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Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready Dead of Apparent Suicide, Aged 37

Mindy McCready‘s life story reads like the worst Shakespearian tragedy imaginable, full of drug and alcohol abuse, repeated imprisonment and trouble with the law, failed rehab attempts, mental health issues… I could go on and on. The incredibly talented country star went down a rocky road over the past decade which culminated in the worst possible news: Mindy was found dead in her Arkansas home on Sunday night of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. She also shot her pet dog.

From E Online:

It’s been a difficult month for Mindy McCready, and unfortunately, E! News has learned that the country singer’s life has come to end far too soon. A source close to the 37-year-old tells us her body was found in Heber Springs, Ark.

A source tells E! News that Mindy’s father, Tim McCready had been staying with her until this morning when he returned to Florida. When her father left, “she was in good spirits and seemed to be fine,” our source tells us.

Neighbors heard gunshots at her house and called the police. “She shot herself and the dog,” our source says.+

Just a little over a month ago, McCready’s boyfriend, David Wilson, died at the age of 34 with no cause of death or details surrounding his passing being revealed, however continues to be under investigation.

Shortly afterward, the star’s life began going on a downward spiral.

After denying any involvement with Wilson’s death, McCready’s two children, Zander, 6, and Zayne, 9-months-old, were taken from the singer’s Heber Springs, Ark., home by authorities. “Mindy needs to get help and we all care and love her and we want her to get the right help so she can move on. She is in a bad state right now, depressed and unhappy. It is not good,” a source told E! News when the children were removed.

That was the point when McCready was ordered to enter an in-patient facility for treatment. “Since boyfriend (David Wilson) shot himself she has been in bed for 3 wks,” her father said in court documents. “Sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs. Not bathing or even helping take care of her 2 children.”

In agreeing to McCready’s “involuntary admission” to an appropriate facility, the judge wrote that “there is cause to find there is clear and convincing evidence that Respondent is in imminent danger of harm to herself or others, suicidal or gravely disabled.”

However, just a day after being ordered by a judge to enter a treatment facility for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation, the troubled celeb was released to undergo outpatient treatment instead.

It’s really a shame to see people with mental health issues struggling and unable to get the help they need. Then again, it’s a difficult situation as people have to want to be helped in order to even have a chance in changing their lives. Either way, we hope Mindy’s family – especially her two young children – are able to find peace in such a terrible situation.

Mindy McCready Proclaims Innocence. World Asks, “Who’s Mindy McCready?”


Remember Mindy McCready?  All the media outlets are calling her a “troubled country singer”.  At what point do you lose the title of “singer”?  Like, is there a time frame, or is it one of those things where if you ever sang you get to be called a singer?  Because, if that’s the case, I am a singer.  

Anyway, she’s kinda, sorta involved in that whole mess with the Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart non-sex tape.  Mindy is on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab along with the third participant in the video, Kari Ann Peniche.  Peniche is accusing Mindy of stealing the video whilst they were roomies at rehab and leaking it onto the Internet — a theory which makes no sense considering those rehab people check everything including body cavities when you are admitted.  You aren’t allowed to bring porn or computers and cell phone access is limited, so how did Peniche bring her boring porn to rehab?

McCready has fired back at the accusations through an Access Hollywood interview saying,”I did not want to be dragged into all this. I did not want to be a part of this.  She is evil personified, she is evil in human form. She will hurt anyone she can to make money.”

Is there any chance that the producers at VH1 got a hold of this tape and leaked it?  Because right now, this Battle of the Irrelevants is the only motivating force behind me watching this upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab.

Mindy McCready’s in Rehab After OD

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready made a little trip to an ER in Tennessee for a drug overdose, and then decided now was probably a good time to check into rehab.

“To her credit, she has entered into an extended-care facility where she will receive the care needed,” says her rep. “And for the moment we ask that everyone respect her privacy.”

Well, Heather Locklear got out, so it was about time for another celeb to enter rehab. What will we do on the day that there are absolutely no celebrities in rehab??? Why, we’ll have a drink to celebrate, of course.