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Miley Cyrus

Beware: Miley Cyrus Wants to Drop Her Junk on You

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is soon going on tour to support her latest album, Bangerz, and she’s got a special surprise in store for those in attendance. While fans are sure to be treated to plenty of twerking, near nudity and grinding with little people, she’s also planning to drop her junk on you all night long. Don’t worry, there’s no risk for STDs (this time): she’s merely going to be giving away free merchandise throughout the concert.

As she revealed on a press call:

“I want to give [my fans] real things they can collect. I’m a little bit of a hoarder.

It’s my mom’s worst nightmare. [And] I hope my fans become hoarders also [so] I’m giving a lot of junk away [at the shows]. I’ll have things falling out of the sky that most people would sell at the merch table.”

Aw, well isn’t she generous? Maybe she realises that no one in their right mind would pay $35 for a t-shirt, or that they’ve already paid so much to get to the damn concert, the least they can get is a free shirt or a water bottle with her name on it. After all, Miley’s not greedy:

“My thing has never been about me making money. I did [that] when I was a kid. I made the money I needed to make and now it’s about putting money into the tour and making sure my fans get the best show, [making] it worth going to see.”

Well, bless her heart, I suppose.

Apparently each show will be 90 minutes with the band and all the weird production and then she’ll sit down for an acoustic set that can go on for “as long as she wants”. Joy! At least it does seem like she’s legitimately trying to make it a good experience for people coming to her shows. I won’t be going, but you know, those who are will enjoy it, I’m sure.

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Miley Cyrus is the New Face of Marc Jacobs

Miley CyrusIt seems Miley Cyrus‘ and her gay rights shirt sorta make a tiny bit more sense, since now we know that she’s the new face of the Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Don’t worry if it still doesn’t make sense since that shirt clearly isn’t in the collection. It’s called FORESHADOWING. Miley knows all about fancy literary terms.

In any case, Miley’s been a big fan of Marc Jacobs for a while – she wore his weird fishnet dress to the Met Gala last year, too – so it makes sense that they’d make it official and Miley would get paid for promoting the brand. I like Marc Jacobs’ stuff. I used to say he was my favourite designer, which I think is what a lot of girls say who don’t know much about fashion (as I didn’t and still don’t, really), but he’s pretty good.

I don’t know, do you think it’s a good fit? The photo above, if it’s anything to go on, doesn’t do much for me and sort of seems out of place, but maybe I only think that because it’s Miley. I can’t decide.

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Miley Cyrus Is a Gay Rights Activist

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a super evolved human who is on the next level of many things in life that us laymen just can’t understand. She’s a self-proclaimed “fucking mess”, but she’s also a massive superstar with a huge global platform to spread a good message – one that doesn’t involve masturbating on a table (not that masturbation is a BAD message, per se…) or grinding on little people dressed like babies.

No, this time around, Miley wants to express her support for gay rights by wearing a poorly-drawn shirt with a lesbian couple and their child. She captioned the photo “Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs”, so I’m guessing that’s who designed it? Either way, I bet it was super expensive and as is the case with many expensive things, it’s ugly. That being said, the message is a good one, and while Miley may not be the #1 desirable candidate for a gay rights ally, she’s got a massive audience and for some reasons, what celebrities say DOES count, so I’m into it.

Then again, maybe she’s supporting gay rights since she’s ~*biseXual*~ these days? Who can say, but either way, good for Miley.

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The Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé Uproar Was Based on LIES!

miley cyrus love magazine

Okay, let’s set the scene: a certain US “news” website (I’m not being coy – it’s not certain where exactly it originated) claimed that in an interview with LOVE magazine, Miley Cyrus was talking shit about Beyoncé, saying she fell off her game and that Miley herself was the new bitch with all the curves and the moves to take the throne. The exact “quotes” are below (via DS):

Cyrus was quoted as saying that Beyoncé has been “out for such a long time” and that, although the ‘XO’ singer is “at the top of the game now”, people are “always looking for new blood and that’s what I bring to the game now, new blood”.

She was also said to have claimed that she has “the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice – I’m just the best”, before adding: “As Beyoncé grows in motherhood and all the crap it does to your body, it will create a vacuum for fresh young faces to rise up and… I’m the only white female singer that could fill that slot right now and do it right, you know?”

There’s only one problem with all of that: it never happened. Miley was furious about the stories and took to Twitter to refute the bullshit:

And in fact, she’s actually telling the truth – Love magazine has confirmed that the Bey quotes were fake. Looks like she’s innocent this time around! (And thank God, because MAN, that would be misguided.)

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Kate Winslet is Worried for Miley Cyrus

kate winslet

Kate Winslet is a beautiful goddess who can do no wrong (yes, that’s sarcasm), but her pedestal fell a few notches this week when she began offering thoughts on – of all god-forsaken topics – Miley Cyrus. You see, Kate has a young daughter of her own, so seeing stars like Miley go off the deep end is concerning to her as a mother, and she wonders what Miley’s fate will be.

From Psychologies:

“You hear horror stories where you think, ‘God, who’s looking after these people and why does it seem like they’re losing their way?’

“I mean, you think about someone like Miley Cyrus , and I said to my daughter the other day, ‘I’m this close to opening my mouth about what’s going on with that girl’.

“Who is actually saying, ‘Stop for a second. What do you want, who are you?’ I’ve just been very lucky that I’ve always been quite comfortable with who I am.”

Oh dear, that sounded a bit la-di-da, didn’t it? That’s great that you were always comfortable with yourself, Kate (though I hardly think that’s the case since the Hollywood pressure to lose weight certainly worked on her), but that doesn’t mean that having to take a journey to figure that out makes you in some way defective or less-than. That’s not my defending Miley or anything, either – I just think in general, we’ve all got our own paths to take, and adolescence/young adulthood is awkward as hell… and different for everyone.That being said, I still love me some Kate Winslet… just not to fond of this fuckery.

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Miley Cyrus Is Harshing the Lesbian Vibe

miley cyrus

There are lots of sexy ladies in Hollywood that lesbians of the world would be proud of have on their “team”, so to speak. I can think of a few off the top of my head: Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna… but that’s just my personal taste. One person that I don’t think any lady-loving lady has ever felt a quiver in the loins for is Miley Cyrus, and yet… here she is, trying to be “edgy” by making out with one of Britney Spears‘ dancers during that Vegas show she was acting like a fool at the other night.

A fellow concert-goer captioned the above video, which shows Miley “dancing” “sexily” with one of Brit’s dancers before going in for what has to be the fakest, most unattractive kiss I’ve seen in years. She’s trying so hard to seem like she’s a ~free spirit~ and totally wild, and it’s just not working. Plus, why is that a “thing” for girls? Like, you try to be badass by… getting with other women? I just don’t get it. Some of us legit enjoy that shit, and it’s not because we’re in public and know someone is gonna see it and we’re gonna get press attention for it.

But OMG guyz, she wuz like, just t0tally wAsTeD!!! LOLZ!!!

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Miley Cyrus Got Wild at Britney Spears’ First Las Vegas Show

britney spears vegas

I had no idea Britney‘s Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollwood was starting to soon, but indeed it has. Brit took the stage for the first time on Friday night, and who should be in attendance but Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry? There’s no video of Katy – I’m assuming she was slightly less rowdy – but we do have video of Miley getting buck wild and really getting into it.

Well, that was… fun. I wonder if Brit is singing live? I need to go look up some reviews from actual people who don’t work for blogs/magazines to get the real deal on this one. Britney herself seemed to enjoy it, as she tweeted the following after the show:

I dunno, would you pay to go see this, even if just for the nostalgia factor?

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