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Meredith Viera

I Have No Idea Why Meredith Viera Is on Kate Gosselin’s New Show, and Certainly No Idea Why Kate’s Hair Extensions Are the New Abortion

Here’s a clip from the premiere of Kate Plus 8, which I didn’t watch, because I don’t have a DVR right now. Also, I wouldn’t have watched it anyway.

Meredith Viera on Kate Gosselin’s hair extensions: “It’s her body.” Which, like, is true, but also why are we airing TV episodes heightening the body-ownership drama of Kate’s hair extensions six months after this shit played out in the press? This is not to give Meredith Viera any shit, it’s just a dumb way to cut an episode. Was the rest of the show any better? How did the sextuplets do on their first day of high school? Is Mady’s divorce finalized yet? WHEN IS THIS ALL GOING TO END?

Kate’s hair looks waaaay worse in this clip than it ever did in photos. That’s the thing about fusion hair extensions like hers: They look pretty decent in photos, but they look awful under any other circumstance. They look even more awful if your hair is too short to properly disguise them. Also, I think this hair guy did a shitty job.