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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Might Be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus stories have dominated the press this year. It seems like everywhere you turn, there she is, no matter how much you wish she’d just go away.  However, it’s a sad state of affairs that she’s currently in the lead in Time‘s Person of the Year poll, beating out ACTUAL people of note like Edward Snowden and the Pope. Imagine me rolling my eyes so far back in my head that I can’t even see the screen.

Of course, editors of the magazine get the final say as to who gets the title, so we haven’t lost all hope. Still, I suppose it says something that people believe Miley is the most notable person of the year, for better or worse.  Oh wait, and there’s also the fact that a hacker group has come forward and said that they’re behind the vote rigging. Oopsies!

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Who Were The Top 10 Most Searched For Celebs?

miley-cyrus-joint-pot-evma_1 put out their list of top ten most searched for celebs (of 2013), along with questions people searched for regarding the celeb. So who was number one? Justin Bieber?

Actually, The Beebs didn’t even make the list! Shocking!

Here’s the official list of the most searched for celebs, and their queries, from Ask via CBS News:

1. North West. Why is Kim and Kanyes baby named North West?
2. Miley Cyrus. What did Miley Cyrus do at the VMAs?
3. Cory Monteith. How did Cory Monteith die?
4. Paula Deen. What did Paula Deen say?
5. Amanda Bynes. Why was Amanda Bynes arrested?
6. Lamar Odom. Is Lamar Odom on drugs?
7. Breaking Bad. When is the Breaking Bad series finale?
8. Reese Witherspoon. Where can I see Reese Witherspoon’s arrest?
9. Fifty Shades of Grey. Who will play Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?
10. James Gandolfini. Did James Gandolfini die?

Are you surprised by the most searched for celebs? Who would be on your list? Which celebs are you most interested in?

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American Music Awards Outfits: The Best, Worst, And WTF


The American Music Awards happened and I don’t think anyone really cared that much, but here’s your outfit recap, just in case. Yeah, it’s a day late. Honestly, who really cares? We covered Katy Perry’s “is this offensive” Geisha performance, which was probably the most interesting thing of the whole night. So here’s the outfits, a touch late, but we can still have fun oooo-ing and aaaah-ing and WTF-ing. Which is what I’ll need your help with. I want you to pick the best, worst, and most WTF outfit of the night. Here we go!

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Video: Miley Cyrus Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’ with a Cat at the AMAs

miley cyrus AMAs

In a continued effort to be as weird as she fucking can be while still remaining somewhat sexualized, Miley Cyrus took to the stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday night to perform ‘Wrecking Ball’, complete with… animated cat. The cat seemed to be flying through space on a screen behind her and its mouth would open and close as she sang, which I suppose is… charming? No, it’s just bizarre and makes no sense.

Also, if I may, what the hell is wrong with homegirl’s voice? Despite all her bullshit, she used to have a really great voice but during all her recent live performances, she’s sounded like ass. Too much weed? Too much coke? Either way, it’s just getting painful. No, Miley. No more.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awful was this performance for you? On the bright side, at least she got her eyebrows back.

Miley Got Robbed The Day Before Her Birthday


Miley Cyrus got robbed on Friday, November 22, the day before she turned 21. The thief just got right into her house and stole stuff. I guess you could say they…came in like a wrecking ball. From E Online:

LAPD confirms to E! News that a victim, whom they could not confirm was Cyrus, discovered property was missing from the home at around 4:30p.m.

The incident occurred sometime in the afternoon and nobody was injured. There were no signs of forced entry.

The investigation is ongoing.

Bling Ring all over again? This sucks for Miley but I’m not going to cry real hard over it, or anything. I bet it was Liam “I’m So F-cking Happy Without Miley” Hemsworth just taking back some of his stuff.

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Oh, Snap: Liam Hemsworth Is Doing Much Better Without Miley

liam hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have been broken up for a while, and both have managed to move on – Miley to bleached eyebrows and smoking weed on stage, and Liam to being “centered and grounded”. Who’s living their best life? You decide.

Here’s what Liam told The AP (via People) about his life lately:

“These days I feel like I’m more centered and grounded than I’ve ever been. I’ve learned so much. he first few years in L.A. were really tough and scary, but I had to figure things out for myself.”

And that meant learning to deal with all the media attention during his relationship with Cyrus, 20, and after their relationship ended in September following cheating rumors.

“What I always keep in mind is that I know what the truth is and that’s all that matters,” he says. “I know I’m a good person.”

Fair enough, dude. I don’t know enough about Liam Hemsworth to have an opinion on whether or not he was sticking it in January Jones while he and Miley were still together (or at all) but he has handled this whole thing with a whole lot of dignity, unlike his former other half. That sorta speaks volumes in and of itself, don’t you think?

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Jon Hamm Doesn’t “Get” Katy Perry; Tells Kids To “Get Off His Lawn”

Jon Hamm is 42 but he sounds more like he’s closer to 92, and fully admits to it. He says he doesn’t “get” current music like Miley Cyrus and One Direction (fair) but lumps Katy Perry into it (not fair). From Contact Music:

I’m getting older, I’m slowly morphing into that guy who stands on his lawn and shakes his fist and shouts, ‘Get off my lawn!’ All I can is that I don’t get Miley Cyrus, I don’t get Katy Perry, I don’t get One Direction … I don’t get why that’s a thing.

Let me tell you something, Hammy. Sir Mick Jagger, who is like WAY older than you, totally gets why Katy Perry is a “thing”…if you get what I’m saying.

I don’t think it’s fair to lump Katy in with One Direction. Also, ignoring that it’s Miley, “Wrecking Ball” is a great song. (Video, not so much.) Yeah, I said it.

Come. At. Me.

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