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Curiously Boring: The Kirsten Dunst Emails

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Kirsten Dunst participated among other celebrities, including Lena Dunham, in one of Miranda July‘s artsy projectsMs. July asked celebrities to share their personal emails. In one of Ms. Dunham’s email chains, she goes back and forth on buying a $20k couch. For the email project, participating celebrities were given a few prompts and had to find and post emails based on those prompts. Kiki Dunst’s emails are boring, but they’re curiously boring in that despite their dullness, you keep reading them anyway. I’m going to share the slightly more interesting ones. From Vanity Fair:

From Week 12: “An email with I love you in it” (note the recipient)

From: Kirsten Dunst
To: Simon Pegg
Sent: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 4:56 pm
Subject: Re: You just popped into my head.

I love you! Xx

Sent from my iPhone


From: Kirsten Dunst
To: M
Sent: Sat, May 4, 2013 6:08 pm
Subject: Re: hair/makeup options – Glaad Awards

I’ll just uber there, also


From Week 7: “An email that includes a dream you had”

From: Kirsten Dunst
To: s
Sent: Wed, Jun 30, 2010 4:52 pm
Subject: Re: Melancholia

Dream….. I was driving with people to stay at this shitty hotel outside of Montreal that I had stayed in before, and I didn’t know why they had put us out there with no good food around and not much else. We stopped before we got to the hotel and got something to eat. I think my brother and some of his friends were there too. Io (my friend) and I went to a vintage store and we had to pack for warmth. She has ease about picking out things, but I had a hard time and picked out a warm looking halter top, like a sweater, but a halter. Then I asked her to pick stuff for me and she picked a nice combo of colors, navy being one of them. We then went to a graduation of high school or college, but I was naked under my robe. I think they were silver robes, but they didn’t close all the way. A fight broke out between two guys and they took it outside of the gym and no one stopped them until a teacher close to the door, tried to break it up. He couldn’t and we all watched the big guy suffocate the boy in such a quick way. Was not like a normal fight. The victim was on the ground and out pretty fast. The big guy killed him and the teacher was shocked too. We all could see this from the door way.

I also have some great experiences from yesterday as I was in a photo shoot for Bulgari, and there were so many elements and people. I have very strong Ideas to talk about.


From Week 2: “An email that gives advice” (this appeared as a “Note”)

Kirsten Dunst was unable to locate an email that gives advice.

That last one…why is that so funny to me? The email about her dream, Jesus Christ. And also love that she throws something about a Bulgari photo shoot in there at the end. Wut.

Which celeb’s personal emails would YOU be most interested in seeing?


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Lena Dunham Almost Bought A $20,554.39 Couch

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Lena Dunham And Kirsten Dunst are are two of the celebrities who bravely participated in Miranda July’s latest project: sharing celebrities’ personal emails about finances. Dunham reveals that she was looking to purchase a couch from Sweden, but backed out. From Eonline:

The email, dated April 2, 2013, shows her assistant explaining the cost of the Josef Frank-designed Liljevalch Sofa.

“The price to make the Liljevalch Sofa is $14,878.93 plus the fabric which is $283.56 per meter and we would need 20 meters of fabric. So the entire cost of the couch would be $20,554.39,’ the email explained.

“Shipping the sofa: It will take between 16 and 20 weeks to make and ship the sofa to us (from Sweden and will cost $3,080.85, plus $400.00 in customs charges. whenever you pick the fabric I can order for you! :) xox”

Dunham responded: “decided it’s just too expensive:)”

Good, because I was getting so ready to hate her for buying a $20k couch. Kirsten Dunst, America’s Edgiest Sweetheart, shared some boring ass email about her car:

My friend Jessica is buying my car for 7,000 I gave her your info for payments. She’s going to pay 2,000 up front and then pay the rest as fast as she can. Don’t know the paper work involved, but Warren mentioned he had something. Thanks, Kirsten.

So what exactly is this for? Writer and film director Miranda July is doing an art project titled “We Think Alone.”

July’s goal for the project was to give the public a glimpse inside the lives of some of Hollywood’s biggest names by releasing their private emails. July said, “how they comport themselves in email is so intimate, almost obscene — a glimpse of them from their own point of view.”

Okay but I wish they shared the emails we really want to see, the ones that aren’t so humble.