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Mena Suvari


Mena Suvari hits it out of the ballpark with this fab look at Andy Warhol’s 80th birthday celebration in NYC. The outfit, the purse, the hair, the make-up … it all works perfectly together AND with the theme of the event. Love love LOVE it!

I Still Think Mena Suvari’s Pregnant

I brought this up a couple weeks ago, and you guys disagreed, but I’m sticking to my guns. This new set of pictures has me even more convinced. Mena normally has respectable fashion sense, but lately she’s been rocking these outfits that there is no earthly reason to wear if you’re not trying to hide a little baby bump. And look...

What’s Up with Mena Suvari?

She’s put on some weight. And what’s with the horrific top? I mean, unless you’re a circus performer, there’s no reason to wear that thing other than to hide a pregnancy. Normally I’m a fan of Mena’s style, but this is just inexplicably awful. She’s gotta be preggers. She’s not married, but...

Still Lovin’ Me Some Mena Suvari

Mena and her boyfriend and her haircut stroll down Robertson after having lunch at the Newsroom Cafe. She looks so great!!! Guess who else had lunch at Newsroom Cafe today? Evil Beet!! I enjoyed a fabulous lunch with the beautiful and talented Cindy Bokma, whose first novel, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss, will hopefully be a major motion picture...