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Well That’s Scary: NeNe Leakes Hospitalized For Blood Clots In Lung

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NeNe Leakes was hospitalized for having blood clots in her lung. That sounds terrifying. She assured her fans that she did NOT have a heart attack. Here’s what else she said, via Long Island Newsday:

Late last week I wasn’t feeling well and was feeling a little short of breath. I know my body and I know when I should be concerned so I went to the hospital to get checked out.

She says she got the blood clots because of,

the constant traveling around the country that I do for my job.

I’m thankful to be alive as the doctor advised me that most people don’t recognize the symptoms of blood clots and don’t go to the doctor and that’s when the big problems start happening.

Well great, now I’m paranoid that every little thing wrong with me is a blood clot. She tweeted this photo of her with IVs in her arm with, “My arms are hurting wit these IV’s #blessedtobealive…”


She’s out of the hospital and has been tweeting “thank yous” to fans. She seems to be doing okay. Let’s hope she paid her hospital bill.

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Oh, Snap: NeNe Leakes Had A Wedding She Didn’t Bother To Pay For

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NeNe Leakes was so hype over her recent wedding redux to Gregg Leakes last month, having a lavish ceremony in Atlanta that she posted photos from all over the Internet, blah blah. The whole thing was filmed for TV, over 400 guests were in attendance and there was plenty of fun to be had for all. The problem? Uh, NeNe didn’t pay for any of this… and now she’s being sued by her wedding planner.

From TMZ:

The woman going after Leakes is Tiffany Cook — who claims NeNe hired Dream Design Weddings to coordinate the party for her marriage to Gregg Leakes on June 22, 2013 … a wedding that will featured on a Bravo TV special in September.

In her suit, filed in Georgia, Cook claims Leakes promised to pay her 15% of the entire wedding budget PLUS fees design and execution of the wedding PLUS travel expenses to the event.

In total, Cook claims NeNe’s budget for the wedding was $1.8 MILLION!!!!!!!!! And Cook claims she was due $270k (the 15%) PLUS another $889,900 (design fees) PLUS $1,750 (4 coach tickets from Florida to Georgia).

Cook claims NeNe did fork over the initial down payment ($18,750) … but she hasn’t seen a penny since — and is suing for the remaining $1,142,900 balance … PLUS damages.

In total, Cook — who also put together Kordell Stewart’s wedding to Porsha — wants more than $2.5 MILLION for her troubles.

Sounds like a hot mess. Also, how the hell is she due another nearly million dollars for design fees if the entire wedding budget was $1.8 million? Like, girl, no. Something tells me there’s some lying going on here. If you didn’t receive full payment for all of your services, fair enough. But to try and tack on all this other money – $2.5 million in total, which is almost a million MORE than the ENTIRE WEDDING BUDGET – then you need to get to steppin’.

NeNe Leakes Decides To Try It Again; Remarries Ex Husband

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NeNe Leakes and her ex and now regular husband Gregg Leakes, are just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They’re both such massive , legendary figures in Hollywood and they both decided that they loved their ex husband and wife so much that they would marry them again. Or whatever. So that’s what NeNe and Gregg did. USA Today has more info on this Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s mistake wedding.

The statuesque Real Housewives of Atlanta star tied the knot with Gregg Leakes in a lavish, 400-guest ceremony Saturday night at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta hotel, according to E! News.

Naturally, cameras were there to film the whole thing, since the newly-recommitted Leakeses have landed their own Bravo spinoff dramatically titled I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding.

“I’m so happy to see my parents remarried, as a family we’ve never been happier,” their teen son, Brentt, told E! of his father and mother.

Well maybe they needed that 3 year break to realize just how much they actually needed more money loved each other.