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I Kind Of Hope Amanda Bynes Gets Arrested For Her Obama Tweet

amanda bynes court hearing

Amanda Bynes is really grasping at straws here. Or tweets. Her latest “You’re ugly” twitter attack is none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first lady, Michelle Obama. Because why not just go for it, right? Sometimes the FBI or Homeland Security or I don’t know who the f-ck does this, but sometimes seemingly harmless negative tweets about the President get investigated and the tweeters get a lovely surprise visit from the “We want so badly to arrest your ass, we’ll take anything as an attack on the President” police. I kind of hope that’s what happens here. Yeah, she didn’t go as far as this random-ass actress and send anthrax-laced letters to the Pres, but I hope Bynes is investigated and maybe even a little bit arrested. That would be really fun. And hilarious. And I’m getting sick of her “You’re ugly!” tweets. Grow the f-ck up, Amanda.

Here’s the tweet:

amanda bynes obama tweet

I will say that I’m really liking her description on her twitter account, which reads simply, “Your Wife”.

My guess is Bynes is still holding a grudge that Obama didn’t didn’t fire the cop who arrested her in her drunk driving case.

File This Under Lolz: Michelle Obama “Jealous” Of Kerry Washington

michelle obama bangs

Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America, is alledgedly jealous of actress and Obama appointed board member of the Creative Coaltion League and Artists Committee for Americans for the Arts, Kerry Washington. I totally forgot that Kerry Washington was involved in government programs but that still gives no plausibility to this story. And here is the alledged story: Ms. Washington is lobbying (see what I did there?) to play Michelle Obama in a film, which pisses off Michelle O, because she thinks that Washington is trying to seduce her husband, President Barack Obama. Here’s my favorite quote from a source,

Michelle was furious when she found out Kerry had been in­vited to the inauguration, and ripped into Barack, telling him, ‘Stay away from that woman!’ Her jealous rage put a damper on the inauguration festivities, but at least the meltdown took place behind closed doors.

Oh and this is great, they’re also saying that Michelle Obama got her haircut, complete with bangs, in order to get Barack’s attention. Because of course a woman can’t change her appearance just for herself, it has to be for a man.

In May of 2012, a biography of The Obamas titled, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, claimed that in 2000 Michelle wanted to divorce President Obama. Can we somehow blame Kerry Washington on that, too? Maybe if we try really, really hard.

I feel like someone’s trying to make an updated Jackie Kennedy Vs. Marilyn Monroe feud but it’s not going to happen. Stop trying to make it happen.

Michelle Obama Has Killer Taste In Music, Guys

The FLOTUS is one amazing lady in several regards, but turns out that her excellent political perspectives also carry over to her personal taste in music, because she’s got some serious jams on her playlist.

From People:

Singers on My Workout Playlist: Willow Smith & Beyoncé
“Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith always gets me moving – and it’s just so inspiring how young and talented she is! I also love anything by Beyoncé – and of course “Move Your Body” gets me going not just because it’s a great song, but because of the amazing video she did to help get kids active in support of [my campaign to fight childhood obesity], Let’s Move!

My first concert: Stevie Wonder
I went with college friends, had front row seats and Stevie invited us on stage to sing “Ebony and Ivory.”

My Grammy Picks: Frank Ocean and Kelly Clarkson
Album of the Year: Channel Orange, Frank Ocean. He’s a young, innovative performer with a soulful sound. [For] Song of the Year: “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” Kelly Clarkson. It’s an empowering song with a positive message.

Gotta love Michelle Obama! Barack has shared his iPod artists before and they’re just as great, so we’re definitely dealing with a hip family here. Sure, it’s a bit of a fluff story, but sometimes it’s nice to see the human side of our leaders.

Presidents In Party Hats

Our President, in a big stupid party hat

President Obama celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Mr. President!

And how did Madame Tussauds D.C. celebrate the occasion?


Something about this whole display gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies. The wax figures themselves look like reflections in a funhouse mirror.

Another thing: I am actually vaguely offended by the party hats. No matter your opinion of our Commander-in-Chief, I don’t think his effigy needed to spend his Big Day wearing a paper cone on his head. (Now, Bill Clinton wearing a party hat in the Oval Office? That’s hilarious.)

And finally, can you identify the wax woman standing with President and First Lady Obama? Because I genuinely thought it was Jennifer Hudson, you guys.

Michelle Obama Is Going to Be on iCarly!

photo of michelle obama on icarly pictures photos

Ok, just stick with me, you guys.  iCarly is a good ass show. Seriously, everyone who’s ever seen it enjoys it.  Fans of the show that I know personally include my father, my boyfriend, my roommate’s nephew, and a 400 pound man I met at a party one time who drank a pint of whiskey while we enjoyed Nickelodeon together.  If you haven’t already, just give it a chance, all right?  Thank you.

Anyway, I’ve talked about this show for a hot second before, but now that the First Lady is involved, it’s time to get serious. Here’s the touching story of the origins of Michelle Obama’s episode:

Michelle Obama taped a special appearance for the hit series iCarly on Monday to help raise awareness to Joining Forces, an initiative that supports and honors U.S. military families. Executive producer Dan Schneider reportedly wrote the episode just for Obama and Joining Forces.

In the episode, Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) two best friends break some rules to set up a web chat so Carly can speak to her dad, who’s serving overseas. The first lady, who hears about the girls’ efforts, then comes to talk to them about the importance of connecting soldiers with their families.

The episode is set to air in January.

Of course I love Michelle Obama, and obviously I have strong feelings for iCarly, so I imagine that come January, I’ll be pleased as punch on so very many levels.  Will any of you be feeling the same way?

Beyonce Remixed One of Her Classics for Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama asked the queen herself, Beyonce Knowles, to remix one of her greatest hits, “Get Me Bodied” for her Let’s Move! campaign that’s helping to fight childhood obesity. If I didn’t already admire Mrs. Obama, I certainly would now.

Beyonce’s new track, “Move Your Body,” is all about, ya know, moving your body, whether you’re doing The Dougie, the “Single Ladies” dance or just poppin’ and lockin’ your little  heart out.

So far they’ve only released this small sample (and it kinda jumps all over the track, so be warned) but I’m quite excited to hear the full song and I’m hoping that it’s a hit because I will take any excuse to hear those magical hand claps in the background.