apprentice that was watched by over 40 million people as it became the No. 1 show on TV,” Trump said. “Omarosa is smart, witty and difficult, but all of those qualities will make for some very interesting entertainment.”

The series is being made for cable’s TV One and will feature Trump doling out love advice to his former protégé. It will be filmed at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas.

ZOMG. So it’s airing on some no-name cable channel and it’s going to involve Donald Trump giving romantic advice? I would watch that shit from Ivana Trump, but not from Donald. That’s like creepy times a million. Who the hell wants to hear dating advice from Donald Trump? “Have you tried buying him a golf course yet? I’ve had success with that approach.”

This is going to be such a ratings catastrophe. I can’t wait.

Omarosa Joins Seminary


Omarosa begins her studies on Monday at United Theological Seminary in Ohio as she works toward obtaining a doctorate in ministry.  That’s right folks!  The Apprentice reality television “star” who made a name for herself by backstabbing anyone in her wake, has found God in a big-time, career sort of way.

The associate dean of the school thinks O — not to be confused with Oprah … I can’t believe she didn’t trademark “O” — is the perfect candidate for the ministry.  Thanks to all her evil-doings, she’ll be relatable to her congregation.  Personally, I’d like to take this moment to say a small prayer for O’s right and completely wayward implant.

Will Somebody Please Kill Omarosa?

This woman’s mere existence makes our planet more evil.

Check out this clip of Omarosa’s appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, where the two of them get into it big time. I mean, Omarosa basically walks onto the stage and immediately starts being an enormous bitch. And God bless Wendy Williams for fighting back. I’m only sorry she stayed away from physical violence; I might have just punched the bitch smack in the face.

But Omarosa got what she wanted: publicity.

I just hate that Omarosa’s all about sending the message that to be successful as a woman you also have to be a horrible person. There are ways to be assertive, focused and demanding without behaving like the popular girl from middle school. Ladies: there is a middle ground.