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Miles Austin

Damn, Kim Kardashian. I Just Might Have to Take Your Man.

I, you know, knew that Kim Kardashian had a new boy-toy since getting dumped by breaking up with Reggie Bush, but because she’s kind of really not on my radar at all, I didn’t really pay attention to who the lucky dude was.

However. HOWEVER. I came across these photos today of Kim and new boyfriend, Miles Austin, and I have one thing to say: Yummy! Miles Austin, huh? I guess the new fad these days reverts back to high school behavior — trying to date the hottest football players, like, ever, right?

I can’t begrudge her, though. She’s smokin’ hot, and he is, too, so they’re clearly a match made in heaven, at least according to Hollywood standards. Right? Right.

PS – Blue looks good on you, girl. Just not as good as I bet this guy does, knowwhatImeanknowwhatImean?