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Nancy Grace Eats Small Mammals

Two Minutes of Jon Gosselin’s Freshly Canned Responses

Nancy Grace is so awesome!  She had a little chit last night with Mr. Douchon Gosselin (as he continues his media tour of discussing how he’s going to focus on his kids and their welfare), in which she really just asked what all of America wants to know:  “Why is everything about you?”  Watch until the end.  The look on Jon’s face is priceless.

My 6.5 Hour Journey

I’ve been away for a long time and judging by the hundreds of emails that have poured in you want me back in a big way.

I know it baby, I know.

I flew home from JFK last night, 6.5 hours, and I was on JetBlue so we had DirectTv. I stumbled upon something that left me shocked and saddened. Nancy Grace. Take a look.

Now, I realize that freaky looking people make it on TV all the time, but do annoying freaky looking folks also make it? I mean really, she looks like she would eat a puppy. And then she’d come for you. Just a fair warning guys, watch out.