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Molly Shea

Molly Shea Side Boob, Just Because

Molly Shea from Olly Girls 22nd Birthday at JET in Vegas, Pictures, Photos

I love Molly.

She’s the genuinely dumb half of the Olly Girls (I have this suspicion that Holly is actually quite bright, but I can’t prove it yet).

She hit up JET in Vegas to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

No sign of Holly in any of the pics from this set. Could there be trouble in paradise?

Oooh!!! Let’s Make the olly Girls Famous!!!



Of all the people in Hollywood who have done absolutely nothing to be famous, I think these two take the crown. But they’re so dead-set on being celebrities, and you have to give them credit for their determination.

If you’ve never heard of them, it’s because you’re not a huge Sunset Tan addict/loser like me. The two were “hired” (read: “cast”) by the owners of Sunset Tan to be totally useless, adorable and hilarious.

They’re Holly Huddleston and Molly Shea (great porn names, incidentally), but they’re referred to collectively on the show as “The olly Girls.” They come off as ditzes, but I have this sneaking suspicion that Molly (the one in the red) is secretly kind of smart. Holly’s just flat-out retarded.