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Nicholas Hoult speaks out on Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak

jennifer lawrence nicholas hoult

It’s pretty obvious that the nude photos hacked from Jennifer Lawrence‘s phone were originally sent to ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. They were together, in a long-distance relationship, for about four years, which is what Jennifer alluded to in her recent interview with Vanity Fair. So what does he think of the whole thing?

Here’s what he said on Good Day New York:

Hoult, who appeared on Good Day New York on Oct. 9 alongside movie director Jake Paltrow, was asked if he would weigh in on the scandal.

While he didn’t confirm nor deny he was the recipient of the photos, Hoult did have something to say.

“It’s shocking that things like that happen in the world. It’s a shame,” said Hoult.

Yes, it is “a shame”. Frankly, he doesn’t seem that bothered – but then, it is his ex-girlfriend, so I don’t think there’s any love lost there (or so one would assume).

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Leave Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult alone

jennifer lawrence nicholas hoult

Jennifer Lawrence will play the Hollywood game as much as she can – being charming and down-to-earth in interviews, being in great movies, yada yada – but she’s not too fond of the paparazzi, especially when she’s just trying to spend time with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.

The pair were out and about in London and JLaw got a little tired of the photographers following her, so she turned around and flipped the bird.

Here’s E! Online‘s full scoop of their day out, since apparently they have stalkers following celebrities 24/7:

After dinner, the two went to the Dorchester bar and snuck out of the side door into a pink taxi cab, which was adorned with a picture of newlyweds holding hands in paradise.

Fittingly, Lawrence flipped the bird as the taxi drove off with the words “Love is all you need” printed above her head on the back of the cab.

According to eyewitness, Jennifer was not happy to see the cameras, and Nicholas tried to get her to put her hand down, but she kept it up until the paps were out of sight.

Earlier in the day, the two were spotted lunching for just less than two hours at the Italian restaurant Pesantissimo in London, where they were seen enjoying some wine after they finished their meal. According to an eyewitness, the couple was very cute together—they were joking around a lot and were really enjoying each other’s company.

Nicholas was on the phone at one point and in signature Lawrence fashion, the Oscar winner was laughing and making faces at the X Men star. She even grabbed the phone from Nicholas and laughed with the person on the phone as well.

The two were left alone during lunch; no one approached them for autographs or pics. The source added that the loved-up couple was very sweet with each other, holding hands as they walked.

I mean, I really didn’t need to know all that, but okay. I am glad that these two are still together, though. I think they make a cute couple!

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Reunion Alert: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Are Back Together… Possibly

jennifer lawrence nicholas hoult 5

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult broke up back in January after being together for two years, and the whole world cried. Well, maybe not, but everyone loves JLaw so we’re all rooting for her and want her to be happy. Anyway, turn those frowns upside down because it seems like maybe they’re back together after they were photographed having a “romantic dinner date” in Los Angeles on Monday.

From The Daily Mail:

They were reported to have ended their relationship in January because they ‘grew apart’ after two years of dating.

But it seems Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult might be giving their romance another go, as the pair were photographed leaving a Hollywood restaurant together on Monday night following a romantic dinner date.

The pair attempted to avoid being photographed by leaving The Little Door eatery via the rear exit, but were snapped as they got into the actress’ waiting car.

Both Jennifer, 22, and 23-year-old British actor Nicholas tried to keep their heads down as they made their way to the vehicle, but appeared in good spirits following the evening together.

Oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook star Jennifer opted for black trousers and a sheer cream lace top with a black blazer to meet up with her ex, while Nicholas went for olive green trousers and a khaki jacket.

Jennifer also continued to show off her new haircut – a vast change from the long locks Nicholas will have grown used to seeing the actress with.

Of course, it cold be that Jennifer and Nicholas are not giving their relationship another go, but are just friends, as they are currently working together on X-Men prequel follow-up Days Of Future Past.

Well, yeah, they are working on a movie together so it could definitely be that, sure. But WHERE’S THE REST OF THE CAST, eh? Not there, because this was a meal of looooove, not of… professionalism. Or something.

Below, some more photos of Jennifer & Nicholas’ night out…

SADFACE: Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Broke Up

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult

Well, this sucks. You want to know what sucks more? The fact that this story comes from People, so you know it’s probably true. This sucks.

The report says that Jennifer Lawrence “has split from her longtime boyfriend,” Nicholas Hoult, which maybe makes it sound like she’s the one who broke up with him? I can’t imagine it being the other way around. Like, I really can’t see anyone looking at Jennifer Lawrence and saying “I don’t want any more access to your boobs.” Or even “I don’t want to be able to hang out with you all the time anymore.” Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. Who would break up with her?!

But then again, Nicholas Hoult is cute as a button. And did you see Skins? If not, everybody take a break, watch Skins, and then let me know how this guy and Jennifer Lawrence weren’t one of the most stealthily amazing couples of our time. I AM HEARTBROKEN!

In happier news, Jennifer Lawrence looked really, really amazing last night:

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence

She’s single and probably not ready to mingle yet, guys. Do you think Miley Cyrus is getting worried?