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Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari’s Christmas Card Is The Best


Mena Suvari posted her Christmas card photo on Instagram (above) and so far, I think it’s the best we’ve seen. All I’m really comparing it to though is Ellen and Portia’s Bound2 parody card, and the Kardashian’s awful mess, but still.

Ms. Suvari and her boyfriend, Sal Sanchez, rest awkwardly on a comfy chair with their cat, while a blown-up photo of said cat hovers in the upper right corner. It’s like Reddit designed it.

So, well done, Mena. You with the Internet for today.

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Here’s Some American Reunion Stills!

photo of chris klein and jason biggs on the set of american reunion pictures photos trailer

Can you guys seriously believe that American Pie came out twelve years ago? TWELVE YEARS AGO. It was on television the other night and I happened to catch, like, the last twenty minutes of it and it took me way, way back. I was sixteen when the movie came out and it seems like it was just yesterday. Frightening, really, how fast the time has gone since 1999.

Either way, it’s pretty awesome that they’re making a reunion movie, because not only will it be fun to reminisce over with old friends, it’s giving Tara Reid and Chris Klein the only jobs they’ve had in years. You just know that’s the mark of a good movie: one that serves multiple purposes, you know?

Were the American Pie movies (well, at least the first one anyway, they all kind of sucked hard after the first one) an integral part of your adolescence, too?

Mena Suvari Does Not Get Married to Chris Klein in This One, Sorry, Pie Fans

photo of mena suvari and new husband

Ah, marriage. Quite a step up from her former American Pie castmate boyfriend, Chris Klein. Some marry, others go on benders and then go to rehab. Good on you, girl.

Mena married her long-term boyfriend, music producer Simon Sestito, in Vatican City this past Saturday. Suvari was previously married to Robert Brinkmann, who was 17 years older than the star. According to Mena’s Twitter, she announced her recent trip to Rome, where the ceremony took place:

Well, Lovers, here we go!!! LolI’m about to board flight for Roma! I’m so excited, I can’t wait! (Except for the loooooonnnng travel from LA, which I’m not particularly looking forward to! Lol)Everyone at the airline has been so friendly & I’m thrilled to be reunited with @issimomusic and experience ALL the magic that is Italy!I hope you all are well & enjoying your wonderful weekend!

Congratulations to the newlyweds!