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Melanie Griffith

6Check Out Melanie Griffith’s Hat, You Guys

Photo: Melanie Griffith spent the holidays in Colorado.

Over the holidays, Melanie Griffith was spotted in Colorado wearing some unusual headgear. And I’m just, uuuugggghhhh, how does Antonio Banderas even do it. (I hope Melanie takes her hat off first. Ha, ha.)

But then I got to thinking. I thought, “Hey, that hat isn’t so bad.”

Then I thought, you know what? I’m finished with gossip. I’m totally finished with writing! I am going to become a world-famous fashion designer. No! I’m going to become a hatmaker! Just like Philip Treacy! And I will only sell my art to rich celebrity patrons. Patrons like Melanie Griffith.

Here is my first design; how lucky are you! What do you think? Is my business going to take off, or what?

Photo: Melanie Griffith seems like she would love dahlias

Do you love it? What, you don’t love it? Wait! Don’t go! I have other designs, too.


December 31, 2011 at 4:30 pm by Jenn
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11Melanie Griffith Enters Rehab, Shocks No One


Melanie Griffith has checked into Cirque Lodge in Utah.  It worked so well for Lindsay Lohan, I can’t wait to see what magic it works on our gal Mel.  Melanie Griffith is an interesting drunk.  Like, I’ve always known that she’s a coke head lush but she manages to not embarrass herself in public very often and I don’t think she has any DUIs.  She flies under the radar.

Her publicist released the statement that all publicists say, regarding their clients:  That Melanie elected to enter into rehab just as a checkup on her ongoing sobriety.  At a cost of $30,000 a month, natch.

Star magazine also cited another source that claimed Melanie’s husband, Antonio Banderas, was behind the trip to Cirque.  ”He told her that if she didn’t get the help she needed it would be the end of their marriage.”

Whether for her own health, to save her marriage or to just, ahem, keep tabs on her sobriety, I hope Melanie gets the help she needs and climbs back on that wagon.

August 24, 2009 at 2:47 pm by Wendie
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