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Read This: Mitch Hedberg’s Love Letter to Uni-ball, Manufacturer of Pens

Photo: It's so easy to become a member of the Mitch Hedberg Street Team!

Mitch Hedberg passed away in 2005, but he remains one of the best-loved comedians of the Oughts. His quirky observations, boyish shyness, and spoken syncopation lent his stand-up comedy an eccentric charm.

Here, via Hedberg’s official website (his wife Lynn continues to maintain it), is his letter to Uni-ball, praising their pens, promising his allegiance, and requesting Uni-ball’s sponsorship. His distinctive scrawl is a little, uh, blinding, so I took the liberty of reproducing the full text of Hedberg’s handwritten letter.



I am writing to the makers of the Uniball “Gel Impact” pen. Unfortunately I am doing so with a Pilot P-500. As of this moment, I have yet to locate your magnificent pen in a store. As soon as I find one I will purchase one.

This is the deal….

I am a stand-up comedian. My name is Mitch Hedberg. I have been on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ six times. I have a 1/2 hour Comedy Central special that is played on the channel all the time. I’ve made a guest appearance on ‘That 70′s Show’ and I have a very very small role in the new Cameron Crowe film, ‘Almost Famous.’ I’ve done just about every cable comedy show around.

Right now I am on a tour in an RV with my wife. Our next stop is Raleigh, N.C.. One evening we pulled into a KOA to sleep. I had to fill out a registration slip and the security guy handed me one of your Gel Impact pens to do the job.

It was a very satisfying writing experience to say very little.

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