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Mitt Romney

Meat Loaf Has Very Intense Feelings for Mitt Romney

Start your morning off right with a video of Meat Loaf, country music duo Big and Rich, and Randy Owen, lead singer of Alabama, singing about America in honor of Mitt Romney. It has everything: passion, strong vocals, and Mitt Romney looking about as embarrassed as I am that he’s a presidential candidate in the first place.

Did you love it or did you love it?

Snoop Dogg Will Not Be Voting for Mitt Romney, OK?

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So, Snoop compiled a list of 10 reasons why he’s not voting for Mitt Romney, and 10 reasons why he will be voting for the incumbent, President Barack Obama, and the results were … well, the results were pretty f-cking funny, if I must say. Without further ado, here’s 10 reasons why Snoop’ll be voting Democrat. Courtesy of Snoop’s Twitter:

#10—I seen that n-gga hoop before and he got a jumper. (I don’t know what this means. Basketball, maybe?)

#9—He smokes Newports.

#8—We use the same hair clippers.

#7—He’s hugged Beyonce before and sniffed her neck.

#6—He’s BFFs with Jay-Z.

#5—Michelle got a fat ass.

#4—He wears a durag like me.

#3—That n-gga look like he can fight.

#2—He mad cool yo.

#1—He a black n-gga.

And behold, the top 10 reasons he won’t be voting Republican this election year:

#10—This muthaf-cka’s name is Mitt.

#9—He reminds me of every boss I ever hated.

#8—He’s a Mormon but he ain’t got no hoes.

#7—He always interrupts and talks over people like he’s better than them. Bitch I will beat the shit out of you.

#6—This muthaf-cka’s name is Mitt.

#5—He looks like he says “n-gga” all the time.

#4—He a ho.

#3—Bitch got a dancing horse.

#2—This muthaf-cka’s name is Mitt.

#1—He a white n-gga.

So what say you, guys? Has Snoop swayed your vote one way or the other, or do you think he’s better off sticking to rapping and smoking copious amounts of weed?

Young Boy Rips Republican Candidate Mitt Romney a New A–hole

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The little one is named Jackson Ripley, and the following is an actual letter (minus grammatical corrections and all) to Republican Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney. You’re going to love this (unless you love Romney, and then you’re probably not going to love it all so well):

Dear Governor Romney,

I’d like to say congratulations on winning the republican nomination. But, I wish you stayed in Massachusetts. You’re plan for America isn’t what we need, and would hurt us more than it would help.

First, repealing Obama care and other health plans he’s put in place have helped families across America, including mine. I live in a middle class family, and two years ago my little sister; Kennedy was denied insurance because of her pre-existing condition. This was a huge emotional stress and financial burden on my entire family. Under Obama Care, insurance companies can no longer deny Kennedy and kids like her, the coverage they need and deserve. Because of Obama care my little sister was able to have the several surgeries she needed that helped save her life. Once the President was elected he put Obama Care into action, just like he promised and made it so that you could get insurance with pre-existing conditions. This has made a direct impact on my family. My family is with out a doubt better off now, than we were four years ago!

It is to my understanding that you stated that you were going to repeal Obama Care, including the part I have mentioned, which will take away the insurance we have and need for my sister Kennedy. Why do you think she doesn’t deserve health care? Also, when you were interviewed on “Meet the Press”, you stated that you would NOT repeal this part of Obama Care, but then your campaign backpedalled and on the “Tonight show with Jay Leno”, you said that you WOULD repeal this.

Also, you’re domestic plans (birth control, gay rights etc.) are horrible! Women should get to manage their own health, and if you wonder why you’re not appealing to many women voters, rethink your birth control and women’s’ rights plans. And people should be able to marry whom they want. We built this country so people could have freedom, and not have religious beliefs control them to that length. This country was in no way built on any religion, so we should not create laws that repress the American people in a religious way and hurt our most vulnerable.

Jackson Ripley, age 12

OK, so I definitely think that young Jackson might have been coached on some of this (really, “backpedaled”? What twelve-year-old uses politico buzzword “backpedaled”?), but hey. It’s a cute thing, and even though we don’t normally cover a whole lot of political stuff here on the site, I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. To those who don’t, and who’ll say “Keep your opinion off the site,” to them, I say, “You do get the Internet, don’t you?”